Can Your Intuition Steer You Wrong? 

Can Your Intuition Steer You Wrong? 

“Trust your gut.” It’s good advice that you’ve probably heard a few times in your life. Maybe your mom said it when you were growing up. More likely you learned the lesson for yourself after you ignored your intuition and regretted it afterwards. 


Listening to your intuition is a way of tapping into the wisdom of the universe. By “tapping in” I mean creating a connection to your psychic self and being aware of what your guides and angels are trying to tell you. 


What if Your Intuition is Wrong?


Can your intuition lead you astray? The answer is complicated. Your psychic intuition is never wrong, however you are a human being, and all kinds of other influences can intrude on your inner knowing. When that happens, wires can get crossed.

Your psychic thoughts and your regular conscious thoughts can easily be mistaken for one another, because they both use your brain to communicate with you. You might be on the right path, being guided in the best possible way, and then your conscious brain jumps in with a thought that incorporates your fears, wishful thinking, and all kinds of outside influences. Suddenly you’re conflicted and unsure of what your intuition is trying to tell you. 


Mixed Messages!


Here’s an example of how your mind can send you mixed messages. Imagine you’re single, and out with friends. A stranger comes up and starts chatting with you. He buys you a drink. You can tell from your friend’s faces that they think he’s attractive, but there’s something about him that seems just a little off.

Your intuition is pinging, sending you warning bells, but your friends are across the bar, giving you the thumbs up. Also, it’s been months since you went on a date, and you worry that you’re being too picky and you’ll be alone forever!

Let’s dissect this situation. First of all, your intuition is telling you that this guy is not for you. But your own fear of being alone and your friends’ signs of approval are “fighting” with your intuition. You also have a conflicting thought that you’re being too guarded and that maybe YOU are the problem.

You start to doubt your intuition, and decide to take a chance on the handsome stranger your gut is warning you against. Weeks later, you realize your intuition was right!

How can you keep this from happening? You can start by  working on identifying your inner voice. 


How do you know if it’s truly your intuition that is guiding you? 


Intuition can be developed and trained over time. You can learn to identify and trust your inner voice more and more as you gain more experience listening to it. Get in the habit of reflecting and meditating on the messages that the intuition is giving you, and keeping track of how often it’s right. 


Keep an eye out for examples of outside influences, free will, and wishful thinking conflicting with what you KNOW in your gut.


Consider these scenarios:


You are sure that someone is going to be your future husband or wife because you feel this enormous infatuation for them, so you ignore the red flags your intuition is sending you. You trust your heart and not your intuition.


Maybe you DO meet your soulmate. You met someone and knew intuitively you were going to be with them forever. But for some crazy reason you treated them badly, or even cheated on them, and you broke up. You changed the future based on your actions. 


Sometimes your timing is off. You may have felt you were going to pass a test and you actually failed it. That doesn’t mean that your intuition was wrong, You could take the test a second time and pass it. Your intuition didn’t give you specifics. It was showing you the end result. 


Your intuition is a valuable tool.


Learning to recognize your intuitive voice is not always easy, but it’s worth it. The more tuned in you are to your intuition and your guides, the less likely you are to be influenced by other people, social media, or anyone who may not have your best interests at heart.

When you’re coming from this place of wisdom and knowing, it can bring a sense of peace, fulfillment and harmony in your life because you’re making choices that align with your own values. So be mindful of your inner wisdom. With practice, you can use it as a compass to guide you toward your true destiny.


Learn more about Psychic Intuition


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Matt Fraser, the psychic medium with the messages, at The Hanover Theatre

Richard Duckett

Worcester Magazine

Matt Fraser thinks he can see a busy afternoon ahead for himself on Jan. 22 at The Hanover Theatre and Conservatory for the Performing Arts.

“The show actually takes place in the audience,” Fraser said of going in close to where people are seated. He’ll even be venturing up to the balcony, he anticipated. “I’m trying to reach as many people as possible.”

