CHICAGO TRIBUNE: Matt Fraser To Appear LIVE at Hard Rock!

Matt Fraser said he didn’t need any “powers of prediction” to know one day he would be playing the 2,000-seat stage venue at Hard Rock Northern Indiana in Gary.

To date, Fraser has already played capacity crowds when previously booked at Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Tampa, Hard Rock Atlantic City, Hard Rock Cincinnati, Hard Rock Sacramento and Hard Rock Biloxi.

“It was just a matter of time, and now, here I am,” said 32-year-old Fraser by telephone with his distinct Rhode Island accent, the same delivery means for his psychic relays of messages from deceased loved ones to clients and audiences.

“I was just in the Chicago area on March 14 for a similar event at Genesee Theatre in Waukegan. I love when I get to come to the Midwest. I’m sharing a gift to be able to communicate with the other side”

At 7 p.m. April 11, Fraser is bringing “his gift” to audiences at Hard Rock Casino Northern Indiana, and he said he is excited “about the energy he will capture from the gathered guests.”

“It’s not possible to get to every person in a theater who has questions, but I sure do my best to meet as many people as possible,” Fraser said.

Fraser established fans and followers when E! network premiered his 10-episode reality series “Meet the Frasers” in January 2020.

His original career was in the medical field as a trained emergency medical technician, but Fraser said he always knew he had other talents he had yet to explore.

“Even from a young age, I had the sense that I was able to communicate in a way that was beyond the ordinary,” Fraser said.

“I always knew I had a talent for healing, be it physical or help others to better understand themselves and those around them.”

He published his first book “The Secrets to Unlocking Your Psychic Ability” in 2012 and then a second book in 2020 titled “When Heaven Calls.”

His most recent book, “We Never Die: Secrets of the Afterlife,” was published in August 2022, which was a New York Times bestseller.

Fraser just finished his fourth book titled “Don’t Wait Till You’re Dead: Spirits’ Advice from the Afterlife,” which will be released in fall 2024.

Of his many television appearances, including “The Kelly Clarkson Show,” “Red Table Talk with Gloria Estefan” and “Real Housewives of New York,” Fraser said a 2021 appearance on the discussion talk show “The Doctors” ranks as his favorite on-air moment.

“Since I spent my earlier career in the medical field, I’ve always loved the TV talk show ‘The Doctors’ and grew up watching it,” Fraser said.

“To have the chance to be a guest on that show was something extra special for me.”

Emphasizing the difference and contrasts of ages’ old astrology, charting the stars to predict and prophesize, Fraser said he didn’t grow up reading his horoscope.

“I always sensed I had a special gift to communicate with those who have gone before us, but I spent much of my youth ignoring my abilities,” Fraser said.

“The first time I really started to think about cultivating my talent was during my senior year in high school when a bunch of friends all decided to go see a psychic, and I went with them.”

As for crossing paths with “psychic friends” and contemporaries, Fraser said he is friendly with Theresa Caputo, known as The Long Island Medium, and Tyler Henry, the latter of whom brought his own psychic stage event to Hard Rock Casino Northern Indiana in November 2022 before a sold-out audience.

“Theresa and Tyler are really the only two other psychics who travel and tour as I do to bring our stage events to audiences,” Fraser said.

“But anyone familiar with all three of us realize how different our techniques are and also our stage style for interacting with audiences.”

Fraser said he is offered appearances and guest star opportunities for television, but declines if “they are not my style or brand.”

“My work is all about healing and feeling closure to talk to those loved ones who we never had final time with for unfinished thoughts and messages,” Fraser said.

“But I get all of these offers to be on haunted and ghost themed television shows, and I’m just not interested. I want others to feel good and hopeful about what I’m telling them, not scared with scary music playing as the overlay while I’m talking on camera.”

Philip Potempa is a freelance reporter for the Post-Tribune.

The Year of the Dragon:  Unleash New Opportunities for Growth and Enlightenment!

The Year of the Dragon:  Unleash New Opportunities for Growth and Enlightenment!

What’s your sign? There’s more than one answer to that. Whether you occasionally check out your horoscope online or are familiar with every aspect of your astrological chart, about half the people in the USA and other western nations believe the stars have an affect on their personality, their love life – even their destiny.  If you’re one of those people, you’re probably also aware of the Chinese Zodiac. This fascinating form of astrology is over 2000 years old and based on the cycles of the moon. 


How are the Western Zodiac and the Chinese Zodiac Different? 


The Western Zodiac is a yearly cycle based upon how the stars are positioned at the time and place of your birth. It works its way through the signs one month at a time, starting with Aries during the Spring Equinox and ending with Pisces. The Chinese Zodiac is a little different. It also has 12 signs, but the influence of each one lasts a full year, and the entire cycle is repeated every 12 years.  


