What to Do When Somebody Dies…

What to Do When Somebody Dies…

How can you help a friend who is grieving?

It’s obvious they’re in pain, and even when you wrack your brain for a way to make it better, it’s tough to come up with the right thing to say. Most people resort to something like, “They had a wonderful life,” “At least they didn’t suffer,” or “They’ll live on in our hearts.” You might feel as if there’s nothing that will bring that person back, and no matter how well meaning, your words of comfort are just words.

But what if you could assure the person that their loved one is not really gone – that instead of being dead, they have simply transitioned to another phase of their existence?

The best thing about being a medium…

I’ve been connecting people with souls on the other side for years. Seeing the weight of grief being lifted when I deliver a message from Heaven is one of my favorite things about being a medium.

Group readings, in person or online, are especially rewarding for me because everyone in the room leaves feeling better. Even if they don’t get a message themselves, the realization that their loved ones are watching over them from Heaven eases some of the pain.

I have good news. You don’t have to be a psychic medium to help someone who is grieving – even if that person is you.

Here are a few things anyone can do to feel closer to the one they’re missing.


  • Embrace the fact that the dearly departed is now safe, happy and pain-free. Imagine them reunited with family members, friends and pets on the other side. If there are children who are also grieving, encourage them to draw pictures of the person in their new Heavenly home.


  • Be aware that souls communicate through signs and signals. Signs are like text messages or postcards from Heaven to remind you they’re with you. A sign can be anything – you’ll recognize it by the fact that it triggers a memory, or makes you think of the person.


  • Know that your loved one’s greatest wish is for you to be as happy as they are. The last thing they want is to see you lonely or in pain. In fact, souls often tell me that they are responsible for helping their loved one on earth meet someone new.


  • Learn some simple tools and techniques to bring loved ones closer — by doing this, you can actually invite more signs and signals. Try setting up a memory corner with photos, a candle and maybe something that belonged to the departed. They’ll appreciate being remembered in this loving way, and you’ll feel their presence every time you walk by.


  • Attend a mediumship demonstration like an online group reading and witness first-hand how the dead reach out to the living. Listen to the messages that come through to others in the room closely – everyone can benefit from the wisdom and guidance that comes through.


  • Be mindful and aware. So many times, when I do a reading, the soul lets me know they have been trying and trying to get their loved one’s attention. They’ve sent coins, flickered lights, and played meaningful songs on the radio – but the person they were trying to reach was too busy to notice. I get that we all are busy with normal day to day activities, but try slowing down and paying attention. That change in behavior might just be all you need to feel more connected!


As someone who has seen the healing and closure a message or sign from Heaven can provide, I wanted to reach out and share that comfort and closure with as many people as possible. So, I’ve taken the very best of what I’ve learned and created a unique new masterclass called ‘Keeping in Touch’ .  It includes practical and useful tips on how you can keep your loved ones close and connected to you even after death.

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If you’re struggling with a loss, or know someone who is, this course will open your eyes, and change your life!



LOVE is Thicker Than Water

LOVE is Thicker Than Water

Growing up, I always heard that when you die, you’re reunited with your loved ones who passed before you. It was a comforting thought, but I remember wondering who exactly would be in that group. My best friend from third grade? Relatives who I didn’t even know? Pets? Would I get to pick who I hung out with in heaven?

As a medium, I’m considered an expert in the afterlife, and it turns out I’m not the only one who wonders about these things. People have a lot of questions, and I get it! Knowing that you will be together for eternity can make losing someone easier to handle, and it can make the whole idea of dying less frightening.

Love Keeps Us Connected

A common thing people ask is if they will be with friends, family, or adopted family in Heaven regardless if they are blood related. The answer is yes, Heaven is a place that reunites us – it doesn’t separate us.

As a medium, I’ve learned that souls come through based on how your HEART recognizes them and not your genetics. Stepfather, stepsister, adopted parent, foster parent, best friend, are convenient ways to describe our relationships but sometimes the heart creates a different, more authentic label based on how strong and deep the connection is.