It won’t be a dead audience. Although, actually, from his view, probably half of it will be.

“The souls of people who have passed away will start to talk with me. I have to leave the stage to talk to these people. I’m sure I’ll be going to the balcony,” Fraser said.

A psychic reaches for the ‘stars’

The event is titled “Matt Fraser: America’s Top Psychic Medium,” and Fraser, who lives in Rhode Island, has established a big following nationwide

Fraser has had his own television series “Meet The Frasers” on E! Entertainment; written best-selling books (“We Never Die: Secrets of the Afterlife”; “When Heaven Calls”; “The Secrets to Unlocking Your Psychic Ability”); performed sold-out events around the country; appeared on numerous television shows and media outlets; and done readings for celebrities, including Donnie Wahlberg, Dorinda Medleyand Karamo Brown. All this, as he says on his website, “with the mission of reconnecting friends and family with the spirits of those who are no longer with us.”

Fraser has been to Mechanics Hall several before, but returns to Worcester for the first time since the pandemic with a visit to The Hanover Theatre. The Jan. 22 event will kick off a Massachusetts tour, he said during a recent telephone interview.

Asked if being psychic medium means he has clairvoyant powers of seeing into the future, Fraser said, “Every psychic medium is different. I can tell you, doing this work, every psychic medium has a special gift. I really focus on communication with the spirit world.”

Body and spirit

He could be called a medium delivering messages. With that, “sometimes someone from the spirit world can make predictions,” he noted.

“It’s really the spirits who take over the show,” he said. In terms what he sees, Fraser said, “I see shadows of silhouettes. It’s not like a clear picture. I might see a silhouette of a boy … so I know it was a young person who passed away.” Information about the spirit and the person the spirit is trying to communicate with comes to Fraser “in a flash,” he said, involving all his senses so that he suddenly knows details about the audience member, the spirit, and the relationship between the two and what the message is the spirit wishes to convey.

“I’m just as in shock as the person in that audience,” Fraser said.

Skeptics welcome

Many who show up at events are hoping to make contact with deceased loved ones. Those who are skeptical about the whole process are not likely to be at The Hanover Theatre on Jan. 22, but Fraser said they would be welcome.

“I love the skeptical ones,” he said. “I don’t expect anyone to believe what I do. Absolutely not until you experience what I do first hand. I see so many skeptics become believers. I’m not here to prove anything to skeptics, but what I’m hoping is that they’ll come and give it a try and have an experience that can be life-changing.”

Seeking signs

In an earlier interview with the Telegram & Gazette, Fraser said said he initially suppressed his sixth sense of being able to see and hear the dead while growing up in Cranston, Rhode Island. “It started with my grandmother. My grandmother was a medium, so was my mom. It was considered taboo … Later in my teens I realized they (spirits) were coming to me because I could see them and hear them.”

Fraser got a job as an emergency medical technician in Boston, but out of curiosity, Fraser said, “I saw a medium for myself. I realized I didn’t have to be an EMT to help people. I could use this and help people emotionally. Word traveled quickly. I had to leave my full-time job.”

He said he started doing events and readings because “my loved ones talk to me and I want people to have a sense of comfort. ” Deceased loved ones in the spirit would “watch over every part of our life. Many times they send signs to let us know that they are with us.”

‘There is obviously a heaven’

All souls communicate differently, he said, so every event is different. Some souls are pushy, he said, while other spirits are more reserved. “What it shows is that when we pass on we still retain our personalities,” Fraser said. “With every reading the audience learns something new. We learn about the afterlife. There obviously is a heaven. I wouldn’t do what I do there wasn’t a heaven.”

Fraser said he understands that some people may have troubled feelings about their former relationship with a person who is deceased.

“All the time. These are the readings you might not want to happen but have to happen. One of the saddest things is unfinished business. That’s’ where the healing comes in. (For example) An argument that wasn’t resolved.”

