Bright Ideas For A Gloomy Day

Bright Ideas For A Gloomy Day

Nothing is worse than a gloomy day. Here are some inspiration thoughts to help you to smile and stay positive.

When it’s cold and gloomy, it can be a challenge to get out of bed in the morning – and working on your new life resolutions is probably the last thing you want to do! It’s tempting to just hibernate, and sometimes the grey skies can even get us into a bit of a depression. Here are some happy thoughts to help warm and brighten you up from the inside.

Your Loved Ones Are With You

Remember your loved ones are watching over you. Look for signs that they are with you. Sometimes it might be something small and silly that makes you laugh. That’s great, because they want you to laugh and be happy! My friend has a small stuffed animal toy that she keeps in her car. It was something that was very special to her and her dad. “It’s been there for a year and has never moved,” she told me. “Then one morning, I was feeling sad and down. I stopped at a red light, and the toy suddenly slid down into my lap. I had to laugh.” She took that as her dad saying hi to her, reminding her that he was there with her. It brightened her day, and now whenever she looks at that toy, she smiles, remembering her dad is there with her every day.

Don’t Forget To Breathe

Sometimes it can be as simple as remembering to breathe. Sit quietly with your hands on your abdomen. Watch your hands rise and fall with each breath. This simple exercise can help re-energize you and get you more in sync with your body, mind and spirit!

Self Care

With all the bundling of scarves and socks and boots, we might forget the person there underneath all those layers. Self care is important in the cold winter months. Treat yourself to a “me day”! Give yourself permission to cuddle up on the couch and watch your favorite show. You don’t have to be busy doing all the time. Sometimes, it’s healthy to just be. When it’s dry and cold, our hands get chapped, and our skin feels dry. Pick up some new lotion or a lip balm with a festive label. Those little touches of self care make all the difference!

Pay It Forward

When you’re really in a funk, it’s good to do something nice for someone else. One time, I was bringing my cat, Lord, to chemotherapy, I had taken time out of my schedule to run to the cat hospital, and I was all stressed out about the work piling up back at the office. I was rattled and upset – worrying about Lord and feeling overwhelmed. I pulled into the drive in for a cup of coffee, and when I pulled out my wallet at the drive-thru window, I learned that the person in front of me paid for my coffee at Dunkin Donuts. Wow! That was so great. The girl at the drive thru suggested that I pay it forward by buying coffee for the person behind me. Great idea! That just made it even better. The kind stranger in the car in front of me had no idea what a terrible morning I was having. I didn’t know who that person was, or even if they were a man or a woman, but they made my day. And their kindness expanded to the next person too!

Whatever is going on, there’s usually a way out of the dark. When it’s cold and dark on the outside, remember you can light a spark of warmth and light on the inside. And your light can shine so brightly that it warms and inspires the people around you too!

Just remember that you are never alone. You have Angels and loved ones in Spirit that are with you and watching over you. Even when you do not feel them, they are there. I hope this article brought you a little bit of comfort and made you smile. I hope one day to see you at one of my group readings in the future. It is truly amazing how so many people walk in sad and nervous but leave hopeful and inspired just by being part of a group reading. If it feels right, I hope that you will take a look at my group reading schedule by clicking HERE. You never know when there is a message waiting for you in Spirit.


When Traditional Medicine Is Just Not Enough

When Traditional Medicine Is Just Not Enough

Have you ever heard people talk about healing from within?

As a psychic medium and former EMT (emergency medical technician), I have witnessed many medical miracles. I truly believe and know through my conversations with Heaven that God does work through the hands of doctors, nurses and first responders. It’s amazing how healing from an illness can be both a physical and emotional journey.

Have you ever noticed that people who are positive, hopeful and motivated while sick seem to recover faster? They breeze through surgeries and illnesses and are back on their feet in no time. The power of the mind is an amazing thing. I have always believed doctors can help save you, but you need to use your mind to help heal the process.

I had a great aunt who was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer that metastasized to her lung. The doctors gave her no hope. The cancer was so aggressive that it was taking over her body. This was back over 20 years ago when treatments and surgery were not as strong or effective as they are today. The doctors said she could choose to go in for an operation, but there was no guarantee that she would get better.

She decided she was going to go in for surgery but not go through chemotherapy. The doctors were appalled. They asked how she planned to heal from cancer with just surgery alone. They explained to her that she would need chemo to rid her of any developing cancer cells. She explained that instead, she would use her mind.

Each night before bed, she would sit and meditate. She would tell herself positive affirmations such as…

“Okay body, you know what you have to do to heal. Let’s do this.”

“I’m going to get better. I am going to heal.”

“The next time I see the doctor, I will be in remission.”

