Second Opinion from Heaven

Second Opinion from Heaven

When Jennie LaBarca attended her first event at Foxwoods Resort and Casino, hosted by psychic medium Matt Fraser, she never anticipated the effect the young medium would have on her life. She had lost her mother years earlier, and at the event, Mom came through with some loving words for her daughter.

Jenny was thrilled to receive a message from her mother and looked forward to attending another of Matt’s events. Time passed, until about 5 years later when Jenny got word of another local mediumship event  with Matt Fraser. She purchased tickets and this time brought her two cousins with her.

The three women hoped at least one of them would be selected for a reading, but Matt’s message surprised them all – especially Jenny.

After the event began, it didn’t take long for Matt to single Jenny out. He walked up to her and shared several insights from her mother, but those messages were eclipsed by what he said next.

“Your mother wants me I to tell you something important! What is wrong with you can be remedied. You just have to get a second opinion.”

 He went on to explain, “There’s something relatively minor that can help you.”

Jenny was stunned.

To look at her you would never know there was anything wrong. But in fact, she had a ruptured disk in her lower back that had been getting progressively worse for years. She had always been an active person, but chronic back pain was making it hard for her to enjoy her usual activities.

Jenny had already gone through one back surgery, but it didn’t solve the problem. After that disappointing result, her doctor recommended a drastic procedure that involved putting a bar in her spine. It was a risky operation and the chances of success were 50/50.

Jenny didn’t like the odds, so she refused the surgery – opting for pain management techniques and injections instead.

Years passed and Jenny continued to struggle. On the days when her pain got really bad, she even resorted to using a walker. But she had not used a walker on either of the occasions when she went to see Matt.

When Jenny heard the message from her mother that Matt relayed, she was suddenly hopeful. “What Matt said felt so true to me!”

“My doctor insisted it was my back, nothing else, but I had been feeling like I was walking on a broken leg. I went to a doctor and said please do an x- ray of my hip. Matt had told me to try this and I believed him. After hearing from Matt, I was convinced that there was an answer, and I was tired of not being able to walk!”

When Jenny got her results from the x-ray, it turned out that Matt Fraser had been correct! Her entire femoral head (the ball of the hip) was gone, and the socket had eroded from the bone on bone contact.  And just as Matt had said, the problem could be easily corrected.

Jenny got a hip replacement and it was like a miracle. After she recovered from the operation, she could walk again, and her pain was nearly gone!

Jenny credits Matt Fraser for her happy outcome. “If I hadn’t heard Matt’s words I would never have insisted the doctor keep looking. My mother had been watching me deal with my pain for so long, and gave me advice through Matt. What he said kept playing over in my mind – you need to get another opinion, because this can be remedied.”

Jenny explained how the hip replacement changed her life. “I had kind of accepted my pain, and I kept myself busy. I would go to Florida every winter, but I couldn’t walk on the sand at the beach.

Things were bad with my back, I had nerve damage and scoliosis and all kinds of issues, but the back injections were not working and after Matt said what he did I just pushed and pushed until they looked for another cause.”

“The pain was excruciating.”

Like most of us, Jenny had put her trust in her doctor, and accepted what he told her. Even after Matt’s reading, she put off questioning the diagnosis for a while, but his words kept prodding her.

Jenny had no doubt that Matt was able to connect with her mother on the other side, so she trusted his words. Her confidence paid off!

“My family is very gifted, I get premonitions about bad things that will happen, my daughter is sensitive to people’s energy, and another young relative sees dead people. I know that Matt is the real thing.

Nothing that Matt had seen would make him know that I had a problem, yet he knew I should get a second opinion.”

Now when Blythe goes to Florida, she can walk on the beach again. She will be celebrating her 70th birthday with a cruise. All thanks to Matt – and her surgeon, of course.

Jenny wanted Matt to know how his words had helped her, “I think I might still be suffering if I hadn’t gone to that event. You really hit the nail on the head with my ‘ailment’ and your words forced me to check deeper into the original diagnosis. When I recovered from the surgery, I just had to thank you for giving me my life back.”


You’re Never Alone

You’re Never Alone

When I was growing up, I was really sensitive. I felt different from the other kids, and the fact that I could see and hear dead people didn’t help! When I needed to feel like everything was going to be okay, my grandmother was there with that special “grandma love” that’s like nothing else. The fact that she was also a medium was a big plus, because she could understand what I was going through.

My grandma passed when I was really young, but love like that never dies, and the fact that she was no longer alive wasn’t going to keep her away from her grandson. She often visited me at night, giving me that same sense of comfort and love that she had when she was alive.

To this day, I still feel a special soul-connection with my grandmother, and it’s a source of comfort to me whenever I feel stressed and overwhelmed.

