MASS LIVE: Psychic Medium Matt Fraser To Appear at MGM Casino

MASS LIVE: Psychic Medium Matt Fraser To Appear at MGM Casino

Matt Fraser bills himself a psychic medium with the ability to contact the dead. He has appeared before sold out crowds, written a book on the hereafter, teaches courses and even led sea cruises for believers.

And for those wishing for the chance to hear from long-dead Aunt Edna or Uncle Charlie, Fraser will be at the Bellagio Ballroom at MGM Springfield on Tuesday at 6 p.m. Admission is $52.

“I’ll be doing a two-hour audience reading that will connect people up with their departed loved ones. I don’t like being on stage and prefer literally running up and down the rows of chairs and calling on individuals to stand up,” Fraser said.

Asked if he ever gets a strange request from someone who may want to connect with John Lennon or George Washington, Franz said he “often does.”

“But you have to know that person, you must have had a connection with them in the past,” he added.

While someone may not be able to “see dead people,” Fraser offers an on-line course called “Signs from Heaven” to help them recognize and stay connected with their loved ones.

“I feel everyone has a way to connect with loved ones who have passed to the other side. We all get signs from them and it is up to us whether we acknowledge them or not. For example, one woman told me she kept hearing the song her dad used to sing to her. It was playing in the car, on the radio and in stores she went into. That was a sign. Connecting with the other side is like learning another language….opening your senses to hear and connect,” Fraser said.

The medium also offers live phone or video readings for those who may not be able to see him in person.

“People think that they have to be with me in person to get a reading. That is a misconception. If you are a psychic, a medium, you can read and connect them without having to be with the person,” Fraser said.

There is currently a two-year waiting list for these readings, which come with a disclaimer on his website that reads in part: “Your live psychic medium phone or video reading is subject to your own personal interpretation and the guidance given is intended to be for entertainment purposes only.”

And, Fraser has a message to naysayers.

“I love skeptics who come in and don’t believe in what I can do. And I don’t care, if there is a message for them, I will deliver it. It’s healthy to be skeptical, I understand that. Then you have your non-believers who no matter what you say won’t believe. It’s like going to the doctors and hearing the doctor tell you that you must change your lifestyle, and they say to themselves, ‘I don’t believe him.’ I like a challenge. And if I’m doing a reading on television, radio or in person, I love it if I can show one person who doesn’t believe in heaven….the other side…by giving them a message from someone who has passed that opens up their eyes and profoundly changes their belief,” he said.

Religion, Heaven & The Afterlife

Religion, Heaven & The Afterlife

Do Different Religions Have Different Heavens ?

Someone wrote to me on Facebook recently to ask if Heaven looks and feels different for different religions. It’s a good question.

There are various religions with their own ways of doing things and their own places to worship. Holy places on earth look and feel different, so It makes sense that people might think it would be the same in Heaven. When I ask, Spirit tells me the answer is no. There is just one Heaven because we are all one – and Heaven isn’t a place that divides us. It reunites us.

We all coexist with each other here on Earth, meeting different people with different belief systems. It’s the same in Heaven. Together, we all enter into the same Heaven and coexist there too. But here’s the interesting part. Heaven kind of looks and feels different for every individual. But the important part is the same for everyone.

Religion is our own personal way to connect and safely speak to those in Heaven.

All religions were created by God as a way of helping us stay connected to Spirit and to remind us that those we love never truly leave us. The specific religion is not really what matters most. What matters most is LOVE. What matters is how you treat people and that you are kind. Hold close to your heart all that you find and believe is holy.

I was born and raised Catholic. Now, because of what I’ve learned through my psychic work I do, I consider myself more spiritual. I have learned so much by reading about many different religions. Each is beautiful and has something to teach us, and I welcome them all. In my house and office, I have status of Buddha, Jesus, Angels and even Ganesh. They remind me that no matter what religion you are, Heaven is a real place that is open to all who believe in its existence–and even to those who don’t!

Spirit tells me that religion is created to help us all find a way to connect to Heaven and also to help us through the rough roads and challenges we face. Religion gives us hope – something to hold on to during the times when we are struggling or grieving. Religion gives us a way of finding community and connection. We celebrate joyful events and special days, and we also turn to religion for comfort in times of sadness.

When people attend religious ceremonies, like regular services, weddings, baptisms, and even funerals, there is a wonderful connection that comes from being part of that kind of community. Having connectedness with other people can also help us get closer to Spirit.

Many people feel that prayer is their way of connecting with Spirit, and people practice prayer in many different ways.

To some people, prayer comes as the words of scripture. For others, prayer is a poem, or even just a thought that they send to Heaven. There are so many different, wonderful ways to pray, to connect to Spirit. One thing I know is that Heaven accepts mail of any kind. There is no wrong way to pray.

Meditation is another way people connect to Spirit. Sometimes just sitting quietly or listening to soothing music or following a guided meditation can open our minds and hearts to a closer connection to Spirit.

