Breakthrough Signs From Spirit

Breakthrough Signs From Spirit

What Are Breakthrough Signs? 


When a person dies, the friends and family members they leave behind often look for a sign that they made it to Heaven and that they are okay. It’s not so different from the way you feel when your child or spouse is taking an international flight and you can’t rest easy until you know they’ve landed safely.

Sometimes when people arrive in another country their phone doesn’t work the same way as it does at home. Maybe they need a WIFI connection to talk, and they haven’t quite figured out how to use apps like Viber or What’s App. They might need a new chip for their phone, or to sign up for a special plan. It can take a while to figure things out.

It’s the same thing when a loved one tries to reach out from Heaven! When they first cross over, right after they complete their life review, many souls try to contact their family members on Earth let them know they got there “safely.”

But just like using a smart phone when you travel internationally, it’s not as easy as you might think. At least not at first. Just like you must get used to losing a loved one physically, they also have to learn to get acquainted with their spiritual body and the spirit world in which they live.


Early Signs From Heaven


When souls first reach out and try to communicate, weird things can happen. These are some of the early signs, or what I call “breakthrough signs” that are the first evidence that someone who recently passed is trying to connect with you:

  • You wake up at the same time at night – maybe for a few nights in a row – feeling a presence with you.
  • You become aware of repeating numbers such as 11:11 or numbers that are connected to that person and their passing.
  • Your electricity starts to go haywire. You notice lights flickering, radios and televisions turning on and off randomly, even smoke alarms, clocks, and doorbells going off when no one is there.
  • Maybe it’s not that concrete. You may just feel something you cannot explain.


A Goodbye Message That Was Overlooked


Decoding early breakthrough signs can be challenging, and they’re easy to miss entirely. This story might help you understand this phenomenon:

I remember at one of my live events, the moment I walked onto the stage I became aware of the spirit of a young man. He absolutely would not leave me alone! He was jumping up and down and begging me to relay a message to his Mom, who was in the audience. He told me that he had passed away years earlier in a car accident.

He pointed out his mother, and the moment I started to read her son, she looked at me in disbelief. She said, “if you are talking to my son, ask him why he never sent me a sign.”

Immediately her son whispered in my ear, “Tell her that I rang the doorbell on the night I died!”

Well, as soon as I said that the woman turned white as a ghost. She immediately knew what he had meant. The night he died, she had heard the doorbell ring, and when she opened the door, nobody was there. This had happened just moments after she received the horrible news that her son had died in a car accident.

This was a breakthrough sign – an immediate message a boy sent his Mom to let her know he had passed over, and that he was ok.


Don’t Miss the First Breakthrough Attempts


Receiving breakthrough signs can be so healing and comforting that I want to make sure you don’t miss them. Here are three things you can do to help the connection get started:

  • Have conversations with your loved one in Heaven. It might be painful at first, but it will open the door and help you be aware of their attempts to communicate with you.


  • Create a simple, happy space where you can remember them. Put a photograph of them taken during a fun event and add a meaningful trinket or keepsake. There’s so much sadness when someone passes, and the soul will be drawn to a happy, positive memory.


  • Keep a journal of unusual occurrences that you notice. Songs that play on the radio, random numbers, electrical glitches, odd coincidences. Jot them down, and after a few days review them all. You might be surprised at the patterns that emerge.

In the hours and days right after someone dies, important signs are often overlooked – then a few weeks later, people often come to me wondering why their loved one isn’t reaching out to them, when in fact, they have! Give your loved one time and know that the breakthrough signs are just the beginning of an eternal connection. When you recognize the first signs and send love back, you will encourage and invite more signs and messages.


Keep In Touch


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How Online Group Readings Work

How Online Group Readings Work

When the pandemic hit in 2020, I must admit I was worried about how I’d keep doing events. It kind of freaked me out to have to cancel dozens of engagements – but of course, I had no choice.


I’d been doing one-on-one readings over the phone and on video for years, but doing readings online for a group? I wasn’t sure how that was going to go.

Fast forward over two years later, and I have my answer. Messages come through loud and clear over the internet (I guess Heaven has good WIFI lol) and people love the fact that they don’t have to wait for me to come to town for an in-person event. Anyone 18 or older can tune in to my online events from virtually anywhere in the world with a WIFI connection, without leaving home or dressing up (more about that in a minute).

So, if you haven’t attended one of my events yet, how can you get in on the action?

Here’s everything you need to know to have a great experience at an Online Group Reading Event.

Reserving Your Spot.

If you’re wondering how people feel about my online events, just check out my event page. You’ll see that they sell out quick – so get your tickets early. I’ve priced them at just $19.00, so you might want to sign up for more than one event! I promise, you’ll get a lot out of being there whether you receive a personal reading or not. There’s so much to learn from souls who have passed, and the experience will help you feel closer to your own loved ones on the other side.

