Sensing Spirit and Their Personalities

Sensing Spirit and Their Personalities

What happens to your soul when you die?

When a loved one passes away, something amazing happens. Their physical body stays on earth and their soul takes flight into heaven, leaving their illness and disabilities behind. Without the body, the soul becomes pure energy. To some people, the thought of their loved ones being energy is scary, but that’s why I love doing this work. Even after death, there is one thing that still remains will them and that is there personality.

I love it when a soul comes through with their personality in a reading. It is a reminder to us that even though that person has passed on, death has not changed them. Your loved ones want you to remember them as happy and as they were in their best moments. I love giving readings because I feel like I can loan you my eyes for a few moments and give you a glance of what your loved ones are like in heaven. The truth is that even if you are not a psychic medium, your loved ones will still try to visit and communicate with you. Oftentimes, during a reading, they will allow me to sense and feel the ways they are using to communicate with you.

Meeting Dr. Paul Nassif

I just had the honor and privilege of meeting Dr. Paul Nassif from the television show “Botched.” Each day he changes lives for the better by fixing people who had botched surgeries. The moment I met him, I could see his mom was standing by his side in spirit. I could sense the strong bond of love that they shared with one another. The crazy part is that not only did I see her with him, but also I could smell her! The moment I saw her soul I started to smell Jean Nate. I told Paul and he immediately started to cry. He was smelling something around him, but didn’t know it was his mom trying to reach out.

His mom was so vibrant in her personality. When I saw her with him she was all dressed up with her makeup on and her hair perfect like she had just walked out of the hair salon. She looked like one of the Golden Girls and her personality was one that was electric.

Dr. Nassif was overwhelmed with emotion. His mom had always been the life of the party. She would get dressed up, look beautiful, and was everyone’s best friend and favorite mother. After her stroke, the illness had changed her and she was not the same person that she once was. Seeing the change in his mother took an emotional toll on him and the family.

That changed, however, when his mom came through in the reading. When she came through with her personality suddenly Dr. Nassif knew his mom was back to her old self.

Watch the Reading Here:

Learning to heal the painful memories.

I believe that one reading can touch many people and that’s why I wanted to share this reading with you.

Just like Paul’s mom, your loved ones are with you and without illness. During my time as a psychic medium I have seen incredible things through my readings. I have had children come through in spirit with disabilities that can now walk and be free. Parents that had passed with Alzheimer’s can now remember and think clearly. Recently, I even had a son come through who was autistic and non-verbal but now could speak and communicate in Heaven.

The truth is that those you love and miss are happy and free. Spirits often tell me in readings that they wish they could erase all the painful memories that their loved ones hold onto after they die. That’s why they come through in readings with their personalities and the way that they lived and enjoyed life before they were sick. They want to show you that they truly are OK and that’s it is OK to remember them in a happy way.

Happiness is Healing.

When you are thinking about your special loved one in heaven, remember the good days. So many times after a loved one passes away, you bury the thoughts of losing them and the photo albums and memories that go along with them. It doesn’t have to be that way. When you open yourself up to the happy times you unlock the door to receiving spirit messages and signs from them.

The signs can come in many different ways. Spirits loves sending you signs like music, dreams, repeating numbers, and, sometimes, you might even smell the familiar smell of their perfume like Jean Nate. These are all ways that your loved ones let you know that they are fine. The signs are all around you—you just have to be open to receiving them. Don’t block your emotions; instead, open the door to happy memories that make you smile. Take out the photo albums, home movies, or letters from your loved ones and choose to remember the good times. As you start to reminisce, remember that your loved one in spirit is standing with you proud, happy, and, most of all, with their same personality.

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Secrets from the Afterlife

Rosemarie D’Ascoli’s father raised her to be strong and capable. He worked hard for his family, but he still made time to take his daughter fishing. He was 19 years older than his wife. In 1986, he passed away from lung cancer at age 72, leaving his 20-year-old daughter to take care of her mother.

Then Rosemarie’s mother passed in 2015.

Rosemary had expected to hear from her dad after he died – maybe get some kind of a sign that he was with her – but in 33 years there was nothing.  Hoping to connect with her parents, Rosemarie signed up to see Psychic Medium Matt Fraser at an event in Connecticut.

Rosemarie had her doubts when she saw Matt. He was so young! “He was wearing velvet slippers with shields on them, and a shiny shirt. I thought to myself, who is this guy?” Despite her first impressions, all of a sudden Matt was standing there looking at Rosemarie. “Who is Rose?” he asked. She wants to talk to you.

Her mother had come through.

He told Rosemarie about her mothers’ illnesses. “She’s so proud of the woman you’ve become!” Rosemarie remembered, “Then Matt said he had something funny to tell me. My mother said I had been wearing her ring but that I had stopped wearing it! She said I was too cheap to get it sized. Everyone laughed. But my mom was like that – she had a sense of humor and she’d give you a jab sometimes.”

