Exploring Spirit Touch Points: Connecting with the Other Side

Exploring Spirit Touch Points: Connecting with the Other Side

Growing up, my journey with the spirit world began unexpectedly. As a child, I experienced paranormal occurrences that puzzled me until I realized I had a psychic gift. Sensing people’s emotions, feeling presences, and even seeing apparitions were part of my daily life. It started with whispers, calls of my name when no one was there, and the eerie sensation of never being truly alone, especially at night.

At first, I dismissed these encounters as mere hauntings, but over time, I came to understand them as “spirit touch points” – subtle ways through which spirits attempt to communicate. These touch points can manifest as knocks, a sense of presence, or visual phenomena like orbs or apparitions. Have you ever encountered something you couldn’t explain? That’s the spirit world reaching out, showing us we’re not alone.


Mediumship: Bridging Worlds

The realm of mediumship fascinates me because it bridges our world with the unseen. Spirits often communicate through thought waves, subtle energies that mediums like me learn to perceive and interpret. This energy is what you might feel when holding your hands close together – a tangible, yet invisible force that connects us to the spirit realm.

One primary way spirits communicate with us is through dreams. When we sleep, our minds are quiet, making it easier for spirits to convey messages or visitations. These dream interactions are a form of mediumship, offering glimpses into realms beyond our waking comprehension.


Understanding Vibrations: Ascending to Higher Connections

Spiritual vibrations vary; higher ones connect us with angels, guides, and loved ones who have crossed over, offering profound insights and guidance. Conversely, lower vibrations might involve spirits that haven’t moved on, often associated with haunting or unrest. True mediumship focuses on elevating to higher vibrations where loving messages and wisdom reside.


Opening the Channel: Techniques for Connection

Opening yourself to spirit communication requires clearing mental clutter and tuning into spiritual frequencies. Techniques like meditation, envisioning white light, and automatic writing facilitate this connection. These methods help in quieting the mind, allowing spiritual messages to flow more freely.


Building Relationships with Spirit

Developing a relationship with spirits involves consistent communication and trust-building. Daily conversations, honoring their presence, and seeking signs strengthen this connection. Testing the connection through predictions or noting physical responses during sessions also validates spiritual communication.


Overcoming Challenges in Mediumship

Every journey in mediumship is unique, and comparisons can hinder growth. Challenges such as skepticism or lack of immediate messages are common but shouldn’t deter you. Patience, persistence, and approaching interactions with love are key to overcoming obstacles in mediumship.


Embracing the Journey

Embracing my psychic gift has been transformative, allowing me to bridge the gap between the physical and spiritual realms. Through understanding and practicing mediumship, I’ve learned to navigate and appreciate the profound connections that transcend our everyday reality.

Whether you’re exploring your own psychic abilities or simply curious about the unseen world, remember that spirit touch points are invitations to connect, learn, and grow. The journey of mediumship is as much about discovering oneself as it is about understanding the vastness of spiritual existence around us.

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Navigating Life with Your Spirit Guides

Navigating Life with Your Spirit Guides

Have you felt that you are meant to do something more in your life?  If you’ve found your way here, I am sure it was not be accident, but instead a divine sign that your spirit guide is sending you..


Understanding Your Spirit Guide

Firstly, who exactly is your spirit guide? Contrary to popular belief, they’re not deceased friends or relatives. Instead, they are souls that choose to accompany you throughout your life’s journey. Each person has their own spirit guide dedicated solely to their spiritual growth and well-being.

Your spirit guide was once a human who has transitioned to the spiritual realm and chosen to help guide others. They have a unique understanding of your path because they’ve lived through similar experiences themselves.


Why Your Spirit Guide Chose You

Your spirit guide chose to work with you for a reason. Perhaps they lived a life that resonates with the challenges or passions you’re facing now. Whether it’s overcoming addiction, pursuing creativity, or seeking knowledge, your guide is here to support and uplift you on your path.