At events and readings the spirit and the person who is alive are “able to resolve that problem in a way they weren’t able to,” Fraser said.

Fraser finds that both the living and the spirits of the departed are seeking validation and closure.

A life-changing time

While the pandemic shut down in-person shows, Fraser said, “More people reached out to me (than ever before). They were afraid.” They asked “do we truly live (after death). I feel so truly blessed to answer that question and give that hope to people.”

“Meet the Frasers” ran for 10 episodes in early 2020, and focused on the relationship between Fraser and his pageant queen girlfriend Alexa Papigiotis,along with their respective and highly visible and involved families.

The pandemic shut down more episodes of the show but Fraser has switched to streaming his series, now titled “The Frasers Plus One” to Facebook Watch. An all new special on Facebook Watch premiered Jan. 6.

As the new title might suggest, some things did happen during the pandemic regarding the couple.

They were married Oct. 9, 2021, and on Aug. 8 last year became parents of their first child, a son, named Royce.

Fraser and Papigiotis first exchanged pleasantries on Instagram (Papigiotis wasMiss Rhode Island Teen USA at the time), and then had a coffee date at Coffee Connection in North Providence.

There were some unusual aspects about the first date given Fraser’s line of work.

“When we first met she was afraid to talk about death and dying,” Fraser said.

But some things are clearly meant to be in the land of the living.

“She started to come to the shows and went from fearful to being one of my biggest supporters,” Fraser said.

THT: Matt Fraser: TV star and America’s top psychic medium

THT: Matt Fraser: TV star and America’s top psychic medium

Catching up with Matt Fraser: TV star and America’s top psychic medium

Matt Fraser is a star of the hit reality television series Meet The Frasers on E! Entertainment, as well as America’s top psychic medium. He chatted with #Powerjournalist Markos Papadatos about his latest endeavors.

He is enjoying time at home with his wife, Alexa, and his new baby Royce. “We have been trying to sleep every spare moment that we get,” he said. “Work, sleep, talk to dead people, and do it all over again. The baby is five months and it’s going by so quickly. It’s crazy.”

Fraser is excited to be touring Canada for the first time ever, in addition to his shows in the United States. “For two years, there was no touring or going out. I like seeing how excited people are,” he said. “To be honest, I was surprised to find out that I have fans and followers in Canada. When it sold out, I honestly couldn’t believe it.”

“I have been having so much fun, it’s amazing,” he added. “Going back on the road and seeing everybody hugging and kissing one another and having fun is something that I missed so deeply. We missed all that for two years. The pandemic made me realize how much I love my job and doing what I do.”

A bestselling author of When Heaven Calls and a true global phenomenon, Fraser has caught the attention of major media outlets across the country such as the New York TimesPeople Magazine, and CBS Radio. He has also been a sought-after guest on such popular television shows as The Real Housewives, Botched, and The Doctors, among others.

On the success of his latest book, “We Never Die: Secrets of the Afterlife,” he said, “Thank you so much. I am so excited, I am already starting my third book believe or not. The nice part about the pandemic is that I really learned how to take some downtime and some time to relax.”

His New Year’s resolution for 2023 is to “just to try to slow down a little bit.” “Take some time to enjoy the moment, now that Royce is here,” he said. “I enjoying looking at the baby growing, and learning to balance things a little more. He is almost going to be a toddler soon. I realize how precious these moments are.”

His wife Alexa is of Greek origin, and he noted that her grandfather would call his baby “the little Fraser boy” when he was first born. “In the Greek culture, they don’t call the baby by its first name until the baby baptized,” he said.

This past summer, he played at Palladium Times Square in New York and he praised the venue for its “intimacy.” “It was easy to navigate and every seat was a good seat,” he said.

On the title of the current chapter of his life, he said, “Just Keep Going.” “That’s what it is,” he admitted. “We just keep going and see what heaven provides.”

For Fraser, the word success means “family.” “At the end of the day, success is coming home to your family,” he said. “It’s about spending time with the people that you love.”

