Spirit Can Be Anywhere At Any Time

Spirit Can Be Anywhere At Any Time

I can’t believe how many of my friends are still working from home after Covid. They’re still as productive and busy as ever – it’s just that their companies now realize it’s not necessary for employees to physically come into the office every day. Employers have a choice and can decide if people are better off working from home, coming into the office, or doing a hybrid of both.


It’s the same for me! I’ve chosen the “hybrid option.”


I’m happy to be back on the road again, but can’t imagine ever giving up my Online Group Readings on Zoom. I love the fact that people can join me from anywhere, anytime, even if they’re unable to travel or have some other restriction (like, for instance, the fact that gas is $6.00 a gallon).


And even after all this time, I’m surprised by how many people still ask me questions like “How can you give a psychic reading on the phone or by Zoom. Don’t you need the person to be in the room with you?”


I guess the simplest answer is that I don’t need anyone to be in the room with me – not the person getting the reading, and not the soul in heaven. The connection happens at a much higher level – it transcends the physical.


Your Own Energy is the “Link” to Your Loved One in Heaven


When people question how I can connect to spirit remotely, it doesn’t upset me. In fact, I like having the chance to demonstrate how Heaven works and that spirit is EVERYWHERE and more importantly, to show how souls will do just about anything to connect to the ones they love most -YOU!


To this day, I’m still amazed that when I enter a theater to do a live show, not a soul is there. My footsteps echo in a big empty room. However, the moment people start to enter, they bring their loved ones in spirit with them and next thing you know the room is filled with both the living and the dead.


That EXACT same thing happens during my online group readings on Zoom. I sign in a few minutes early to meditate and get in the zone, and the event starts off quietly. But the moment people start to sign on I begin to hear voices and get impressions of their loved ones.


The same way as when I’m onstage, I can sense a son looking to connect with his mother, a husband who wants me to communicate with his wife, a sister looking to share a message with her brother, and on and on. I can tell which souls are especially determined to wrap up unfinished business, which ones are shy about coming through, and I feel all the different emotions.


A Conference Call with the Other Side


How is this possible? How can your loved ones be with you, but also talking with me? Think of it like a 3-way telephone conference. You call me up on the phone or connect with me on Zoom and your loved one is there – as if they’re attending the event or added to the call.


If you think about it, they’re never physically in the room with us – even if we’re together. We share an energetic connection, and if they can join us from Heaven, you can certainly connect from New York City, Idaho, Germany, or wherever you happen to be!


Who is My Loved One With?


I had a woman write to me who was so confused. She woke up from an incredibly vivid dream of her Father that had died years earlier. Excited to share the news with her sister, she ran and grabbed the phone, only to find out that her sister had the exact same dream at the exact same time she did!


She was puzzled, was her dad visiting her or her sister? The answer is both.


Heaven is a place where your loved ones can be in multiple places at once. They just think of who they want to visit or see, and instantly there are there. Its kind of like television. From our homes we can be in many places. Just by changing the channel we watch the news, see stories, sporting events and conferences LIVE from anywhere around the world.


Your loved ones do just that, they use a special ‘channel’ to be able to tune into us and connect with us no matter where you are. For them its just like changing the channel on the TV remote.


The Bottom Line – Spirit is Everywhere, All The Time


There’s something exciting and fun about attending a live event, and you know I love being on stage and connecting with people on person. But you don’t have to get on a plane or in your car and travel to receive a strong, accurate reading.


Still not convinced? I promise, it will just take a few minutes during a group reading event for you to see for yourself. Think of it this way, if I can receive messages from souls on the other side, I can easily connect with a living person anywhere on Earth.


When you realize how the love connection you share with that special Soul isn’t dependent on being together physically, you’ll realize something else…


Spirit is energy, and that energy is with you everywhere you go. I love being able to bring you messages and healing from friends and family in Heaven and I’m blessed to be able to do that. I like to think that when I bring you that message, I’m giving you an even greater gift – the realization that your loved one ALWAYS THERE and you can feel them at any time, if you just open your heart.

Sending A Message To Heaven

Sending A Message To Heaven


How Can I Get A Message To My Loved One In Heaven ? 