No matter what religion you are or how you connect to Spirit, you can be assured that we are all loved by God and all have Angels watching over us. And ultimately, there is no separation. Heaven is a place where our differences fall away and we all reunite with those we love.

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PROVIDENCE JOURNAL: Cranston’s Matt Fraser Has Become A Celebrity Psychic

PROVIDENCE JOURNAL: Cranston’s Matt Fraser Has Become A Celebrity Psychic

The former EMT, who once offered psychic readings out of an East Providence beauty salon, has become a wildly successful medium with bookings across the country, on cruise ships and even internationally, where he offers audiences a connection with lost loved ones.

He was quiet about it until I asked, then Cranston native and internationally recognized medium Matt Fraser mentioned a voice that had been chanting, “I’m the dad, I’m the dad” in his ear the entire time we’d been talking.

“Has your father passed?” he asked gently. “He wants you to know he’s here.”

I offered just a one-word affirmation, and Fraser continued.

“What’s with the fluid? There’s something about fluid, although he’s a tough-as-nails guy!”

My father was a brusque Cranston firefighter who died of lung cancer, and the copious amounts of fluid it produced in his lungs, more than a decade ago.

“He wants you to know he can breathe on the other side. And the pain in his legs is gone, too. He’s just as he was before he got sick,” Fraser continued.

With a few other tidbits — “He knew everyone in this world, didn’t he?” and “He’s back with his old partner, Bob,” referring to my father’s construction buddy — the 27-year-old Fraser affirmed the skills that have made him a popular medium with a calendar bursting with bookings across the country, on cruise ships and even internationally.

“We’re switching to theaters now because we’re too big for hotels,” Fraser said in an interview before stepping on stage in Stamford, Connecticut. “We just can’t keep up with the people, and we hate to turn them away.”

As the venues get bigger, though, his style doesn’t change. He runs into the audience, sidles up beside people and begins chatting. It’s a long way from the readings he started conducting for $5 or $10 in the back of Salon on Turner, an East Providence beauty shop.

“I’m the first one to say what I do is crazy,” Fraser exclaimed, his voice animated. “I don’t even know how I do it. I hear things, see things but I can’t explain it.”

Shadows and silhouettes appear in his mind’s eye, and when he starts talking to the living person the messages are intended for, he’ll often hear names, dates and places and see visions of their memories.

“I feel a sensation in my body, too — maybe my chest will feel heavy or I’ll get a tingling sensation in my head related to what the deceased loved one felt,” he said. “It’s validating.”

Fraser was working as an emergency medical technician in the Boston area with no money to put gas in his car, but he would use the gift inherited from his mother and grandmother to help people process the loss of their loved ones. As word got out and Fox News and CBS radio asked for interviews, his popularity skyrocketed.

“People trusted me to connect with their loved ones,” he said. “I just love this work. People walk in sad and scared, but they leave feeling loved. Even if they don’t get the connection they hoped for, they know their loved ones are with them.”

While there are other mediums on television and doing in-person shows, Fraser said his approach is different, and he “reads more people in events than any other mainstream medium.”

“I think the proof is in the pudding,” he began. “It’s message after message after message for me. I love the energy in the room. One woman lost her son and was sad, but then her grandmother came through and we were laughing together.”

He acknowledges skeptics, but notes that the energy of departed loved ones is strong.

“Our loved ones want us to think of them,” Fraser said. “Heaven is like looking at old photographs. When people start to realize that, they’re not afraid of it.”

His job, in a sense, is to guide the living to open the door to communication with the departed.

“Your loved ones don’t follow me home like a conga line!” he laughed. “When you leave, your loved ones will continue to try to contact you. People become more aware. They’re always trying to reach us. We just have to be receptive.”

That’s not to say the messages always come when the living request them, he said.

“They want to reach us at our best, so they’ll often wait. Luckily, the other side knows when the time is right and how we’ll react.”

Fraser remembered being in Capriccio’s for dinner when he suddenly saw a young man who died in a motorcycle accident and felt an urgent need to deliver a comforting message from him to a woman dining nearby.

“He’d never said goodbye,” he said of the man.

The most common queries from the living are if their deceased loved ones are okay and can see what goes on here. Those who lost someone to suicide wonder if they’re in heaven.

“It breaks my heart that people still think this way,” Fraser said of the religious belief that those who commit suicide are not allowed into heaven.

With homes in Cranston and West Palm Beach, Florida, Fraser spends much of his time on the road, and he invites people to experience a show.

“There’s no way you can remain a skeptic when you see a show. To have someone receive a message, it’s just great,” he said. “I feel like my job is about showing them there is another side.”

As for my impromptu reading, he left me with the assurance that when I look at old photos, my father will be with me. The very next day, a package arrived from my stepmother containing my father’s old Navy yearbook and an album of photos from my childhood. I pored over both, with my dad, for hours.

Bringing Family Back Together

Bringing Family Back Together

What To Do When Your Family Doesn’t Get Along…

Do you have a family member that is just plain negative? Is there an aunt, uncle, sibling or cousin you dread seeing? Difficult relationships like that don’t just affect the two of you – they can impact the whole family.

