I call my LIVE group reading events “Medium with a Message” for a reason. Actually there are several reasons! The most obvious reference is to the detailed messages I bring through to audience members from loved ones who have passed, but that’s really just the tip of the iceberg. When you attend, it’s like a family reunion with Heaven.

The first few times I held these events, I worried that people would be disappointed if they didn’t receive a personal reading from me – and with so many attending how could I be sure everyone had a good experience? It didn’t take long for me to realize Spirit truly had me covered in this area. There are so many powerful insights people who attend my workshops bring home to them – and based on the feedback I‘ve received over the years – they can be life changing.

Here are just a few of the things you might experience when you attend a live mediumship demonstration:


1) A direct message from a loved one.


Of course, just about everyone who attends an event hopes that mom, grandpa or even a long lost family pet will appear in an unmistakable way, and there will be no doubt that the message is meant for them. A direct connection allows the person left behind to experience healing, clarity and closure. I’ve also noticed that sometimes messages are meant for more than one person. It’s as if two spirits are standing side-by-side sharing information that two audience members need to hear. If you’re in the audience, don’t discount a message that comes through for someone else. Listen carefully – some of that might be meant be for you!


2) Proof that there is no death, and our friends in Heaven never truly leave us.


Attending one of my live events can really be an eye-opener! Those who had doubts about the afterlife invariably go away with plenty to think about, and those who came in believing are reassured that their loved ones are close by, watching over them and sending them signs.


3) A stronger connection to Spirit.


I love leading the way for a group of people to connect with Spirit. The experience of being together, honoring loved ones on the other side and raising the group vibration to receive messages creates a ripple of loving energy that infuses every member of the audience. I always imagine that the energy we generate in the room follows everyone outside, spreading light through the world.


4) The awareness that God works in mysterious ways.


If I had a dollar for every mind-blowing coincidence that happens at my events, I could probably retire! Two mothers who happen to be sitting side by side discover they have both lost children in the very same way, and become an ongoing source of comfort and support to each other. Two people might have messages come through that apply equally to each of them. People with a dream of setting up a charity to honor a loved one meet the exact person who can help them make it happen. Synchronicity – it’s just another reminder of the wisdom and power Spirit.


5) Inspiration to enhance your own gifts. 


Being at an event and opening up to the oneness can make some individuals aware of their own psychic and mediumistic gifts. This might be something they were previously aware of, or it might come as a total surprise. If you have gifts you’d like to explore or enhance, my Online Master Classes could provide just the help you need!


6) A fresh perspective about what really matters in life.


The dead look back upon their lives with perfect hindsight, often sending the messages of love and forgiveness that they were unable to communicate while they were alive. It’s clear to anyone listening that life on this earth is fleeting, and love, compassion and forgiveness are the key to living – and dying – without regrets.

There are so many shifts and insights that you might experience at a live group reading – some that may surprise you. If you haven’t come to a

“Medium with a Message” event, I hope to share the space with you soon. You can find out where I’ll be appearing next right here!

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