People ask me all the time, “Matt, can you tell my loved one how much I love them.” I tell them it doesn’t work that way. As a medium, I deliver messages from heaven, but you don’t need me to talk to someone who has passed. You can connect with them at any time. Your loved one is literally just a thought away. The moment a loved one in heaven comes to mind, picture yourself ringing a doorbell or sending a text. The minute you think about them, they are alerted.


But there are other ways to send a message:

  • You can say a message out loud
  • Have a conversation with them in your head
  • Write it down on a piece of paper

Whatever way you choose to reach out, they will get the message and know it’s from you.


Wait! What Do I Say?


I remember when my grandmother was alive, she loved talking to me. It didn’t matter what I was telling her, she just loved the connection. It’s the same now that she is in heaven. Your loved one loves hearing from you as much as you enjoy hearing from them. You can tell them just about anything:

  • Tell them about your day
  • Let them know what family members are up to
  • Ask for their help: “Mom, I have a job interview, please help me with my anxiety.”

Don’t overthink things. The same things you’d talk about when you were both in this world can be communicated to them when they pass. If you loved telling your mom funny stories about the kids, or asking your dad for advice, don’t stop when they pass.


Visiting the Grave Site


People make a big point of going to the grave of a loved one, but to be honest, that’s more comforting for the living person. The dead person doesn’t care where you are, just that you’re thinking of them.

The person you’re talking to isn’t in the ground, and you can talk to them anywhere—in the car, in the shower, when you walk the dog. I was doing a reading, and the woman kept thinking, I hope my mom doesn’t know about Billy! I asked her, “Who is Billy?” “How did you know? she asked, Are you reading my mind?”

“No, your mom told me! She can hear your thoughts.”

It turns out Billy was an old flame whom her mom hadn’t liked, and they were dating again. She didn’t want her mother to know, but you can’t keep things from someone who has passed, and you don’t have to!

Your loved ones in heaven aren’t judging you, although they might see the situation for what it is and gently steer you in the right direction.


I could go on and on explaining this, but that is the exact reason why I wrote my new book ‘ We Never Die: Secrets of the Afterlife’. If you would like to learn more about Heaven and the afterlife, I invite you to pre-order your copy below.



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The Silver Lining of Grief

The Silver Lining of Grief

When you’re a medium, you don’t see death the same way most people do. That shouldn’t surprise anyone!

After all, I talk to dead people all the time and prove to myself and thousands of people every day that when someone close to you dies, it’s not over. Those precious souls are still watching over you, sending you signs, and loving you as much as ever.

But while that understanding can soften the blow of losing someone, it doesn’t mean you won’t miss having them with you in the physical sense. Their absence leaves a hole in your life.

You’d probably give anything to have mom, dad, or grandma by your side during every one of life’s big events like weddings, graduations, and the birth of babies. You long for their guidance and support for the little decisions and challenges that come up every day.

I can’t even count the number of people who have come to me, so distraught, because they don’t know how they can go on with their own lives after they lose someone.

But if you feel like you can’t move on from grief, remember this…

Grief has a silver lining. It gives you an opportunity to understand what really matters, to prove to yourself that love endures even after death – and it might even guide you toward finding your true purpose.


What really matters?


Souls in Heaven love you and want you to live your best, happiest life – and from their Heavenly perspective they know what’s important in the grand scheme of things. When someone passes, their soul goes through a life review where they see the impact of all their actions on Earth.

They review how they treated people, what they accomplished, and the decisions they made – and they learn a lot!

After their review, they want to use that knowledge. If you’re tuned in to their energy, they’ll put thoughts in your head or send you signs. They might even “push” you to see a medium!

In whatever way they can, they’ll guide you in the right direction, so when you pass over, you can look back during your own life review and be happy with what you see.


Trust That Your Loved One Will Always be With You – During Big Moments and Small.


Open your heart and mind and let your loved one in. Ask them questions, look at photos of them and share funny stories. Share your life with them through your thoughts. And for the best results, do it from a happy, joyful place. Remember, souls are attracted to love, laughter, and celebration.

Here’s an example:

I was recently reading for a mother and daughter who wanted to connect with the father of the family. He had died a year ago, and as soon as he came through, he was persistent in telling me he had been there at the birthday celebration they had for him after they passed.


