Trusting Your Intuition

Your intuition is that little voice inside that seems to know things before you do. Your friend’s name pops into your head, so you give her a call – only to find out that she just got some bad news and really needed someone to talk to. Maybe you had plans with someone but you find yourself delaying getting ready – and then the plans get cancelled so you don’t have to get ready after all! Intuition seems like an outside voice, but it’s part of you! By becoming more aware of this inner resource, you can learn to trust it and use it to help you in your day to day life.

Like all of our senses, intuition works best when we’re paying attention and staying aware. I have perfectly good hearing, but if my mind is somewhere else, I can’t hear what someone is saying even when they’re right in front of me. Intuition is the same. So the first step is to tune in. Being mindful and aware can help you stay present and attentive to those intuitive thoughts and allow them to get stronger.

Exercise your intuition.

Your intuition is like a muscle. It gets stronger when you exercise it. Try to predict random events. For example, when the phone rings, guess who’s calling without looking at the number. Now, if you have a special ringtone that only plays when your son calls, that doesn’t count! If you have a pregnant friend or family member, try to guess the gender of their baby before they reveal it. Or if you’re traveling, take a moment to see if you can feel if your plans will be delayed or if your flight will be on time. These are all some small ways you can practice using your intuition…and pay attention to how often you’re right!

Tune into the energy around you.

Another way to use your intuition is reading people’s auras, seeing what their energy feels like. When you meet a new person, what do you feel? Are they trustworthy? Are they happy and positive? Cynical and angry? Sometimes you meet a new person and you know instantly you are going to become friends. There’s just something about them, something that you connect with. It’s not their shoes or the color of their hair. It’s your intuition reading the person and seeing something you know you’re going to like.

In the same way, sometimes you meet people and you immediately feel like you don’t want to be around them. Maybe your intuition is picking something up. They might have some traits that remind you of someone else you know you can’t trust, and your intuition is putting up a caution sign to warn you. It might just be something superficial that your intuition picked up on, and that person might turn out to be alright, but it’s worth paying attention and checking it out.

Do all the pieces match up?

Sometimes a person can be smiling when they say hello, but it just doesn’t feel like the smile goes through to the inside. That’s your intuition telling you something doesn’t match. Now just because someone is smiling on the outside but seems sad or angry on the inside, that doesn’t necessarily mean stay away. Sometimes those people are going through something where they just need a little extra love and care. If you’re paying attention, your intuition will help guide you and help you know how to react in different situations.

Try to practice using your intuition, and you will learn to start depending on it.

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