I remember, I once read a woman whose father had been missing from her life. When she was just 3 years old her Mom remarried. The man who was technically her stepfather was a loving person who treated her like she was his own. In his heart, she was his daughter and he loved her unconditionally. Throughout her life, he was the only father she ever knew. She called him Dad, and nobody ever knew anything different. After he passed, she came to me for a reading, and his spirit came right through. She was so relieved because she had feared that he wouldn’t be there because they were not related by blood. He made sure she got the message that they were connected forever – by love. She broke down in tears knowing that he was still with her in spirit, and they would be together in Heaven.

A Soul Connection

People often don’t understand that an enduring soul connection has nothing to do with legality or bloodlines. I’ve known people who tragically lost a fiancée before their wedding who worried that they wouldn’t be reunited in Heaven because the marriage ceremony didn’t take place. People who have been married more than once are sometimes confused about who they will be with in the afterlife. Remember that in the afterlife, true soulmates always reunited and love always finds a way to keep us connected.

I’ve done readings for people who were adopted. That can get interesting!

Sometimes both their adoptive family and biological family members come through. It’s confusing because they have 4 sides of their family instead of two and they may know nothing about their birth parents. However, I have found that most times it is the adopted family that has the strongest presence in readings. They are the ones that shared memories, love and a deep connection with that child, and that is what matters most.

Pets Become Family

Then there are pets. Even though they are not the same species, and are not ” born into our family” they become family because of the love and connection that we share with them. It can be hard to lose a pet you love, especially when their lives seem so short compared to ours – but they are watching over you in life, and will be waiting to lead you across the tunnel of light to the other side.

Heaven is not a place that looks for marriage certificates or DNA samples. You will be with anyone you loved in Heaven.

So, when people ask me questions about being reunited with loved ones in heaven, I always tell them the same thing, “Love is thicker than water – if you’re not sure who you will spend eternity with, your heart knows the answer!”

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2020 A Year of Lessons

2020 A Year of Lessons

It’s time to say goodbye to 2020, and hello to 2021. I didn’t expect this year to turn out the way it did, and I’ll bet you didn’t either. There was a lot of crazy stuff happening in the news, too many people got sick, and many of the activities we’d always taken for granted were suddenly off the table.

Spirit tells me that difficult times have a lot to teach us, and that was definitely true this year. Here are just a few lessons I learned during these unusual times:

Accept that You Can’t Control Everything


In the beginning of 2020, I had a ton of big events scheduled all over the country – then the pandemic hit, and suddenly venues started to cancel. First we thought things would get back to normal in the spring, but as days, weeks, and months went on, it got pretty clear that it would be a while before it would be safe to have large indoor events again.

So, I got my team together and we replaced the live events with weekly live online reading events and guess what? People loved them, and my “virtual” readings were just as strong (maybe stronger) as they would have been if we were all in the same room. What did I learn? You can’t always predict what’s going to happen event being a medium, but when something totally unexpected throws off your plans, freaking out doesn’t help. You have to stay calm, be positive, and get creative!


If You Don’t Think You Have Much to be Grateful for, Think Again


There’s probably not a medium out there who doesn’t know how important it is to be thankful for the good things in your life. The reason? So many souls come through with the same message, “I wish I’d appreciated my family, my health, and my life more when I had the chance!” This has been a tough year, and it was easy to get negative – especially if you watched the news a lot. But I found myself counting my blessings every day. I have my health, a wonderful fiancé, a crazy family that I love, and a career that lets me help and heal people. And that’s a lot to be thankful for!

Even When Times are Hard, You’re Never Alone


I bet there were days this year when you were sick and tired of worrying about Covid-19, and wished you could jump on a plane and go somewhere, dance at a wedding, or throw a big dinner party. Even worse, maybe you lost your job or someone you cared about. It’s easy to feel isolated at times like this, but it’s important to know that loved ones in Heaven are always there for you. They can sense your thoughts and emotions, and they want to help. Know that if you are going through a hard time, you are not alone – so pay attention and watch for signs and you might get just the guidance you need.

Being an Angel for Someone Else Helps Both of You


The thing I love most about being a medium is the effect I have on people when I bring through messages from the other side. Hearing from a loved one in Heaven lifts the burden of grief and sadness instantly! Because I am part of that healing experience, it makes me feel good too. Of course, you don’t have to be a medium to help people. Sometimes all it takes is a smile or a joke to make someone’s day a little lighter. Many people are having a hard time right now, so there’s never been a better time to buy a stranger a cup of coffee, give a delivery person an extra big tip, or share a few kind words. Trust me, everyone benefits from a simple act of kindness!