2020 has been a crazy year, and we’re barely halfway through it. It’s times like this when you crave the presence of the special people in your life – living and dead.

During COVID 19 you might be wondering if loved ones in Heaven are watching over you. The answer is YES! Souls in Heaven are tuned into your energy, so when life is challenging, emotional and scary they draw closer, keeping an eye on things and sending you love.

Sometimes it’s hard to feel their presence, especially when you’re distracted by everything that’s going on.

I’ve heard a lot of people talk about feeling alone right now, and I wanted to do something to remind you that your loved ones are with right there with you and watching over you.

But what could I do?

Live events are not an option, and posting videos on Facebook or YouTube is great (I do that too), but I wanted something more…

My team and I started looking into offering LIVE online group readings. In the beginning we weren’t sure it would work.

My team was a little skeptical, “Matt do you really think your gift will work this way?”

Honestly, I didn’t know. Some of my best readings have been over the phone or on video – I know I don’t have to be in person to connect, but those were always private readings. I didn’t know what would happen when doing it LIVE with a group of people.

On the other hand, I could sense that so many people needed to connect with loved ones on the other side that I would not be able to help all the people who needed me if I stuck to individual readings.

So we decided to host our first live virtual event a few weeks ago, and something amazing happened… It worked so well!

As soon as  the audience started to tune in and their webcams turned on, I didn’t just see their faces, but I also saw their loved ones in spirit standing with them on camera.

Amazing! Just like at a LIVE event message after message, soul after soul, started to come through with messages of healing. I should have realized that even though we may be socially distant we’re still connected energetically – and  emotionally.

After the event, the feedback was so good!

People got so much comfort from hearing all the readings and realizing that their loved ones were right there too. Even if they didn’t receive a message they loved connecting with spirit and the afterlife together and learning about the other side.

So, are you ready to experience something healing, comforting, and AMAZING?

If you would like to join me for an online group reading, you can sign up for one here. To make it even more special your family can attend with you and all you need is one ticket. Just make sure they are sitting with you on camera.

It doesn’t matter where you live and you don’t need any fancy technology. All you need is a tablet, computer or a smartphone to be able to join.

I believe, the more that you learn about Heaven, the more that you learn that your loved ones are not far away. That’s exactly why I want to share my gift with you.

I hope that by attending an event with me, you’ll feel closer than ever to the people you love. I hope it helps you to open yourself up to sensing and feeling spirit and tuning into their special loving vibration!

I hope to see your face, and the faces of your loved ones in Heaven, on my computer screen during my next online event!



SCMP: The Psychic Star of Reality TV

SCMP: The Psychic Star of Reality TV

For years, Matt Fraser rejected the visions he’d been seeing and the voices he’d been hearing. “When I was just a few years old, I saw dead people everywhere. I thought the house was haunted. I begged my parents to move.”

It wasn’t until he was well into his teens that Fraser embraced the reality of who he was: a psychic medium who had inherited the gift from his mother, and his grandmother before that.

Once he did so, his world opened up: he began selling out live events, has a two-year waiting list for private readings, wrote a book, and then hit the holy grail for psychics – the reality show where the supernatural meets entertainment in digestible 22-minute segments.

The series, Meet the Frasers, follows Fraser’s daily life with his parents and sister, although it does focus predominantly on his relationship with his fiancée Alexa Papigiotis, a pageant queen from the US state of Rhode Island, from where Fraser also hails.

I want to help people understand that their loved ones are with them every day and that they’re not alone no matter where they are

-Matt Fraser

He was meant to be producing the second season of the show before the Covid-19 pandemic struck. (The first season, which runs on the E! channel in the US, is available on NBCUniversal’s Hayu platform in Hong Kong.)


Fraser is a rather flamboyant 28-year-old with a predilection for shiny clothes; during our recent Zoom call from his ornate study, he wore a sparkling black jacket and gold jewellery. He has a clean-cut handsomeness and conveys a convincing bravado in the face of sceptics and naysayers.


He has put his time in lockdown to good use, expanding his one-on-one Skype consultations into larger group

Zoom calls.

“I followed the lead of talk show hosts doing broadcasts from their house and wondered if I could do the same,” Fraser said. He has run at least a dozen of these group events over the past several weeks, with participants from all over the world seeking Fraser’s insights.

In the first few minutes of the first Zoom group reading, he said he saw a “smattering of spirits the moment the viewers popped up on screen. I could see and feel their departed with them. It turns into a family reunion with Heaven.”

Fraser believes that he is now doing the work that his grandmother should have done but was unable to because being a professional psychic was unheard of during her time.

“Her gift was a secret to everyone,” Fraser said. “Not even my grandpa knew. God forbid in those days that you would have a psychic on a morning news show. So she kept her talent very close to home.”