He showed me his daughter walking into a hotel ballroom with a big cake. His family had been planning a lavish 50th surprise party for a year before he died. They couldn’t get their deposit back, so they thought “What the heck!” They went ahead and sent out the invites and gathered to honor his memory. It turned out to be the best party ever – friends and family laughed and cried and celebrated his life. He validated what they had already sensed – that he had been there for the whole thing. In fact, he’d even looked back to watch all the planning that had taken place.


Find Your Purpose.


Sometimes, the shock of a loss can move people in positive directions. You might finally take the leap and pursue your dream job, take a trip to a place you’ve always wanted to go, or even end a destructive relationship. Losing someone reminds us that life is short, and sometimes you just have to take a chance. And when you do, know that your loved one is right there, cheering you on.


Everyone Wants to Leave the World a Better Place


You don’t have to go to great lengths to honor your loved one’s legacy. We tend to think of honoring someone with a statue or a scholarship fund. They don’t think that way. They’re happy if you can use what they taught you to fulfill your purpose, be happy, and help and inspire others. They love seeing the positive impact they had on your life, and want to see you pay it forward and make a difference in the lives of others.

By helping you – during their lives or by guiding you after they pass, they have the joy of knowing they left the world a better place.


Reconnecting with Heaven. 


What I love most about the reading that I give is that they show families that your loved ones have not changed all the much in the spirit world. Even if your loved one passed away many years ago, their love for you is just as strong as it was before passing. I am always amazed by the pain that is healed with every message that I pass on. If you would like a reading I really hope that you will join me at an online reading or LIVE event by Clicking Here.

These events are so much more that an event. To me it is a powerful family reunion where two worlds meet!

A Special Visit from Heaven

A Special Visit from Heaven

The First Soul Connection

Growing up with a psychic Mom was never boring. I have vivid memories of her having premonitional dreams. There were many mornings when she woke up happy and excited after dreaming that a friend or family member was having a baby. She’d rush to the phone to call the person and share the good news, “I had a dream that you were pregnant!”

For her, the dreams always followed the same pattern. A departed family member would appear in her dream holding a child that would soon be sent down to his or her mother here in this world. The souls were always eager to share this news with my Mom because they knew she would pass the message along to the new parent to be. Usually, her predication would be within a just a few days of the couple getting their positive pregnancy test result.

My mother is a gifted psychic and medium, but dreams and visitations like this can happen to anyone. In fact, it happened to my wife Alexa.

A Dream Come True!

From just about the moment we met, Alexa and I always planned on getting married and starting a family. That plan went into action the moment we each said “I do” back in October. However, when Alexa received her first two negative pregnancy tests, she started to feel sad, anxious, and even a little nervous. She wanted to see that positive mark on the test so badly!

One night, she was really stressing herself out. “What if I don’t get pregnant?” she asked. I could see the worry on her face, but I reassured her it would all happen in God’s time – when it was meant to be. Luckily, I didn’t have to wait long for her mood to shift. That very night she went to bed and woke up a changed person. She shook me out of a sound sleep, excitedly telling me she had met our son.

In Alexa’s dream, she was pregnant and gave birth to a little baby boy. She saw herself singing to him in the car, dressing him up in cute outfits – she could see his personality as he waved and interacted with her in the dream. The details were so vivid! He loved Winnie the Pooh, Disney music, and car rides. He was sassy and energetic. She woke up and knew she had met our son. After so many years as a child, watching my own mom have these same types of dreams, I knew it was real.

Alexa connected with our “dream baby” so strongly that she began to miss him – wondering if she would ever get to hold him and love him in real life. To our delight, we discovered two weeks later she was pregnant. The moment she got that result, I knew it was him. Our son!


Confirmation & Validation

Sure enough, when we went to the doctor for blood work, and it was confirmed that we were having a boy. As a medium, I’ve had souls explain how babies wait in Heaven to be born. I know for sure our boy was waiting and couldn’t resist dropping in on Alexa to let her know. Since I’m the psychic, you would think that I would’ve known first! However, our little baby decided to give Alexa the upper hand on this one.