In the Chinese zodiac, each year is associated with a specific animal: the Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig. Like in the western zodiac, every sign has its own unique attributes and characteristics. Chinese New Year, in February 2024 marked the beginning of the Year of the Dragon – which is considered very special! 


The dragon brings power, strength, and good fortune to those born in that year, but they aren’t the only lucky ones! The Year of the Dragon can be a time of growth, abundance, and positive change – for all of us. 


Unleash Your Inner Dragon in 2024


Whether you’re starting out on a new career path, taking the next step with your soulmate, or packing up and moving to your dream home, this is the right time to be bold and go after what you want. 


Here are just a few things you can look forward to this year: 


Success and Prosperity – The Year of the Dragon is associated with abundance. As a symbol of good fortune and wealth, the dragon can open the door to financial success for you, which means that 2024 is a good time to launch a new business venture, make a smart investment, or ask for that promotion at work. The environment is right to take the leap and reap the rewards of your hard work. 


Breaking Patterns and Making Changes – Have you been feeling stuck, stagnant, and afraid to move forward? Ask yourself, what would the dragon do! The dragon brings with it wisdom and authority, so keep that in mind when you consider moving to a new home, untangling yourself from a toxic relationship, even breaking a destructive habit. Life is short, and there’s no time like the present to breathe some fire of your own and step into your power.


Pursuing Matters of the Heart – The Dragon isn’t all about power, wealth, and wisdom. There’s a romantic side to this sign. This is a time for relationships to deepen and commitments to strengthen. If you’re considering taking the next step with your soul mate, you can be confident about beginning a relationship, getting married, or starting a family knowing that whatever you do will be blessed with good fortune! 


Unleash Your Inner Dragon! 


Even the most powerful dragon can’t help you if you don’t meet it halfway. Here are five techniques to help make the most of this time of transformation: 


  1. Commit to your goals and stay confident and positive. You’ll be amazed what you can accomplish if you believe you can’t fail. 
  2. Visualize success. Imagine yourself channeling bold dragon energy and when you prepare for that presentation at work or ask your boss for a raise. 
  3. Stay inspired with a visual reminder of the dragon – put a small brass dragon on your desk, or pin a fiery friend to your jacket.
  4. Surround yourself with dragon energy when you meditate. Lucky colors for dragon energy are blue and yellow, so imagine yourself surrounded by those colors as you set your intention for success.
  5. Get focused and banish stress with this Dragon Breathing technique: 
  • First, find a comfortable position, making sure your body is supported and your spine is straight.
  • Take a deep breath in through your nose, allowing your belly to expand. Feel the breath filling your lungs and imagine it reaching all the way down to your belly. Exhale slowly through your mouth, releasing any tension or stress.
  • Visualize the dragon. As you continue your deep breathing, visualize a powerful and majestic dragon. Picture its vibrant colors, graceful movements, and its strength. Imagine yourself taking on these qualities.
  • Exhale with force. As you exhale, let out  a powerful burst of air, just like a dragon exhaling fire. Feel the release of tension and negative emotions as you exhale forcefully.
  • Try this technique anytime you need to be your best, most confident self. 


Are you ready to make a big move in your life? With the dragon on your side, 2024 can be the year when big, positive changes happen. The dragon is bold, brave, and powerful – and so are you!  Use these tips to tap into that energy for an extra boost as you go after the success, love, and positive change you’re looking for. 


WROR: Psychic Medium Matt Fraser Mystified, Enlightened and Healed

LYNN, MASSACHUSETTS: Thursday night in Massachusetts psychic medium Matt Fraser had a thousand loyal fans on the floor laughing, by talking to their deceased loved ones. How can that be funny, you may ask? Well ask the Rhode Island born medium who says his gift was handed down from his grandmother. “She couldn’t really share it out loud in those days. She even kept it from my grandfather.” It was home-spun stories like that and dozens more that entertained, mystified, enlightened and healed a loving Lynn Auditorium audience.

Millions have seen Matt stun his audience in person and on television sharing his breathtaking gift. His hit show Meet The Frasers is on E Entertainment.

Rhode Island. The smallest state in the nation is primarily known for its sandy beaches, wicked local accent and loud Italian-American presence. Until now… In this half-hour reality sitcom, follow the humor, heart and hijinks of Rhode Island’s emerging golden couple, psychic medium Matt Fraser and his beauty queen girlfriend, Alexa, and their extended families.