Matt looked at Rosemarie, “is that true – are you cheap?” Rosemarie said that she was.

After hearing from her mother, Rosemarie wanted more. She attended an event at the Italian Center in Stanford, Connecticut.

“There were already people in there seats, I came in late and was taking my time – I didn’t realize what time it was. I landed in the last row – I thought this could be bad, but then again, maybe it doesn’t matter where you’re sitting.”

At one point, Matt said “people who are standing behind you who have passed, and if they were quiet in life, they will be quiet in death.”

Rosemarie decided to give her dad a little nudge. “I said to my dad – I know you’re a quiet guy, but if you’re here you have to do a little dance or something so Matt can see you.” He must have heard, because Matt came right over!

Matt said “I have your dad here. He liked to drink, and he’s showing me his favorite chair. He used to hide his bottle between the seat and ottoman.”

“I didn’t know that!”

“You weren’t supposed to know that!” Matt said. “I can see that your dad and your mother fighting about his drinking.” Rosemarie remembered her parents fighting. “It was true, I didn’t want to think about that but it was something we lived with.”

Matt told Rosemarie, “Your dad is very sorry he didn’t spend more time with you and show you more affection.”

Rosemarie felt so sad when she heard that. She said “Dad, why are you thinking that way? You were there for me – it was enough”

Rosemarie explained, “I felt that he did spend time with me but looking back I know that he wasn’t always available. He would come home, and I didn’t notice that he was already loaded. As a child I didn’t really think about it. He owned a liquor store, and it seemed natural that he would like to drink. He and my mom were close, even though they fought. He did everything for us. He made breakfast and lunch and even cooked dinner. He was semi-retired when we were growing up because he was so much older.”

Rosemary was so happy to hear what Matt said next. “He said he was so proud of me. I had always wondered what he would think of how I turned out. I was still in college when he died, and I missed some exams because of his sickness. I didn’t know if I would even get my diploma. On the day of graduation, I just showed up and hoped for the best. They did call my name and I got my diploma, but it was bittersweet because he wasn’t there. My father passed in June right before my graduation ceremony.”

Rosemarie went on, “After all that time it was so good to hear that he was proud of me, and I was happy I got to talk to him. After 33 years you forget to keep the communication open.

Now I feel like he’s with me. I know someone is watching over me. Even though he’s passed, we are close again, we have little dialogues all the time. I’m speaking to him more, remembering things more. Thinking about the times we had together, fishing and going for long rides in his car.”

Rosemarie was so grateful that Matt brought her father through. “Maybe Matt knew that I needed to hear from him, even though  I was expecting to hear from my mom. I have some family things going on and needed to feel my parents were with me. Hearing from them put those things in perspective. I realized that maybe I needed to change the way I look at things. It’s mind blowing to realize that my parents are still with me.  I can have a conversation with my deceased loved ones, and it’s like they are still here. I can still get advice from them. In just a few minutes Matt Fraser changed my life for the better. “

THE DAILY DISH: Dorinda Medley’s Reading with Matt Fraser

THE DAILY DISH: Dorinda Medley’s Reading with Matt Fraser

Dorinda Medley Chokes up at Late Husband Richard’s Message from Beyond the Grave

The RHONY cast member met with psychic medium Matt Fraser — and you should probably get your tissues ready.


Have you ever wondered if there’s an afterlife of some kind? Or if there’s a way to know if our loved ones are watching over us? Well, The Real Housewives of New York City‘s Dorinda Medley was lucky enough to explore these and other ideas when she invited psychic Matt Fraser of Meet the Frasers over to do a reading.

The RHONY socialite and medium sat outside together and some unexpected information came through — like a special message from Dorinda’s late husband, Richard Medley.

“I got a good feeling the minute I walked in,” Matt tells Dorinda in the video below.

Matt went on to tell Dorinda that he could sense her husband was there. The medium then revealed that Richard told him to hold her hand. The ‘Wife was already feeling emotional at that point, but it was the message Matt communicated to her from her late husband that really shook her up.

Matt tells her, “The first thing that he wants you to know is that you don’t have to keep searching for him all the time.”

But that was just the tip of the iceberg. You might need a tissue for the rest — Dorinda definitely did.

Find out what Richard’s full message to Dorinda was in the video below, and see more of Matt and his readings during Meet the Frasers on Mondays at 10/9c on E!.


CRANSTON HERALD: Seeing ‘ The Other Side’

CRANSTON HERALD: Seeing ‘ The Other Side’

Southern New England residents may know psychic medium Matt Fraser from his shows at local venues, during which he performs group readings for those in the audience.

Now, people all over the country will get to see those abilities and get a glimpse into his life behind the scenes.