Look for the Silver Lining


Yes, this year was totally crazy – but there were a lot of good things that came out of spending more time at home. I felt really blessed to have Alexa to spend quarantine with! It brought us even closer together, and without the need to travel to events, we suddenly found ourselves with extra time to learn new healthy recipes. Some of my friends took online courses or picked up new hobbies. Just about everyone I know mentioned that they found a lot to be thankful for during 2020 – and I get the feeling the gratitude habit will stick. 

I’ve written about how souls go through a life review when they pass, but you can learn from a life review right now, while you’re alive. Just taking time to look back over the last 12 months and think about how you handled the challenges that you encountered, the lessons you learned, and the way you made other people feel can help you to grow so much. I hope 2021 has wonderful surprises in store, but I also want to be sure not to forget what this year has taught me.

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‘Tis the Season to Feel Closer to Loved Ones in Heaven

‘Tis the Season to Feel Closer to Loved Ones in Heaven

I love the holidays. From the time I was little, it was always the same – the house was all decorated and there was nothing better than the warm feeling I got when everyone was gathered around the table. When I was little, my mom cook a big Italian dinner and we’d eat and laugh and have a great time. Of course, I loved getting presents, but Christmas to me always centered around family.

As the years went on, a few of the faces around the table changed. People got married, babies were born, and a few of the older family members passed on. Because my grandmother and I were so close when I was growing up, her death affected me the most.

My grandmother took a while to let go. She would come visit me in spirit at night when everyone was asleep – but as I got older she came less often. I knew it was because she wanted me to focus on living my life, and even though I missed her, I knew she was right.

When the holidays came around, I’d suddenly feel the presence of my grandmother just as if she was still alive and standing next to me. It didn’t feel sad, it just felt natural that even though she was in Heaven, she was still with me when I hung up my stocking on Christmas Eve, when I got all dressed up to go to midnight mass, and when we all opened our gifts and got the whole family together on Christmas day.

As a medium, I talk to a lot of people who struggle with the season because someone they love is no longer with them. It’s not just the holidays, significant events like weddings, births, and graduations are always bittersweet when you’re missing someone, but I like to think that our loved ones are never closer than when we’re sharing good times and thinking of them.

A lot of psychics and mediums feel that during the last few months of the year, the veil that separates the living and the dead becomes thinner. There are several reasons for this…

First of all, in the beginning of November people observe special days of remembrance like The Day of the Dead and All Saints Day. During those times, it always seems to me that our loved ones in heaven draw closer to us. A few weeks later, the Winter Solstice marks the longest night of the year. People have all kinds of beliefs about the Solstice, and some of them can get pretty wild – but suffice to say that there’s a lot of powerful energy in the air during this time.

As far as I’m concerned, the reason that your loved ones in Heaven feel closer at the end of the year is because you’re so focused on the things they are drawn to. You’re shopping for friends and family, cooking and baking, and there’s joy and music in the air. Who wouldn’t want to get closer to that?

Even the souls who weren’t exactly festive in life, change a lot when they pass over. Suddenly that grumpy old uncle has had his life review, and realizes all the things he missed. That soul is now attracted to gatherings of his family, and might even send a sign that he’s with them.

To make the most of this time, there are some things that will help you feel even closer to those who have passed. Here are a few ideas:

  • Make a recipe that your loved one was known for. It might be Grandmas meatballs or your aunt’s special holiday cookies – but whatever you choose will help them feel included in the festivities.


  • Tell funny stories about them. The last thing you want to do is make everyone sad, so think of one that will get a laugh.


  • Play their favorite music. There were certain Christmas carols my grandmother loved. I was young when she passed away, but my Mother always feels Grandma’s energy when she hears them – even after all these years.


  • Do something specifically to honor the memory of your love ones in heaven. You might display a favorite photo, light a candle at church, or set a place at the table for them. I have a friend who always lights a cigar after Christmas dinner in honor of her grandfather. It’s kind of funny, because she hated the smell of those cigars when he was alive – but now it makes her feel like he’s still there.