When he was 19, he was helping a friend move into her college dorm when he noticed a photo of a man on her wall.

“I said to my friend, ‘Is that your father? Did he die in a plane crash?’ and my friend actually started yelling at me, ‘How did you know that?’ It turns out he was like a father to her, and he had died in a plane crash. He had some really meaningful messages for her. After that, word spread.”

He had been working as an emergency medical technician at the World Trade Centre in Boston when he was overwhelmed by demand for readings. He gave up the job to become a full-time psychic medium, facing off against sceptics and losing friends.

The people I grew up with, who I went through middle school and high school with, when I started talking about this, they didn’t believe me. They started ridiculing me and putting me down.”

He has had to deliver difficult messages – the young person whose parents thought he’d died in an accident, but had committed suicide; the concerned mother who needed to tell her daughter about an imminent divorce – but said his mother gave him some valuable advice.

“She said to me, ‘Treat everyone like family. It’s not what you say, but how you say it. Deliver messages in a loving and nice way and you will receive love back.’”

So how accurate are Fraser’s readings? At the end of our call, he said he saw two spirits around me.

I professed to having no idea to whom he was referring. Then he said he saw what appeared to be my grandmother, and went into a fair amount of detail about her choice of beverage and the circumstances of her death. A message she had for a sibling was spot on.

“I want to help people understand that their loved ones are with them every day and that they’re not alone no matter where they are,” Fraser said. “It’s important to let them do their journey on the other side. We don’t have to worry about them any more.”

Spiritual Independence

Spiritual Independence

Lessons From Heaven

In the USA, The 4th of July is a pretty big deal. I’ve always loved everything about it – getting together with the family, eating tons of food, and watching fireworks. This year, with many people avoiding large groups, celebrations might look a little different. My family won’t be getting together on the 4th this year, because we’re being super careful not to expose my mom to any germs. I was talking to Alexa about that the other day, and I had this crazy idea. How about making 2020 the year to celebrate “Spiritual Independence?”

What the heck is Spiritual Independence?

You know I don’t think of myself as a spiritual teacher, but when you hear messages from souls in Heaven like I do, you start to notice some patterns.

I realized a long time ago that dead people can teach you a lot about life. For instance, I used to wonder why the souls who came through to me never seemed to hold a grudge toward anyone – even if that person had been responsible for their death. Also, they didn’t seem bothered if their loved one was with another person, as long as they were happy.

Bottom line, it became clear to me that when you pass over you leave behind things like jealousy, resentment, anger, and even fear.

Think of it like this – negative emotions are like heavy baggage, and a soul can’t ascend to heaven with all that stuff weighing them down. So, they hang on the light emotions like love, gratitude, and compassion, and they jettison the heavy ones so they can transition.

Which brings me to my point about Spiritual Independence.

You don’t have to wait until you die to release yourself from the grip of heavy emotions. Think about how negative thoughts might be blocking you from having the things you want in life. Wouldn’t everything be a whole lot better if you took control of those feelings, and could live your life independent of them?

But wait! This is terrible timing.  How can anyone focus on positive things right now, when there’s so much negativity and fear everywhere you look? Isn’t that like starting a diet on the day before Thanksgiving?

Actually, this is the perfect time to start shifting your energy. It’s just what you and the people around you need right now. And it’s not that hard.

Let’s make a pact to declare our independence from all things negative by July 4th.

Here are some ideas to get you started…

  • Minimize your exposure to the news and violence on television. I’m not saying you have to live in a bubble, but the news has a way of stirring up our fear and anxiety. Limit yourself to a few minutes each morning to check the news, then focus on what you’re grateful for, meditate, and have a nice cup of coffee (and maybe a donut).


  • Think consciously about replacing negative emotions with positive ones. Do a little inventory at the end of each day. Think about how you felt that day, what your mood is now that the day is done, and what contributed to your emotions – good or bad. Set your intention to spend the following day focusing on thoughts and activities that elevate your mood and put you in a positive space.


  • Be kind to yourself and others. Doing nice things for people, even if it’s just telling a joke and making them smile, has a ripple effect. It brightens up your day, their day, and makes everyone’s interactions with others a little bit lighter.


  • Spend time with positive people. You know how some people love to complain and gossip! When I’m around them, that energy rubs off on me. But when I’m with Alexa, or any of my positive, grateful friends, the whole world feels brighter.


  • Know that your loved ones in heaven are cheering you on. When things are hard and you’re faced with sadness and uncertainty, look for a sign from Heaven and remember that you are never alone. Loved ones who pass aren’t really gone – they are with you always, protecting and guiding you.