“Thank you for the bottom of my heart, to me, they aren’t just fans and followers, they are family,” he told his dedicated fans.

To learn more about Matt Fraser, check out his official website and follow him on InstagramTwitter, and Facebook.

Why You May NOT End Up with Your Soulmate

Why You May NOT End Up with Your Soulmate

Thinking About Valentine’s Day


Alexa and I hadn’t even taken our Christmas tree down before we started noticing Valentine’s Day cards and decorations displayed in the stores. It made me smile. Sure, it seemed a little early, but those red hearts and cupids were a happy reminder of how blessed I am to have found my soulmate! 


I’ve been feeling extra grateful for my relationship with Alexa lately. There are a million reasons why, but a big one is that we just celebrated the first holiday season with our beautiful baby boy, Royce.


When I met Alexa, I knew almost immediately that she was “the one.” Not only did we share many important values and experiences, but she fit the image I’d been carrying around in my head (and my heart) for years. In fact, I had made a vision board before we met, and without even knowing why, I included a picture of a girl who was very similar to Alexa. 


I know we are meant to be together, and I’m so glad we met so early in life. I look forward to growing old with Alexa, and I know from experience that everyone is not as fortunate. 


What is a soulmate, and can you count on meeting yours?


A soulmate is your twin flame. Your hearts are intertwined at the deepest level. This special person is part of your destiny, and when the two of you meet it can feel like you’ve been struck by a bolt of lightning. 


It CAN, but it doesn’t always. 


Many things influence what happens when you meet your soul mate – life, circumstances, and free will – to name three!  I can tell you from my experience as a medium, you will carry that soul connection with you into the next world – no matter how the relationship turns out while you’re both alive. 


I understand that it may sound strange to question how the relationship will turn out. After all, if your soulmate is the person you’re destined to be with, shouldn’t everything about the relationship be effortless? As long as you’re both alive, what could possibly go wrong?


Meeting your soulmate is just the first step.


You may have heard me talk about how your spirit guide will do everything possible to help you navigate life. They guide and nudge you along in an effort to ensure that you have the experiences you’re meant to have, meet the people you’re meant to connect with (hello soulmate!), and fulfill your destiny. But your guide can only do so much.

Both you and your soul mate have free will, and the choices you make might accidentally or intentionally separate you from one another. 


With that in mind, here are three reasons you might NOT wind up with your soulmate.


TIMING: The timing isn’t right. Sometimes you meet your soulmate when you’re too young, or when one or both of you is already married. A lot of times when that happens, people find their paths crossing again later in life when both parties are free and available. Sometimes that happens after their original spouse passes, and they might feel a little guilty about it. They shouldn’t!  During readings, I’ve had souls tell me that they were married to someone for decades, but they knew they were not soulmates. From Heaven, they actually helped guide the loved one they had left behind to meet up with their true soulmate. 


SETBACKS: You’re not in the right place emotionally. I said earlier that meeting your soulmate can be a “lightning bolt” experience, but it’s not always that obvious – and the reason is YOU. Sometimes, you’re pursuing another goal, like school or career, and a relationship is the furthest thing from your mind. Your guide will do their best to put you in contact with your soulmate later, when the time is right, but there are no guarantees. You might be closed off from a new relationship, even with your soul mate, because you put up walls due to childhood traumas or a previous bad relationship. One or both of you might be struggling with illness, addiction, or some other relationship that makes you blind to the fact that your soulmate is right in front of you.


MISSED CONNECTION: Something unforeseen has happened. It sometimes happens that soulmates never meet because one of them passes unexpectedly before their paths can cross. Don’t get worried! If this happens, you’re not doomed to live life alone. It’s not unusual to have a long, happy, productive relationship with someone who is not your soulmate. The thing is, you might not reconnect with your husband or wife in heaven – but you will surely reconnect with your soulmate.


So, what happens if you miss your big chance?