She told me she would close her eyes and imagine little scrubbers like in the scrubbing bubbles commercial rushing all through her body and scrubbing away the bad cancer cells. She did this night after night and most of all, she believed with her whole heart and soul in this technique.

Just before surgery, a friend had heard about her opting out of chemo and introduced her to an herbal tea that she heard about called Essiac. With nothing to lose, my great aunt incorporated that into her daily schedule.

After the surgery, her road to recovery was not easy. She had more bad days than good days, but she never gave up. She kept pushing through. She believed in her doctors, the surgery and the power of her mind. It was on her one-year anniversary of surgery that she received the news that she was healed.

She was so overjoyed. She decided to keep up the Essiac routine and the cleansing meditations in her weekly schedule for years to come. It soon became a part of her life until she was well into her seventies. She was thankful for her doctors. They respected her wishes and were open-minded. She felt that through her thoughts, surgery and positive mindset, she had made it through.

I wanted to share with you this special message to encourage you to never give up. Illness can only have power over you if you let it. Never give up! Instead, help your doctors to help you. Stay positive and keep pushing forward, and most of all, believe in YOU!

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REPUBLICAN AMERICAN: World has changed allowing psychic to share his gift

REPUBLICAN AMERICAN: World has changed allowing psychic to share his gift


When psychic Matt Fraser’s grandmother and mother grew up, he said it was a different world.

Both women were psychic, he said. But in the 1950s and 1960s, when his grandmother was growing up, and later when his mother was growing up, there was no social media, or internet. Without those avenues, the women didn’t have any way to learn about what they were experiencing or to help others understand it.

So although both his grandmother and mother had the gift, Fraser said they kept it secret. They never spoke about it, he said.

Fraser said his grandmother kept the revelation so close to her chest that even her own husband, Fraser’s grandfather, had no idea that she had the gift.

Fraser said his mother feared “they would call her crazy.”

Since this was something both women did not want to discuss, Fraser said they did not use their gifts professionally or with family or friends.

Times changed, however, as Fraser, now 27, grew up. And these days, he shares his psychic abilities on radio and television as well as live appearances across the country.

And he will be appearing at Foxwoods Resort Casino in a public event on Jan. 6.

Fraser said his ability to reach to the other side started to reveal itself from ages 3 to 5.

But, he said, his gift began to find focus when his grandmother passed away and he began to converse to her from the other side. “That was my first true connection.”

The conversations with his grandmother became regular occurrences. He said his mother told him that many of the conversations he recalled for her were quite detailed. She figured the conversations could not be imagined.

As he got older, Fraser said he wasn’t just speaking with his grandmother. “Other souls would come to me.”

Fraser said he would see people standing at the end of his bed. They weren’t just ghostly apparitions or silhouettes but fully formed. “It was very real to me.”

However, Fraser said he didn’t think he was psychic. Since he had no perspective on the gift, he thought the house was haunted. It wasn’t until he realized the appearances of these souls were specific to him, that he had an inkling he was psychic.

But Fraser said he didn’t embrace this gift. “I was pushing it away.” Seeing these souls and hearing voices were “scary.”

In a way, Fraser said, he initially missed his calling. He knew he wanted to help people. But instead of using his gift, he trained to be an emergency medical technician.

But still the souls spoke to him, said Fraser. Trying to get a handle on what was happening, and since his mother refused to give him insight into her abilities, he went to a psychic for the perspective he needed.

Finally, Fraser said, he learned about what his gift meant.

“It changed my life,” he said.

Initially, said Fraser, he only did readings for close friends. The questions were simple, such as, who would they marry.

“I didn’t really know what I was doing,” Fraser said.

But then word spread, he said. The parents of his friends would ask for readings. From there, he said the parents began to organize group readings for Fraser. The questions became more urgent. Then he was called in to speak on radio programs and started making appearances on national television.

“I realized this could be my job,” said Fraser.

“Heaven has led me on this journey,” said Fraser.

When he does readings, Fraser said there are questions that typically arise. The first thing they want to know is if their loved one is okay. He said they are seeking some sort of closure.

Fraser said clients also want to know if their loved ones can see what is happening in their lives. They want to know if their loved ones can see the choices they make and if they are close by.

At events such as the one at Foxwoods, Fraser said he selects as many people as he can—but not all—to help reconnect with loved ones who have passed to the other side.

“I never know what the message will be,” said Fraser.

When audiences leave the appearance, Fraser said, he wants them to walk out with a sense of hope, renewal, and inner peace— even if they weren’t selected by Fraser that night.

“They’re not alone,” said Fraser. “Their loved ones are just a thought away.”

Matt Fraser will appear in the Grand Pequot Ballroom at Foxwoods Resort Casino in Mashantucket on Sunday, Jan. 6 at 2 p.m.