Don’t let fear, jealousy, insecurity, and anger weigh you down. You have control of your emotions, so assert your independence!

I hope the little messages I have been sharing with you from Heaven help you on your own spiritual journey. Whether you are looking to heal grief, achieve your dreams, or connect with your loved ones in Spirit, I am here to help. That is why I have recorded a brand new series of audio classes where I share with you the same tools and techniques I use in my everyday life. I hope you will take a look and that they will help you the same way they have helped me.

Click Here to check out my brand new inspirational audio series.

NY POST: Connecting With My Angels

NY POST: Connecting With My Angels


Being raised in a Christian home, I’ve always felt a spiritual connection to a higher power. I often reap the benefits of prayer and spoken affirmations, and am fully aware of moments where divine intervention has literally saved my life.

Still, for most of my journey, I’ve found myself questioning those who claim to represent that spirit. From prosperity preachers to the psychic hotlines of yesteryear imploring insomniacs to “CALL ME NOW,”there has been an admitted blockage within me that screens anyone or anything claiming to work for the big man upstairs, especially when their “gift” comes with an exorbitant fee attached.

Hitting 33 years old last month while living under quarantine was a spiritual turning point for me. While it’d be easy to chop that up to the placebo effect of entering my supposed “Jesus year,” I can say with sincerity that I’ve experienced an awakening on several fronts, which includes being more open-minded to concepts that I’ve previously dismissed, including the idea that there are those of us who can communicate with the dead.

Medium Matt Fraser — whose series “Meet the Frasers” debuted this spring on E! — often has his gift questioned, including by his own sister, Maria, who has publicly accused him of being a fraud on more than one occasion. According to Fraser, his sister is simply “salty” that he inherited this skill from the family matriarch while she didn’t.

“She might make fun of me or tease me about it, but off-camera she’s asking me, ‘Matt, what about this guy I like? Is he really for me?’ Anytime there’s a problem or a situation, she comes to me.”

Indeed, Fraser has built up a loyal following since his days of reading customers in the backroom of a Rhode Island hair salon. Flash forward to 2020, and the part-time reality star continues to do his work via online chat while the world remains in hiding due to the spread of COVID-19.

For Fraser, the process is all about bringing peace to the living, which is exactly why he refuses to see clients more than once a year.

“I don’t believe in people going to see mediums on a weekly basis, on a monthly basis or even a yearly basis, honestly. I think you should go to a medium, hear a message from a loved one, and then go on with your life and not have to worry about hearing messages all the time. What our loved ones want us to know is that they’re watching over us, they’re with us everyday and they’re proud of us.”

“I’m not after anyone’s bank account,” he continued. “I’m relaying the message that’s going to heal that person. If you keep coming back, that means you didn’t heal, and that’s what I want for my clients.”

Enlarge ImageSamuel "Papa Sam" Ballard and Barbara Jean Ballard
Samuel “Papa Sam” Ballard and Barbara Jean BallardJessica Bennett

Around this time, Matt and I began discussing exactly how a spirit presents themselves to be heard, which clearly stirred the spiritual pot, as he immediately “felt” the presence of my maternal grandparents and could “see” them behind me during our Zoom call.

After initially picking up on my grandmother Barbara — who passed in 2014 — a strong, male presence came through that fit the description of my grandfather, Papa Sam — who transitioned ten years prior — to a tee. He also confirmed my grandfather — who picked me from school everyday and took me to church as a child in his white Toyota pick-up — is just one of my guardian angels.

Fraser even picked up on the loss of a child that has weighed heavily on my family’s heart.

By no means was this a perfect reading, as Matt dropped a few names and mentioned a few memories that didn’t ring a bell. Using my own intuition however — which, I must admit, has been FLAWLESS as of late — I could feel a protective, loving  energy hovering over me, something I always felt as a kid whenever Papa Sam was around. I also saw two birds outside of my window prior to the reading, and while birds are often used to symbolize loved ones who’ve crossed over, I simply KNEW they were guardian angels of some kind, even before Fraser’s confirmation.

I later asked how he’s able to weed out the negative spirits who may want to re-enter the physical realm, saying he meditates with the intention of only bringing forth comforting energy. He also recommends a method of “psychic protection” to ward off evil spirits, involving the visualization of oneself surrounded by outward-facing mirrors. This, according to Fraser, will ward off bad vibes because “evil can never face itself.” He dives deeper into this and other spiritual concepts in recent tome, When Heaven Calls.

This reading was just one of several mind-blowing moments I’ve experienced personally over the last few weeks, the timing of which provided much needed clarification in other aspects of my life. I also do feel healed, in a way, as I was never able to tell either of my grandparents goodbye before their transition. I’m grateful for this newfound peace.

Happy Father’s Day, Papa Sam.