Some people get upset when they look back and realize they missed out on being with their soulmate. If you think you missed your chance – don’t worry. You can trust the universe has a plan to bring the two of you back together either later in life or in Heaven. 


Be patient. Don’t put your life on hold while you wait– be open to new experiences and relationships. Getting out in the world, and being open to meeting new people helps your odds of connecting with your twin flame. Stay healthy, and have a positive attitude. Listen to your git! Remember, in the end, if it’s meant to be, it will be. And if it doesn’t happen while you’re alive, you can look forward to seeing your soulmate in Heaven.


Learn more about Heaven. 

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SHOWBIZ CHEAT SHEET: Matt Fraser Returns to TV: ‘We’re so Excited!’

SHOWBIZ CHEAT SHEET: Matt Fraser Returns to TV: ‘We’re so Excited!’

When psychic Matt Fraser spoke to Showbiz Cheat Sheet in April 2020, he was teased that E! was still gearing up for another season of his reality TV show Meet the Frasers.

Matt and (then) fiancée Alexa Papigiotis were engaged and he dished that filming was already underway but was paused due to the pandemic. Like everyone else, Matt was hoping for a short pause – which turned into multi-months of isolation.

“It was crazy because the pandemic came in and it shifted everything,” Matt recently told Showbiz Cheat Sheet. “I feel like it changed TV as we know it. It was kind of weird because we had almost two years, where the world missed out on everything. We missed out on so many shows. We missed out on so many people’s lives.”

Fans of psychic Matt Fraser will finally get to catch up with the Frasers

Even though he couldn’t move forward with another season of Meet the Frasers, Matt continued to host live virtual readings and he wrote more books. He teased that his new book, “We Never Die: Secrets of the Afterlife” is definitely not his last.

Matt Fraser from the new show 'The Frasers + ONE' holds a puppy and smiles

Eventually, Matt returned to the road and his tour continues to be in high demand.

But fans still wonder what happened since Matt and Alexa got engaged, but they also missed seeing his fun family who seems to believe that social distancing doesn’t exist when it comes to family. Now fans can catch up with the Frasers on Friday, January 6 at 8 pm on Facebook Watch with The Frasers +ONE.

“The same thing happened with Alexa and I is that there was just this big gap,” Matt said since his show Meet the Frasers Season 1. “What was so amazing is that the moment that we got the all-clear and the moment that everything started to get back to normal, it was the time when Alexa and I actually found out that she was pregnant.”

Psychic Matt Fraser gets married on the new show … and here comes baby!

In 2020, Matt hoped that fans would follow not only their journey to the altar but their dream to have a baby someday. “And the moment that happened, filming started right back up. So we’re so excited,” he said.

The trailer will hook anyone who watches it. Matt and Alexa recount their lavish Palm Beach, Florida wedding and the thrill of learning that Alexa is pregnant. “My head is killing me,” Matt is seen telling Alexa. “You know how you have pregnancy brain? I have psychic brain.” Hilariously adding, “I have a conga line full of dead people right behind me.”

Matt said he was thrilled to return to TV, especially to a streaming platform like Facebook Watch because fans don’t have to pay for it, they can access the show at any time, plus it has a wider, global reach.

“The only difference is we had to find a different home,” Matt said referring to the move from E! to Facebook Watch. “So now we are streaming, which is amazing. And the new show is The Frasers + ONE, which is a one-time special that’s coming out to bring everybody back and show them what happened during that time when we were on hiatus.”

He even wears a pregnancy suit on ‘The Frasers + ONE’

Matt may be a psychic medium, but he admitted to being pretty clueless about what his wife endured during her pregnancy. Fortunately for Alexa, his friends and family were happy to help him find out. He’s seen putting on a pregnancy simulation suit and the result is nothing short of comical.

“This is my first time having a child and more importantly, learning the ropes of how to deal with pregnancy just like Alexa was. So, I had to learn just as much as she did!” he shared.