If you can’t find a date that works for you, keep checking back, I add new events all the time. When you sign up, you’ll get an email confirmation with the date of the event and a link to log on. But just like with live events, it’s up to you to remember to show up at the right date and time. Spaces for these events are limited, and tickets are non-refundable.

If you do not receive an email with your login details, please contact us by sending an email BEFORE the event by visiting the contact us page. Before you do, be sure to check your SPAM or junk folder. This is where most lost emails turn up.

Before the Online Event.

What do you have to do to prepare for the event? Not much!

If you have your email with the link, when the time comes, you’ll be able to easily join the event from your smartphone, tablet or computer. We are partnered with Zoom, so you can participate without any special software required. Just be sure you have a reliable internet connection. How can you tell if your wifi is adequate? If you can stream Netflix or access the internet from your computer or device, you’ll have no trouble accessing the event.

What Should I Wear?

You’ll always be able to see me and the person who is getting a reading. But, unlike some Zoom events or meetings you may have attended, If you’re not called on to speak, the audience cannot see you. Keep in mind, most people attend an event with the hopes of getting a reading, so wear whatever you want, but be sure you’re comfortable with other people seeing you if you get called on. You want to be able to focus on what your loved one in Heaven has to tell you, and not be distracted or self-conscious because of what you’re wearing.

That goes for your environment too. If you can, sit on a chair with your computer on a table or desk. Turn your computer to face an uncluttered area or blur your background in case you’re called on.

Oh, and I learned this from experience. You’ll look better onscreen if your camera is raised a bit. Nothing is less flattering that having the camera aimed under your chin!

I don’t want you to think people are going to judge your outfit or your living room when you’re getting a reading. That’s the last thing on their minds! This advice is for you, so you can focus on your reading without stressing out about others seeing your pajamas or your messy office.

During the Event

The big moment has arrived, and you’ve found the Zoom link that was emailed to you and joined the event. Now all you have to do is press the button on your screen labelled “Raise Hand” to let me know you’re available for a reading. There will be many hands raised, and no one has an advantage over anyone else. Spirit makes the call here, and I follow their guidance to choose the people who I call on.

If you’re called upon, you camera comes on screen and you will be prompted to unmute your mic.

Your friends and family are welcome to attend with you if you are all on the same computer with each other. If your family or friend live in a different location, you have the option to add an extra device when you are purchasing your tickets, so they can join you virtually.

I’ll read as many people as possible during the 90-minute event. Remember, although not everyone will receive a reading, everyone who attends will benefit from the love and insights shared from the Souls who come through.

Join Me at an Event!

I love the fact that I can reach so many people through my online events and deliver messages that touch people’s hearts and heal their pain. I consider that a big win! Right now, I’m blessed to have the best of both worlds. I’m scheduled for in-person events all around the country – plus, when I’m home I can connect people with their loved ones in Heaven with my online group readings. I hope you’ll pick a date and join me.

Hope to see you soon!

Do Souls Remember Us in Heaven?

Do Souls Remember Us in Heaven?

Once in a while I’ll receive a message that comes through so strong that I know without a doubt it belongs to someone in the audience – but no one raises their hand to claim it. Then eventually someone stands up and says something like, “That sounds just like my grandmother/ father/ aunt but it can’t be! They had Alzheimer’s when they passed, and I don’t think they would remember me.”

I guarantee, they remember you now, and those memories are more clear and vivid than you can imagine.

In fact, one big reason souls go to great lengths to come through to mediums is to let their loved ones know how much they treasure the good times and memories they shared with them, no matter what state they were in when they passed. If you’ve listened to my readings on YouTube or attended an event you know that even if someone suffered from dementia, Alzheimer’s, or were in any way incapacitated when they passed over, they are back to their old selves in Heaven.


Memories Last Forever in Heaven


Souls tell me that when they leave this world their most prized possessions are not things, but memories. You can’t take money, houses, or cars with you when you die – but you always have your memories. You also can’t take resentment, jealousness, and bitterness with you either, which is why people are sometimes surprised at the love and compassion that comes through from a relative who might have been a little salty when they were alive.

There are a lot of people who are surprised when I give them a message from someone who passed decades earlier. “How do they remember that?” They can’t believe that Grandma is in Heaven revisiting changing their diapers or taking them to the park 40 years ago.


It’s important to know that even when our loved ones pass away, they never forget about us no matter how much time has gone by. They are pure energy without all the earthly distractions, so the important things – like love and connection – just keep getting stronger.