If you’ve recently lost someone, of course it’s normal to be sad – but it helps to remember that your loved ones are always with you. If you would like to be part of an online group reading with me CLICK HERE. During these LIVE events I will be helping you reconnect with your loved ones in spirit as well as sharing life lessons from the other side right from home!







The Life Review

The Life Review

Looking Back on What Really Matters

When people lose a loved one, the pain is often so strong that they’d do anything to connect with that person again. I get a lot of calls during the early days of loss, and I always urge the bereaved to wait at least a few months before scheduling a reading.

It might seem strange that there’s a “waiting period,” but trust me – when a soul transitions, they have some work to do before they’re ready to come through to a medium. I never thought of passing over requiring a wait until I started talking to the dead on a regular basis – and then it made perfect sense.

So, based on my conversations with thousands of souls, here’s what they’re up to between the time they pass and the time they might come through to a medium or send you a sign that they’re around.


Passing Through the Veil.

First thing, when you pass, you have to “lighten up.” There are many heavy feelings and emotions we hang onto in life, like anger, resentment, judgement, jealousy, and insecurity. When you’re alive you know that those emotions are not doing you any good and you should probably let them go, but it’s hard to do.

Once you pass, you don’t have a choice. When you transition to Heaven you have to release the heavy emotions that weigh your energy down. Imagine trying to cross over dragging resentments and negative energy. Talk about baggage!  Heaven wouldn’t be heaven anymore. Transitioning is like passing through a veil or a filter, your energy has to be clear and light to come through.


The Life Review.

Have you ever been in a situation – maybe a class or a workshop – where you were learning something new, and afterwards you felt you needed to sit for a while to absorb what you’d learned? It’s the same thing you pass, except the “workshop” is your whole life.

When a soul transitions, they look back on their time on earth as if they’re watching a movie – only from their new perspective, they can see the events very, very, clearly. Without justifying or getting defensive, they review their life, with all its twists and turns. Some souls take longer than others to complete their review and progress to the next level. They might even have some tasks to do to help them raise their vibration.

It’s kind of like AA in that way – you have to acknowledge what you’ve done and sometimes make amends before you can move on.


Making Amends.

The life review shines a light on what really matters in life. When you’re on the other side, you’re no longer attached to your career, your bank balance or your body fat ratio. That’s all fine when you’re alive, but you leave that stuff behind when you die.

What you look back on is the love and compassion you shared, the people you helped, and the difference you made in the world. You also see the unfinished business and the  people you hurt. You become fully aware of the ripple effect your behavior had on others. Luckily, it’s never too late to make amends.

When a soul has completed their life review, that’s when they can come through to the living and make things right.


I can think of many examples:

  • A woman came to my event and immediately her mother came through apologized for making her daughter feel so guilty for putting her is assisted living.
  • A man came through and said that he wished that he could take back the vicious letter he had left for his wife blaming her for his death. He was bipolar and had killed himself, but he regretted blaming her. Looking back, he realized that his problems had nothing to do with her.
  • An older woman begged me to let her son know that she should never have pressured him to spend so much time with her, and neglect his own children. She realized in her life review that she was being selfish.

The process of passing over, letting go of negative emotions and looking back on life is a gift that allows the soul to evolve. They have the opportunity to let go of any grudges or negative feelings,  go through their life review, and then, when the time is right, help their loved ones on earth to learn from their experience and feel their love.


Forgiveness from Heaven

As a medium I never know who will come through and try to talk to me. I will say I find the best readings happen when someone comes through that you are not expecting to hear from. Because of the life review sometimes souls that you never got or have a closeness with will sometimes come through. For example I recently had a woman’s father come through who she never got to know because he left home when she was just a child. Because of his selfish ways, she never eve knew he died until years later.

After he passed on, he was able to see the hurt and pain he caused his daughter by her not having a Father in her life. He came through with a message for her and explained his actions. He wanted her to know that he took full responsibility and that he was sorry. Because of this message she felt she could finally think of her Dad and smile. It was like in an instant the years of pain just lifted away and she could breathe again.

This is the reason why I have been doing online group readings. It’s not about the individual messages as much as it is a learning experience for us all. The spirits have plenty to teach us and tell us. When we connect with them and listen to their messages, we realize that they never truly have left us. If you would like to attend the next online group reading with me, click here to register.