The new television show “Meet the Frasers,” which premiered Monday on the cable network E!, showcases Fraser’s own personal and working relationship with his family, as well as his girlfriend Alexa Papigiotis’s relationship with hers.

Members of Fraser’s family who star in the show include his mother, Angela, father, Rod, and sister, Maria. Papigiotis’s family also stars in the reality show, including her mother, Sharon Ciolli, stepfather, Anthony Ciolli, and sister, Ava.

“My family works for me, which is a blessing because I love seeing them everyday,” Fraser said. “The best thing is that we all get to work with one another.”

However, he added that his mother “thinks she’s the boss” and that both his sister and his dad are skeptics of his abilities.

According to a press release from E! and NBCUniversal, “Matt and Alexa can always count on their families to give them unwavering support and advice – even when they haven’t asked for it.”

Fraser and Papigiotis both grew up in Rhode Island and agreed that “there’s really nothing like it.” Fraser, a Cranston native, attended Stadium Elementary School and Hugh B. Bain Middle School. Papigiotis grew up in North Providence and attended the schools there, but she said she has “always loved Cranston” because when she was in pageants, the dress shops were located there.

So how does having a local connection affect their lives and careers?

“We love it,” Papigiotis said. “You always have to remember where you came from. The show is really showcasing Rhode Island and Cranston.”

She added that people come up to them mostly in Cranston, Providence and at the beach. Fraser said people have messaged him on Facebook expressing their excitement regarding the new career step.

“For us, there’s no place we would rather live than Rhode Island,” he said.

Fraser, 28, believes that with the airing of the show, people will get to see “the other side of Matt Fraser,” such as life with Papigiotis and the rest of his family. He said he hopes the show will “demystify” psychic abilities and demonstrate that he is a “regular guy who just happens to see and hear dead people.”

Fraser also added that he hopes viewers will be able to relate to the family dynamic in the show, whether it be those who lost loved ones being drawn to him, young women connecting with Papigiotis or those who share the skepticism of his sister and father.

“Everyone can watch it together,” Fraser said.

Papigiotis said that her favorite part of the show is the fact that they can participate in it together. She said that she and Fraser can showcase their relationship while presenting their families to viewers and “[putting] love in other people’s homes, too.” She added that the show is realistic to their lives.

“The show showcases us and our daily lives, and our real issues,” she said. “There’s love, passion, humor and situations we go through day to day, and I think that’s what people find inspirational.”

Throughout his life, Fraser said he has had the ability to see and hear the deceased. He said at just 4 years old, he realized he could communicate with them, but at the time he found it frightening.

“Being so young, I just thought the house was haunted. I remember being that young and screaming for my mom to help me,” he said.

His mother, a psychic herself, pushed him toward his abilities. He said he had always wanted to help others, and eventually became an EMT working at the World Trade Center in Boston. He said while in this profession, he would walk into work knowing what the day ahead had in store for him – whether it be someone dealing with diabetes or having a panic attack.

“[It] was a good thing because it prepared you for what was to come,” Fraser said.

Papigiotis has made a career of competing in pageants, and her journey of participating in the Miss Rhode Island USA competition will be demonstrated on the television show. She’s been competing in pageants since she was 15 years old, beginning with the Miss Rhode Island Teen USA competition where she placed in the top 15. The next year, she was crowned Miss Rhode Island Teen USA and won the Miss Congeniality award.

Notable places in Rhode Island have been used as sites for filming the show. In Cranston, places such as Sonya’s Boutique on Oaklawn Avenue, the Park Theatre and the Fraser home in western Cranston have been used. In Providence, restaurants such as Mare Rooftop, Capriccio, L’Antica Trattoria at St. Bart’s and more have been used for filming. Filming also took place in Newport for some scenes.

“Because it’s a place that Alexa and I live, we get to film in our hometown. I think it’s going to be something that people are interested in,” Fraser said. “They get to see Rhode Island, what our community is like.”

“Meet the Frasers” airs at 10 p.m. Monday nights on the E! network. For more information, visit, or follow Fraser and Papigiotis on Instagram and Twitter @meetmattfraser and @alexapapigiotis.

DAILY MAIL: Psychic Medium Becomes E! Entertainment’s Star

DAILY MAIL: Psychic Medium Becomes E! Entertainment’s Star


Meet The Frasers

There’s a new reality show couple out there who should definitely be on your radar — especially for fans of anything supernatural.

On January 13, Meet The Frasers will premiere on E!, introducing Rhode Island psychic medium Matt Fraser and his girlfriend, Alexa Papigiotis. Apparently, they’re local celebrities around their town of Cranston, Rhode Island, and they definitely seem like an interesting couple to watch.

But who are Meet The Frasers, really? Here’s everything you need to know about the stars of E!’s newest reality show.