On stage, Matt’s Rhode Island humor comes through: “right now, your deceased loved ones are whispering in my ear, telling me to talk to you, and they won’t shut the hell up.” That is the gift of someone known as a psychic medium. If you want to believe it (I do) there are people among us that possess the ability to receive messages from beyond our physical world from our deceased loved ones, and interpret them for those here, still living.

Some may believe it’s baloney. But watching Matt in action can transform even the most rabid skeptic. Matt pointing to a woman in the audience:

“Your Dad is here, he’s RIGHT NEXT TO YOU! Did your Dad die recently?”

Women in audience: “he recently died, but not from smoking.”

Matt: “He’s right there.”

Woman: “hmm…I don’t think it’s my Dad.”

All of the sudden the woman BEHIND the first woman jumps up and says: “Did you say died of smoking? It’s MY DAD.”

The audience watching on the huge auditorium screen gasps in amazement. At this point Matt continues to stuns the audience with a list of rapid fire, hysterical and heartfelt validations that could in no way be known. The proof was the reaction of the daughter of the deceased smoker, (and many in the audience) crying happy tears.

I have experienced this gift first hand. In the past, I have had two readings from wonderful and skilled mediums. They report back that my Dad is with me each day. Both readings, 20 years apart, said the same exact thing. My Dad, came through to both mediums, using specific language. They both said “your Dad is saying you stepped up for him. What does that mean to you?” When he was sick back in 2002, I stopped my fulltime radio career for six months and moved in with him and my Mom, back home to help them. When he was alive he would say, “you stepped up to help me.” I have never posted that on social media, or shared it with anyone. How could the mediums know that personal fact? There were other stunning validations that came through, which reinforced my belief.

Kelly Clarkson says:

His readings will definitely raise the hair on the back of your neck.

If you’re fascinated with work like Matt’s, you may want to get his book “We Never Die.” It checks off all of the boxes between our world, and the next. Actress Jenny McCarthy’s endorsement of the book reads: “This book is like my own private reading.” When Matt comes to your town, you get an incredible value at his show. You get a free autographed book and a picture with Matt if you get his meet and greet package with the tickets. He was very friendly and generous with taking pictures and selfies.

All of us have one thing in common: we all have or will have a loved one that will leave us, some day. Matt’s beautiful gift and entertaining personality, makes his audience leave feeling lighter, knowing that our loved ones, while they leave us physically, never leave us, and are here watching over us.

Signs from the Spirit World

Signs from the Spirit World

Have you been experiencing SIGNS and wondering who is sending them to you or where they are coming from?

If so, I have an exciting opportunity for you to explore & learn about the fascinating world of spirit communication alongside one of the best psychics out there, MY MOM! Together we will start by teaching you the two types of SIGNS.

The first type of signs are those sent by your loved ones who have passed away, aiming to show you that they are still around you and watching over you. These signs may manifest as familiar scents, meaningful objects, or synchronistic events that evoke memories of your departed loved ones.

The second type of signs are those sent by your spirit guides, whose purpose is to assist you on your life path and provide guidance and support. These signs may come in the form of intuitive nudges, unexpected opportunities, or repetitive patterns that offer insights and direction in your journey.

Understanding the distinction between these two types of signs can greatly enhance your ability to recognize and interpret the messages from the spirit world.

During this LIVE interactive workshop, we’ll delve deep into the secret language of signs that bridge the gap between the living and the spirit world.

Whether it’s recurring numbers, unexpected encounters, or other unique symbols, these signs are powerful messages that the spirit world is using to reach you, and speak to you.

But here’s the thing: understanding these signs and decoding their messages can be a bit tricky. That’s where my Mom and I come in!

We’ll guide you through the process of recognizing, interpreting, and receiving messages from the spirit world.


Here’s what we’ll cover:


Understanding Spirit Signs: Learn to recognize the various signs and symbols that spirits use to communicate and what sign each sign means.

Decoding Messages: Gain insights into interpreting the meanings behind these signs and the hidden message that each carries.

Receiving Signs: Discover how to open yourself to receive messages from the spirit world more clearly and how to call upon signs from your Angels, Spirit Guides and Loved Ones that have died.

Live Psychic Readings: My Mom and I will be giving LIVE readings and sharing messages directly from the spirit world.

Psychic Advice: My Mom and I will be be helping you interpret the signs you have been receiving during the LIVE Q&A


Can’t attend the live event? No worries! We’ll make sure you receive a recording within 24 hours of the webinar’s conclusion so you won’t miss out on this incredible opportunity.



Seats are limited, so don’t wait too long to secure your spot.