This wouldn’t be the first time a baby visited its mother or father before being born. I have talked to many people who have had similar experiences. When we’re in a subconscious state, we’re more open to Spirit connections, which is why so many souls visit us in our dreams. It’s not just babies, relatives, ancestors, and friends that have passed away will also make their appearances in our dreams.


Remember, that dreams can be a sign that Spirit is around you. Don’t pass it off as wishful thinking – if you have a dream that seems especially vivid, write down the details as soon as you wake up. You might have a deceased loved one trying to close out some unfinished business, or you might be expecting a new little blessing from Heaven!

SHOWBIZ: Matt Fraser’s Jaw-Dropping Baby Premonition

SHOWBIZ: Matt Fraser’s Jaw-Dropping Baby Premonition

Matt Fraser and Alexa Reveal Jaw-Dropping Baby Premonition – Weeks Before She Got Pregnant [Exclusive]


Matt told Showbiz Cheat Sheet he worked hard to ignore any signs that indicated his baby’s gender because he wanted to get the news along with his wife. However, Alexa may have already known she was going to have a baby boy and she shared a shocking dream she had months before she got pregnant.


Matt Fraser’s wife Alexa had a psychic dream about her baby – before she got pregnant


Like many couples, Matt and Alexa started experiencing some anxiety when Alexa didn’t get pregnant right away. “We started to get nervous when all of a sudden, Alexa was getting those negative [pregnancy] test results. And we were like, what are we doing wrong?” Matt recalled.


Alexa and Matt Fraser pose at E! News studios
Alexa and Matt Fraser | Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for IMG

Alexa’s mother told them to “trust the process” which is when Alexa had a life-changing dream. “We started trying for a baby after our wedding. So in October,” Alexa said. “I want to say the end of November, it had to be around that time. I had a dream and it was so detailed and it was so clear. And I don’t normally dream like that. I mean, we all have crazy dreams like they’re all over the place.”


She missed that baby from her dream


“I looked down and in the dream, I had the [baby] bump and I was like, ‘Oh my god, Matt, I’m pregnant,’” she recalled. “Then I flashed and all of a sudden I’m in labor. And we have the baby. In the dream, I’m holding the baby in my arms and I can clearly see the baby from my point of view in the dream.”



That’s when she knew she was having a baby boy. “It’s a little baby boy,” she shared. “And he’s swaddled and he had like one of those little blue hats on. And we want to name our son Royce. So in the dream, I literally said, ‘Oh my god, this is Royce, it’s Royce.’ It’s him.”


“And it was so clear,” Alexa recalled. “Long story short, the dream was absolutely beautiful. I feel so lucky that I had that dream.”


“The day after, when I woke up, I told Matt right away and I kept saying over and over, like, ‘You’re going to think I’m so weird for this, but I miss that little baby from my dream,’” Alexa recalled. “I miss him. He was just so cute. I wanted to be with him. It was like, I left the dream without him, and now I really missed him.”


What is the meaning behind baby Fraser’s name?


Weeks later, Alexa and Matt got the news they’d been waiting to hear. “So then in December, we found out I was pregnant, and as soon as I found out, I just knew it was a boy,” Alexa said. “I knew it in my heart, in my gut, and my soul that it was a boy.”


The couple also shared how they arrived at the name Royce. Matt and Alexa wanted the baby to have a unique name and had actually chosen it, without realizing it, when they were dating. “We were in Las Vegas for one of my shows,” Matt recalled.


“And we were walking down the strip and they had this store that said, Royce. It was just spelled out,” Matt recalled. They didn’t recall what kind of store it was but loved the name and the overall vibe. “It’s funny because we both looked up at it like it’s a big sign, and we were like, You know, that’s a cool name,” he added.


Alexa looked up the meaning behind Royce and said “So apparently it’s like a German name, and it’s the name for fame and it’s son of king,” Alexa said as Matt laughed.


Alexa is due in late August so Matt will continue with his nationwide tour. He is especially looking forward to his New York City show. “This month, April 30th, I’ll be in New York City. And this is my first time in New York City actually ever doing a show there,” Matt said. “I’m going to be live in Times Square which is a huge, huge honor.”