I remember a reading I did where a woman had lost her son when he was just a few months old. It had happened many years before – she had been twenty when her son passed and when I met her, she was 60.  When her son came through, he was with his grandmother, who was her Mom. She had been hoping to hear from her mother but was so shocked and happy to have her son come through too! After all the years, the son had never forgotten Mom and the deep love she had for him.


Your Loved Ones are Cheering You On.


You might wonder how souls in Heaven spend their time. They do a lot of things to help and guide the living, and they love to see the people who they care about learning and growing and enjoying their lives. Now that they have finished their own lives here on Earth, they have a front row seat to watch you live your life.

This may sound funny, but the souls describe it to me like a big race. We all begin at the starting line when we are born, and we cross the finish line when we die. But it’s like when finish a 5K when other people you care about are running too. You probably wouldn’t just get in your car and leave the race. You would stay in the stands and watch your friends and family members finish and cheer them on. That is exactly what your loved ones in Heaven are doing.


Your Pets Remember You Too!


It’s not just the people you love who are watching and remembering you, it’s also pets. I recently did a reading where I connected a woman with her parents. During the reading I kept sensing a Cocker Spaniel who was watching over her. The woman had no idea why I was seeing the dog, until finally I heard the name Trixie.

Come to find out, Trixie had been her childhood dog that she had forgotten all about. She thought that because the dog died somany years ago, that her soul would have moved on in Heaven, however Trixie was still there, watching over the person she had loved.


That Message Might be For You After All.


So, let me leave you with this. If you think your loved one has forgotten all about the times you shared because it was so long ago, or because they had memory impairment before they passed, rest assured that they are very much around, and following what you are doing. All they want is for you to live your best life, knowing that you have their support and love always!

If you would like a reading, you can join me at an online reading or LIVE event by CLICKING HERE.

Protect Yourself From Energy Vampires

Protect Yourself From Energy Vampires

I love being a medium. Growing up, I wanted to be an EMT or a paramedic. I was drawn to jobs where I could help people who were suffering or in pain – but I couldn’t have guessed where my desire to heal others would lead. As a medium, I get to help so many people who have lost someone near and dear to them. It’s incredibly rewarding, but like every job, there are hazards…

For example, have you ever heard of energy vampires? They’re also known as psychic vampires, and there’s nothing supernatural about them. They’re just people who drain your energy, leaving you sad, exhausted, and sometimes even physically ill. There are lots of reasons why they do it, and we’ll get into that – but the important thing to know is that you are NOT at their mercy. There are simple ways to recognize and protect yourself from having your life-force drained by these individuals.

Who Put a Spell on YOU?

As a medium, it’s natural to attract psychic vampires. It’s my job to be sensitive, but when I open myself up energetically to connect with souls in Heaven, it leaves me more vulnerable to other people’s negative energy.

Mediums aren’t the only people who attract energy vampires. Anyone who is in the public eye, works closely with people, or must connect and empathize with others to do their job runs the risk of being energetically depleted. That’s a long list, and it includes celebrities, doctors, nurses, therapists, teachers, hairdressers and manicurists, social workers…or anyone with a family!

Sometimes people have no idea why they are feeling the way they do after being in contact with certain people – and others attribute their symptoms to witchcraft, or a spell that has been cast. Before you laugh at the idea of a spell in this day and age, let’s think about what a spell really is.

A “spell” is no more than someone thinking about you in a bad way intentionally.

Thoughts are POWERFUL, and they travel. You can send someone love, or you can send negative, angry, or hurtful thoughts. They will reach their target and effect that person’s energy, either in a positive or a negative way.

To put it another way, a spell is a way for someone to control you energetically. And guess what? They can only control you if you let them, and you don’t have to.

Energy Vampires are Not All The Same.


To deal with energy vampires effectively, it helps to understand where they’re coming from – and they come from two different places:


  • Intentional Energy or Psychic Vampires do it knowingly. Their intent is bad! They’re jealous, manipulative, and they don’t want you to do well. Often their own life is a mess, so they want to control and destroy yours.

  • Unintentional Energy Vampires are going through a tough time – normally, they’re perfectly nice people but they’re experiencing abuse, grief, illness, misfortune. They don’t mean to hurt you or control you – but their energy can drag you down.


For me, an energy vampire might show up as a skeptic or an internet troll who gets satisfaction from casting a shadow on what I do, but more often, it’s a person who has lost someone and unknowingly drains me with their sadness and desperation.

Psychic Protection.

The best news about energy vampires is how easy it is to protect yourself from them.

