Have you wanted to change something in your life but have been struggling with making it happen? I know a secret that can help you. Whether you have been wanting to lose weight, make more money, buy a new house, or live a happier life this one secret can help you do just that. This secret will give you anything you want from happiness & health to wealth. You might be wondering what this secret it and how much it will cost you. The “secret” is the power of manifesting and the beauty is that it is free. It is an inner ability that you have access to called “The Law Of Attraction”.

Imagine you need to fill up some balloons with air, you have the deflated rubber in your hand. You start blowing up and giving shape to the balloon. You can come up with different shapes and sizes of balloons and even twist the inflated balloons to get new shapes. The thing that is common to all is the air you filled in them and all the air came from you. Similarly our happiness in life flows from you into the things we do. It is because the source of happiness is within YOU.

Have you seen an infant smiling at you with all the happiness in the world? He/She has no concept of romance, money, goals, but he is brimming with joy. That source of love is always there in all of us but as we grow up we lose the sense of it and start searching frantically, looking for scraps of fulfilment in things and feeling unfulfilled when you can’t find joy. It’s like a fish in the ocean searching for a glass of water.

How do we get to the point of realising the inner power you might ask? Well, if a window pane is covered with a lot of dust, how do you expect to see the light that is on the other side of the window? The window pane is our mind and our repetitive thoughts and emotions make up the dust cover. The way to clean off our mind are as below.

  1. Seeing is transforming: Look at your noisy mind non-judgementally and your mind will quieten. In our window pane analogy, seeing that the window pane is dirty and blocking the light, you will know that you need to start cleaning.
  2. Meditate: Cleaning the window with a clearing agentJ. Meditation will get you to feel centred and to focus your mind.
  1. Reading: You get to know the experience of people who have cleaned their minds before.

You may be wondering that you are here to learn about ways to manifest success, and why you are reading about cleaning windows panes. Haha. The inner determines the outer, so getting the inner right is the most important aspect to living or else it will just be one dysfunctional result after another. Having a clear mind is the pre-requisite for effective manifestation.

Here is the list of steps for effectively manifestation

Step 1: Setting the goal

Write down what you want to achieve. If you are not clear, start writing down all the thoughts that come to your mind. It is like getting all the extraneous material out, and then you will be able to get a clear picture. Chose a goal, that you enjoy working towards, not something to prove a point to someone or to the world in general.

Step 2: The Feeling

Being as if you have already achieved your goal. As we have seen in the analogy of the balloon, you happiness and success flows from you. If you think that your goal will make you happy and successful, you are mistaken. Be the contentment and things flow to you. The way you be in the flow is to realise the happiness by the above mentioned three methods.

Step 3: Do the Job

Ain’t nobody coming to do it for ya! Manifesting is not about just sitting and dreaming, you need to get things done. The main aspect being enjoyment, things are in flow when your thoughts are in flow and you are at ease.

Step 4: Attitude

Obstacles will show up, how you respond to those obstacles matters more. Being calm will enable you to do the right action. Learn to handle stress better by meditating. Also, it helps to remember that obstacles only make you stronger. They are put in your life for you to overcome.

Step 5: Allow yourself to make mistakes

Please don’t be hard on yourself if you don’t get something right on the first try. Everyone needs practice. Don’t let your mistakes impede your flow. Fearful of making mistakes will increase the possibility of procrastination. Also, sometimes things do not work out because Heaven has something bigger planned. It is called divine timing.

Step 6: Moving out of comfort zone

Fear is what stops you, be aware of that fear, and dissolve it. Get off your bottom and take a step towards you goal. Challenge yourself every day to take a small step towards a task you are afraid of doing. When you are comfortable in your mind, outer discomfort wouldn’t matter.

Step 7: Beware of attachments

Attachment is an assumption that you will be happy ONLY when something happens. As we have seen our happiness is within us, so if you get attached to an outcome, you will waste a lot of energy worrying about the outcome. Stay free, fly high.

We have covered the points, but I will come back to the basic principle that you need to feel the abundance in you for it to flow out. You do that by realising the source within you, by meditating. Happiness, Success and Positivity are all like synonyms when you see the source for what it is.

Look, your power is within you. Manifest it, enjoy the process. All the best. I would like to end by quoting Rumi, “Live life as if everything is rigged in your favour”.

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