Manifesting with Your Spirit Guides

Manifestation begins with identifying and releasing limiting beliefs. These are often rooted in past experiences or inherited fears that hold us back from living our best lives. By acknowledging these fears and handing them over to our guides, we open ourselves to receiving their guidance and support.


Steps to Manifestation
  1. Release Limiting Beliefs: Take time to identify and write down your fears and anxieties. Recognize where they stem from and understand that they are not truths but barriers to your growth.
  2. Connect with Your Angels: Invite your angels to help you release these fears. Visualize handing each fear over to them, allowing negativity to dissipate in the light of their love.
  3. Set Your Intentions: Create a spiritual wish list detailing your dreams and desires. Share these with your guides, trusting that they will guide you towards fulfillment even if you don’t know the exact path.
  4. Trust and Believe: Like visionary pioneers such as Walt Disney and Oprah Winfrey, trust in your dreams and the support of your spirit guides to lead you towards success.


Aligning with Your Spirit Guides

Your guides work through synchronicities and connections in your life. Pay attention to the people and opportunities they bring into your path. These are often the stepping stones towards achieving your goals, whether it’s finding a mentor, starting a business, or improving your health.


Recognizing Guidance

Learn to recognize when your spirit guides are guiding you. Doors may open unexpectedly, you may meet people who inspire and support your dreams, or you might notice repeated signs and synchronicities.


Final Thoughts

Remember, your spirit guides see the potential in your dreams where you may see obstacles. By aligning with them and releasing fears, you pave the way for a life filled with purpose and joy. Embrace the journey of manifesting with open arms and trust in the wisdom and guidance of your spirit guides.

Let’s embark on this transformative journey together, embracing the wisdom and support of our spirit guides to manifest the life we truly desire. Stay tuned for more insights and practical tips on navigating life with your spirit guides! If you enjoyed this blog post and want to learn more about the mystical and spiritual ways you can enrich your life, click here to subscribe. 

Signs of Spirit Visitation from the Afterlife

Signs of Spirit Visitation from the Afterlife

Have you ever felt like you weren’t alone in the room, sensing a presence or catching a glimpse out of the corner of your eye?

Perhaps you’ve felt a sudden cool breeze brush past you, leaving you with an eerie yet comforting sensation. Rest assured, you’re not losing your mind. In fact, these could be signs that a loved one from the spirit world is reaching out to you.

Your departed loved ones remain a part of your life even after they’ve crossed over. Their spirit visits are often gentle reminders that they’re still watching over you and checking in from Heaven Since the spirit world operates on a different energetic frequency, their presence can manifest in various ways. Here’s how to recognize when a spirit is near:


  1. Orbs in Photos or Floating Across the Room: Keep an eye out for orbs in photographs or even with your own eyes. These distortions represent the energy of your loved ones reaching out to you, as they often appear as orbs due to our inability to see spirits with the naked eye.
  2. Animal and Child Sensitivity: Animals and children possess heightened senses that allow them to perceive spirits. If you notice your pets acting unusually or your children interacting with unseen entities, they may be sensing the presence of a departed loved one.
  3. Electronic Interference: Spirits can manipulate electronic devices to get your attention. Be mindful of smoke alarms going off inexplicably, doorbells ringing with no one there, or lights flickering unexpectedly.
  4. Auditory Signs: Listen for sounds like footsteps or paw prints, even if you don’t have pets in the physical realm. These could be indications of a spirit’s presence moving through your space.
  5. Familiar Scents: Pay attention to sudden whiffs of familiar scents that remind you of your departed loved ones. These olfactory sensations serve as poignant reminders of their continued connection with you.
  6. Doors Opening and Closing: Sometimes, spirits can manipulate physical objects in our environment. If you notice doors opening or closing on their own, it could be your loved one’s way of letting you know they’re around.
  7. Finding Signs That Bring Meaning: Keep an eye out for symbols like feathers, butterflies, or repeating numbers. These signs often carry personal significance and can serve as messages from the spirit world, reassuring you of your loved one’s presence and guidance.
  8. Auditory Manifestation: Hearing your name being called when nobody is around or perceiving whispers in the room could be auditory manifestations of your loved one trying to communicate with you. Trust your intuition and the feelings these experiences evoke.
  9. Sensory Changes: Feeling their presence or experiencing a sudden change in temperature in the room, or even feeling someone sitting on your bed, are common ways spirits make their presence known. These sensations often accompany a feeling of comfort and reassurance.
  10. Knocking Sounds: If you hear knocking with no visible source, it could be your loved one attempting to make their presence known. Pay attention to the rhythm and intensity of the knocks, as they may hold symbolic meaning.