For more information, go to or

Release Those Chains !

Release Those Chains !

“I wear the chain I forged in life,” replied the Ghost. “I made it link by link, and yard by yard”

Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol

Before I dive into the real message of this blog, I have to share something about the way Spirit communicates that I think you’ll find interesting. Mediumship is a three-way psychic communication between the soul in Heaven, the person receiving the message, and the medium who serves as translator.

The tricky part is that Spirit doesn’t speak in straightforward words, instead they send signs, symbols, impressions, feelings, tingling sensations – you name it! When I started out as a medium, one of the things I worried about was that spirit would show me symbols that didn’t mean anything to me – I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to understand their “language.”

What kind of “translator” would I be if I couldn’t understand what the souls were trying to say?

But that’s not how mediumship works (thank God!). Spirit communicates impressions that make sense to the medium as well as to the recipient. In fact I’m often blown away when I get images and impressions that are so personal and meaningful to me that they speak a thousand words in just a flash. Keep that in mind as I share this story!

I was recently hosting a pretty large hotel event. There was a woman in the audience whose mother was coming through. The woman had passed a couple of years previously and she was letting me know that her death had been sudden and she had died with some unfinished business. She kept telling me to “Ask my daughter about her sister.” The woman in the audience was a little closed off to any reference to her sister, and finally blurted out – “I don’t talk to my sister at all.”

Suddenly I got one of those personal psychic impressions from Spirit. I looked at the woman in the audience, and just as the mother was telling me that she wanted the daughter to forgive her sister and mend the broken bridges between them, I got a vision of the younger woman dragging a big grey chain behind her.

The mother kept saying – “Don’t do what I did, forgive your sister” The daughter was resistant to the message, but the mother would not give up. I got another flash of the daughter with what almost looked like cartoon chains, draped over her shoulders weighing her down. It took me a minute to realize exactly what the mother was communicating and then it hit me.

It was a reference to my favorite Christmas special as a child, the Scrooge McDuck version of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. I used to drive my mom nuts, watching that over and over! The cartoon chains that I saw on the women in the audience were like the ones that the ghost of Jacob Marley was sentenced to drag around with him because of the life he had led. Once I put that together the meeting was clear.

The mother has spent her own life holding grudges, and let herself to be weighed down by resentment and her own unwillingness to forgive. She died before she could make amends and lighten her own load by forgiving the people in her life. She didn’t want the same thing for her own daughter. With the perspective she had gained in the afterlife, she was able to see the damage that refusing to forgive her sister was doing to her daughter and like the ghost of Jacob Marley, she was coming through to protect her daughter from her own future, and to encourage her to reconnect with her sister.

I actually referenced a Christmas Carol to the woman when I explained why it was so important to her mother that she reach out to her sister. She finally listened, and she started crying. “My mother was always so bitter and unhappy – and I’ve been feeling that way too.” After a few more messages back and forth between mother and daughter, the daughter softened up. I have a feeling she didn’t wait long before contacting her sister.

If you’re feeling weighed down by your anger toward someone or something, I hope you’ll give yourself the chance to let go of those “chains” and forgive. I promise you’ll feel lighter, happier and more optimistic. I can’t think of a better gift to give yourself this season.

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CT POST: Psychic medium Matt Fraser to appear at Foxwoods

CT POST: Psychic medium Matt Fraser to appear at Foxwoods

Matt Fraser is headed to Foxwoods Resort Casino to present his “Medium with a Message” event on Sunday, Jan. 6. His mission is to connect those who have passed with the loved ones they left behind.

Fraser says people who attend the two-hour event, which takes place in the Grand Pequot Ballroom, will find it to be an uplifting experience. The messages he’s asked to deliver often include names, dates and locations he couldn’t possibly know, the casino said. A psychic medium, Fraser likes to use his gifts to help people find a sense of peace, and feels it’s an honor to be able to do what he does.

He has been featured on television and radio shows. One thing Fraser often tells people is: “Don’t let grief rob you of joy.” He says remembering loved ones and sharing memories about them is a good way to feel their warm presence around you. He also recommends performing an act of kindness in their honor.

“When you’re feeling sad, it helps to get out and help others,” he says. “Focusing on those less fortunate gets you out of your own grief, and you can take things a step further by picking a charity that your loved was involved in and cared about. Plant a tree, help out at an animal shelter, bring toys to a children’s hospital – and while you’re at it, imagine how happy your loved one would be to have you carrying on their good work.”

Grand Pequot Ballroom at Foxwoods Resort Casino, 350 Trolley Line Blvd., Mashantucket. Sunday, Jan. 6, 2 p.m. $50-$45. 800-200-2882,