Unfortunately, some people are just difficult to deal with, and when they are family, you can’t just walk away and never see them again. You might want to, but walking away can mean giving up a lifetime of gatherings, weddings, holidays and celebrations. The person might never change, but you can change how you deal with them, and that can have a positive influence on everyone involved.

Now keep in mind, there are situations where the other person is a danger to you or to others. That’s a whole different story, and it’s probably best to avoid those encounters entirely. I’m talking here about those aunts who just won’t stop complaining or the Uncle who can’t wait to attack your political views or that cousin who keeps holding a grudge because twenty years ago you said her dress makes her look fat or something. These are difficult, negative people who just don’t seem to want to be happy and insist on making everyone around them miserable.

Lessons from Spirit

The one lesson I have learned from Spirit is that life is too short and all we have is each other. You can’t worry about other family members getting along and you shouldn’t have to walk on eggshells during family holidays worrying about relationships within the family. You need to be able to enjoy those times together and not be waiting for someone to say or do something upsetting.  Conflicts may happen, and sometimes there’s nothing you can do about it. And sometimes, you have to step up and be the peacemaker.

When someone has hurt you badly, it can be hard to forgive and move on. It can be especially hard if the other person doesn’t think they’ve done anything wrong and doesn’t take any responsibility for the bad behavior. You cannot change the person, but you can change your thoughts and how you respond. One thing I’ve learned is that often, someone else’s words or actions have nothing to do with how they feel about you. It’s about their “stuff,” insecurity, or internal pain, so remind yourself of that and don’t take it personally.

Setting Aside Differences

In some situations, it can be helpful to air out differences and talk it through with the other person. But some people are never going to apologize or admit they were wrong. Sometimes you need to be the bigger person and reach out. Sometimes you need to let things go and know that the apology you deserve is never going to come. If you let it go, it’s not because you are weak. It’s because you are strong enough to know that family means more.

No matter what the other person does or says and no matter if they apologize or not, you have to forgive them – for your sake, and the sake of the family.  Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself. As hard as it can be to forgive, it’s what you need to do to heal. Forgiving takes a lot of effort sometimes, but it brings so much freedom.

Praying for the person helps a lot. When you’ve tried everything, and you just can’t heal a family relationship, let it go to the universe and let go of any negativity in your heart. Pray for that person and ask Angels to heal the differences between you. If it’s meant to happen, it will!

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Missing You This Father’s Day

Missing You This Father’s Day

You can still spend time with your Dad on Fathers day, even if he is in Spirit…

Fathers Day can be a wonderful time to celebrate Fathers. The whole family gets together, and Dad gets to be king for a day. But when Dad has passed, Fathers Day can be a painful reminder of your loss. If you’re missing a Dad, Grandfather, or any father figure this Fathers Day, you can honor their memory by connecting with them. I promise, that connection will help ease the pain.

Remembering Fathers and Grandfather who have passed away can be difficult and emotional. We depend on them for so many things, and when they’re gone, even firing up the grill at a family gathering can unleash a flood of feelings and memories. Those feelings are just proof of the love you shared in life and can still share even though they have passed.

Keeping the connection alive.

We turn to our Dads for advice and to help teach us things we don’t know how to do. That doesn’t have to stop when they’ve passed. They are still watching over us from Heaven, and they want to connect with us, to keep helping us. Looking at a picture or holding onto something they treasured or even wearing one of their old sweaters can help you feel that connection.

Remember that they are right with you and by your side. It’s okay to speak to them. You don’t have to be at the graveside or at the cemetery to tell them how much you love them. They hear you through your internal thoughts and when you speak to them out loud. Just a simple “Thanks, Dad,” can go a long way to helping you feel connected again.

Your loving thoughts are a sign from Heaven.

Guess what? When you are thinking about someone you love in Heaven, it’s because they are thinking about you! They love sending you old forgotten memories and special signs to let you know they are close by. They want you to think back and smile and remember them, and know how proud they are of you. Their love is still with you, even though you are a world apart.

A friend of mine got a big promotion last month. “I know Dad would be so proud of me,” she said. “He always believed in me even when I didn’t think I would be successful.” Her father died years ago, before she’d even started this job. “I put his picture on my desk, and every once in a while, I look at him and thank him. I feel like he’s there with me, keeping an eye on me. When I have a problem I’m trying to solve, I look at him and think, what would you do?What do you think I should do? The answer always comes.” And she’s not the only one. I hear from so many people how they stay connected to their Dads and keep getting that advice and encouragement that means so much.

Our Fathers and Grandfathers are always with us. Their presence is the strongest on days like Fathers Day and on special anniversaries you share with them. They love being there in spirit when families gather and share a meal, laughter, and memories. Reach out to them on those special days, and every day! Say thank you, ask a question, even just say hi. All you have to do is remind them that you are open to hearing from them and they’ll find a way to come through – no medium required. Happy Fathers Day!

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