If you find yourself experiencing these signs of spirit visitation, remember that you’re not alone. Embrace the moment and talk aloud to your loved ones in spirit. Share your thoughts, feelings, and any questions you may have. Ask them who they are and if they have a message for you. For example, you could say, “Mom, I feel your presence with me. Is there something you want to tell me?”

Trust in your intuition and be open to receiving their guidance. Sometimes, the answers may come in subtle ways, through thoughts, feelings, or even signs in your everyday life. Stay connected with your inner voice and allow the communication to flow naturally. Your loved ones are always listening, and their love knows no bounds.

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The Power of Sending Healing Energy

The Power of Sending Healing Energy

Did You Know You Can Send Healing Energy to Someone in Need?


As a psychic medium, I have seen energy transcend physical boundaries, and its impact is profound. Healing energy, in particular, can be sent and felt no matter the distance, without depleting your own energy reserves. This is all thanks to energy and the power of intention!


How Does Energy Travel?


Energy, including thoughts and emotions, travels through a network that connects all beings. You’ve probably experienced this when you felt someone was jealous of you or sensed negative thoughts directed your way. These feelings arise because thoughts create energy, and this energy can travel any distance. However, what many people don’t realize is that you can also send positive energy with just as much ease.


The Mechanism of Sending Positive Energy


Sending healing energy is similar to how you might be able to predict who is calling before you answer the phone. This happens because the person calling is thinking about you, and their thoughts send out an energetic signal that you pick up on. The same principle applies when sending positive energy. By focusing your thoughts positively on a person, you send a wave of beneficial energy their way.


Practical Steps to Send Healing Energy


  1. Set Your Intention: Begin by clearly stating your intention to send healing energy. This could be through a simple affirmation like, “I send healing energy to [person’s name] for their highest good.”
  2. Focus on the Recipient: Visualize the person you are sending energy to. Picture them in your mind, and imagine them surrounded by a bright, healing light.
  3. Channel Positive Thoughts and Emotions: As you hold the image of the person in your mind, focus on feelings of love, compassion, and well-being. Imagine these feelings flowing from your heart to the person, enveloping them in a warm, comforting energy.
  4. Use Visualization Techniques: You can enhance the process by visualizing the energy as a beam of light or a gentle wave moving from you to the recipient. See it entering their body and filling them with vibrant health and peace.
  5. Trust the Process: Once you have sent the energy, trust that it has reached the person and is working for their benefit. Release any attachment to the outcome, knowing that you have done your part.


A Personal Story: How My Mom’s Healing Energy Protected Me


When I was a teenager, I experienced bullying at school, which caused me a great deal of anxiety. My mom, understanding the power of positive energy, would send me protective and calming energy every day while I was at school. She would set her intention and focus on enveloping me with a shield of loving, positive energy.

During the school day, whenever I encountered the bullies, I could feel my mom’s energy surrounding me, creating a barrier that protected me from anxiety and fear. This protective energy gave me the strength to face my challenges with a sense of calm and confidence. Knowing that my mom was sending me her support, even from afar, made all the difference. It was a powerful demonstration of how positive energy can provide comfort and strength in difficult times.