Psychic protection starts with you. Here are two ways to use it:

  • Set a boundary with white light. Psychic protection is like sunscreen. You want to go outside, get vitamin D, fresh air, and a healthy glow. But UV rays can also cause sun burns and worse! What do you do? Put on sunblock. Sunblock lets in the good aspects of sunlight, while protecting your skin. There’s “sunblock” for negative energy too! It’s called white light. White light is a cleansing light that protects you from negative energy.

You can set up a white light boundary every morning, or just when you know you’ll be in contact with an energy vampire. Picture outward facing mirrors, bathed in white light, that will bounce negative energy back. Another technique is to take a shower or bath and imagine that the water is pure white light, washing off the negativity of the day. Setting this simple intention will cleanse your energy as well as your body.

  • Throw the bad energy back where it came from. Are people stabbing you in the back? Are you sensing or hearing judgmental comments or snide remarks? Reach back energetically and imagine yourself throwing that vampire’s words right back at them. Understand that you don’t have to own other people’s energy or their bad thoughts and they’ll bounce right off you.

Energy Vampires are No Match For YOU.


When you learn to recognize the energy vampires in your life, pull back. No matter who they are, know that you don’t have to have anyone in your life who doesn’t want the best for you. If you feel heavy, tired, or bad after spending time with a friend or family member, spend less time with them. It’s that simple!  You don’t have to confront them – just “unfriend them.”

It’s like magic. If you cut an energy vampire out of your life, it opens space for more positive people to come in!

Your Thoughts Have POWER

Your Thoughts Have POWER

Has this ever happened to you?


You’re going about your day, and suddenly an old friend pops into your mind. Maybe you haven’t seen them or talked to them in months, but suddenly they’re in your thoughts. Then your phone buzzes, and it’s them! Surprised, you pick it up and say, OMG, I was just thinking about you!!


Connecting Through Energy


This kind of experience is usually not a coincidence, but an example of how we all send out energy with our thoughts. For one reason or another your friend was thinking about you that day. Maybe she was looking at old photos or heard a song that brought you to mind. Her thoughts made their way to you, and suddenly YOU were thinking about HER. When she called you on the phone, you’d already been connected energetically.

I’m fortunate to be able to connect and bring through messages from Souls in Heaven, and I’m so very thankful that I have that gift. But you have gifts too, and you should know that although everyone isn’t a medium, we do have some amazing abilities to connect energetically through our thoughts. The more you understand that the better, because thoughts matter a whole lot.

Your thoughts influence how you feel, and they ripple out to affect other people. That goes both ways because their thoughts and words affect you, too.

Thoughts are Energy


Thoughts are energy, and when someone is thinking or speaking negatively about you, you can feel that energy. You don’t have to be anywhere near that person, their thoughts can travel and make you feel sad, depressed, or tired.

On the other hand, when someone is thinking lovingly to you, you can pick up on that energy too, and start feeling warm and happy. The truth is that energy can be sent and received between people no matter how many miles separate them. That’s why you can think of someone you love and a second later get a call from them.

Energy can be sent in seconds. It’s the reason why healing prayers work. When someone is sick, you can pray for them and send them positive thoughts. That works for two reasons! Not only are you asking for Angels and Spirit to watch over them, but you are also sending a piece of your loving, positive energy to help them heal.


You Can’t Keep Love Away


I once had a client whose mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. The two had always been close, and the daughter had so much love for her mom and did everything she could to help the woman feel connected and engaged.

She would visit her every day at the nursing home – usually once in the morning and once at night – and remind her of good times and happy memories. During the pandemic, the nursing home closed its doors to protect the residents, and she could no longer make those visits.

She was so worried! She was sure her mom wouldn’t know her the next time they were together, and she would lay awake at night worrying that the older woman was alone and disoriented without her visits.She came to me, and I asked Spirit for guidance.

The advice they gave was so comforting. They said that no matter what happened, my client and her Mom would always be connected through energy. It turns out, Covid-19 was no match for the love they shared.

I was told by Spirit that she should picture her mom every single day and send her loving thoughts. She was to imagine that they were together, and talk to her telepathically, sharing stories and memories just as she had during their face-to-face visits. She followed the instructions to the letter, and she could feel the connection. When she was finally able to visit her mother again, the woman appeared healthy and still recognized her.

Spirit also wanted my client to know that her Dad, who had passed years before, was watching over her. It hit me that the energetic connection that the woman shared with her deceased father and her ailing mother was even more powerful than death or Alzheimer’s.


You Attract The Energy You Send Out Into the World


If you think your thoughts don’t really matter or you find yourself being negative or critical, remember the power of energy. Positive thoughts can reach across the miles (or across the veil) to make someone feel warm and loved. Negative thoughts can cause another person to feel sad, repressed, or even physically ill. One last thing…be aware of your thoughts, because the energy you send out will always come back to you.