Valentine’s Day Magic to Connect With Loved Ones in Heaven

Valentine’s Day Magic to Connect With Loved Ones in Heaven


If you fear the approach of Valentine’s Day because you have lost your soulmate, let me share something that might ease your mind – and heart. I can’t bring your loved one back to life, but based on what I’ve learned over years of speaking to Souls in Heaven, I can help you feel closer to them. 


The interesting thing is that during holidays like Valentine’s Day, when you’re missing that special person so much, they’re likely to be right there beside you. The reason isn’t because you’re sad and missing them – it’s the opposite! The fact that so many people are thinking about and expressing love in so many ways creates a vibration, a powerful energy that Souls can’t resist! It’s like a million tiny thoughts, words, and acts combine to create a magnet, drawing them closer.  Let me try to explain…


Souls are Attracted to the Universal Love Vibration


I was reading my son, Royce, Dr. Seuss’s classic story, “Horton Hears a Who?” and I was struck by something. Horton was an elephant who had such large, sensitive ears that he was able to tune into a community of “Whos” who lived in Whoville. Whoville was the whole world to the Whos, but in fact, it was just a tiny speck of dust perched on a flower – kind of like our own world is small and insignificant when compared to the vast universe. 


But, here’s the part of the story I want you to understand. It wasn’t until all the Whos raised their voices to communicate with the outside world that the other animals, besides Horton, were able to hear them. Every one of the Who’s tiny voices combined together to transmit the message that “We are here!” Why am I telling you this? Well, that’s how Valentine’s day on Earth feels to your loved ones in Heaven. The heart-felt energy that comes from every one of us at this time of year resonates across the universe and draws Souls even closer, and they respond with signs and messages to let you know they hear you. 


This means that when you’re looking at Valentine’s cards or gorgeous bunches of roses, and wishing with all your heart that you could celebrate with your dearly departed, that longing is drawing your loved one closer. Like the Whos in Whoville, you, and all of the people who are celebrating the season of romantic love are combining your energetic voices to create a powerful vibration that Souls can hear. 


Sending Love Notes to Heaven


Because there’s so much focus on love from so many people, the combined energy is enough to attract your loved one. However, I always like to go the extra mile, and I sense that you do too! I put together some practices that are very powerful and healing, and will help you attract love from both Heavenly and Earthly sources. 


Simple Ways to Transmit  Love Energy Across the Veil:


  • Write a love letter to your soulmate in Heaven. Be sure to include some happy memories from your time together. If there’s unfinished business, or something you have been wanting to tell them, this is the time to bring it up!


  • Journal about your loved one, and pose some questions that you’d like them to answer. Let your questions sit for a day or two, then read over them again and open up your mind to receive a reply! It might come in the form of a sign, or you might find Spirit communicating through your pen as you write your next journal entry.


  • Get your art supplies out and create a picture that represents your lost loved one. You might want to draw or paint the two of you doing something you dreamed of, but didn’t have time to experience.  Your art might even be abstract, a wash of colors that represents your feelings in a less literal way. 


  • Do something kind and thoughtful for someone they loved. For example, you might send flowers to your deceased husband’s sister or mom and say “I know how much John loved you, he would have wanted you to have these.”


  • Visit a special park, restaurant, or any spot the two of you enjoyed. As you make your plans, mentally invite your loved one to join you. When you arrive at your destination, don’t push too hard, just relax, enjoy the moment, and open your heart to feel their loving presence.  


  • Sometimes guilt can block your connection with your loved one, so if you’re feeling conflicted because you’re involved in or considering a new relationship, let yourself off the hook! A true soul mate is secure in knowing that you will be reunited in Heaven. In the meantime, they want you to experience love and be happy.  


Love Bridges the Gap Between heaven and Earth


Throughout the year, and especially around Valentine’s day, the love we send out through kind acts, words, and reliving cherished memories becomes a beautiful serenade, resonating throughout the universe. It’s a reminder that love is not confined by the limitations of time or space, but rather a force that connects us across dimensions. 


So when you pause to think about that loved one you’ve been missing, instead of feeling the distance between you, imagine your thoughts joining all the other love energy to make a beautiful bridge, bringing that Soul closer to you. 


Hearing From Heaven


How do I know all of this you ask? Being a psychic medium when souls come through they share not only messages to their loved ones, but during each reading they give me a glimpse into the life they live in the spirit world. That is why I feel my readings are so important. A reading is not just a message. It is a chance for you to learn about the spirit world and the many ways your loved ones are using to communicate iwth you each and every day. 


If you feel you are ready for a reading and to connect with someone in spirit, I highly recommend you attend an upcoming Online Group Reading by CLICKING HERE or attend an upcoming LIVE Event by CLICKING HERE. It is during these events that I will be using my gift to help you connect with the spirit world.