Many people have experienced the benefits of receiving healing energy. For instance, a friend of mine was going through a difficult time, feeling emotionally and physically drained. I focused on sending her positive, healing energy every day for a week. She later told me that she felt a sense of peace and renewed strength during that period, even though she had no idea I was sending her energy.

Sending healing energy is a powerful and compassionate act that anyone can practice. It connects us to the universal web of energy that we all can feel, reminding us that we are never truly alone. By harnessing the power of positive thought and intention, we can make a tangible difference in the lives of those we care about. So next time you think of someone in need, remember that your thoughts have the power to heal.

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What Type of Medium Are You?

What Type of Medium Are You?

Have you ever felt a deep, unexplainable connection to the spirit world, energy or pets?

Spirit tells me that we are all psychic in different and unique ways and that different psychics have unique special and unique gifts, allowing them to tap into the spirit world in many ways. Each medium connects differently, resulting in a wide array of experiences and insights. Take a look at the different types of mediums below. Which one resonates with you?


How Are You Gifted?

Each psychic medium has a distinct gift through which they receive information from the other side. Understanding these gifts can help you recognize and appreciate the diversity of spiritual experiences. So, what type of medium are you?


Life Psychics

Life psychics connect with your angels and spirit guides to reveal upcoming events in your life. They might provide insights into who you are going to marry, where you might live, or whether you will land that dream job.

A life psychic might sense a move to a new city where you will meet your future spouse. People with this gift often have a keen intuition about life events and might work as life coaches or counselors.


Psychic Mediums

Psychic mediums have the ability to communicate with spirits in the afterlife and receive information about the future. They act as a bridge between the living and the dead, offering messages from departed loved ones and glimpses into what’s to come.

A psychic medium might convey a message from a deceased relative about an impending change in your career. Those who become psychic mediums often have a strong sense of empathy and may work in fields related to grief counseling, medical field or spiritual guidance.


Pet Psychics

Pet mediums specialize in connecting with animals, both living and deceased. They can relay messages from departed pets and provide insights into the well-being of your current pets.

A pet psychic might help you understand that your dog is feeling anxious due to a recent change in the household. Animal lovers with this gift might work as veterinarians, animal behaviorists, or pet trainers.


Medical Intuitives

Medical intuitives connect with your body’s energy to identify imbalances and areas needing healing. They can sense physical and emotional issues that might not be immediately apparent.

A medical intuitive might pinpoint the source of chronic pain or suggest holistic remedies for emotional stress. People with this ability often pursue careers in medicine, holistic health, or energy healing practices.


Remote Viewers

Remote viewers have the unique ability to locate lost items and spiritually travel to different places and times. They can leave their bodies to visit distant locations or explore past events.

A remote viewer might help you find a lost heirloom by describing its location in vivid detail. Individuals with this gift might work in investigative fields, such as detectives or researchers.


Psychic Dreamers

Psychic dreamers receive information through their dreams. While they sleep, they might have visions of deceased loved ones or foresee future events.

A psychic dreamer might dream about a significant event that happens days or even months later. Those with this gift often find themselves in creative professions, such as writers or artists, where they can express their visions.


Angel Readers

Angel readers connect with your guardian angels to provide inspiration and support during emotionally stressful times. They can deliver messages of hope and guidance from the angelic realm.

An angel reader might help you find peace and clarity during a difficult period by relaying a comforting message from your guardian angel. People with this ability often become spiritual counselors or motivational speakers.


Energy Readers

Energy readers can sense the energy surrounding people, places, and objects. They can pick up on the history and emotions tied to a location or item.

An energy reader might hold a piece of jewelry and tell you about the person who owned it and the experiences they had. Individuals with this gift might work as an architect, interior designers, or historians.


Find Your Connection

Whether it’s through dreams, direct communication with spirits, or sensing energy, each medium offers a different perspective and set of experiences. Understanding these diverse gifts can help you appreciate the many ways we are all connected to the mystical realm. What type of medium are you? The answer might lie in the unique way you experience the world beyond.

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