As the days grow shorter and the nights longer, we find ourselves on the cusp of Halloween. It’s a magical time when the veil between Heaven and Earth is at its thinnest, allowing for the best time to communicate with the Spirit World. In celebration of this magical night, I am thrilled to announce a unique 2-hour Halloween Seance Experience featuring not just me, but also my exceptionally gifted psychic mom, Angela.

This event will take place ONE NIGHT ONLY. October 30th, 2023 at 9:00PM Eastern Standard Time and you are invited to join!


Awaken Your Innate Psychic Senses


During this magical evening, my mom and I will share techniques to help you awaken your psychic potential. As Halloween draws near, what better time is there to explore your spiritual senses and establish a deeper connection with the other side?

Having two psychics in the room is like having dual guidebooks to the mysteries of the spiritual realm. My mom brings her wealth of lifelong psychic experience, offering an incredibly enriching perspective on spirit. Learning from two different psychics amplifies the depth and breadth of the spiritual insight you’ll gain.


Interactive Q&A Session


Get ready to ask your most pressing questions about spirituality, psychic phenomena, and the world beyond. No matter your level of belief or skepticism, all are welcome to explore and inquire.


Witness Real-Time Channeling


Experience the awe of live channeling as my mom and I connect with spirits eager to communicate. Watch as we bridge worlds and offer you the chance to receive heartfelt messages from your departed loved ones.


Learn Psychic Protection Techniques


The quality of your spiritual journey is shaped by your intentions. That’s why we’re committed to helping you set positive, uplifting intentions for this experience. The saying “energy flows where intention goes” couldn’t be more true, especially when dealing with the spirit realm.

Before taking contacting spirit, my mom and I will guide you through methods to establish an invisible energetic shield around yourself. This ensures that your interactions are limited to high-vibrational energies that enrich and uplift.


Connect with High-Vibrational Spirits


We’ll share techniques to help you raise your personal vibration, enabling you to connect with spirits that emanate love, wisdom, and positive energy. Your spirit guides and departed loved ones are eager to offer guidance and connection.


Can’t Attend Live? No Problem!


We know life can be unpredictable, and you might not be able to attend the event live. Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. Everyone who registers will receive an email containing a recording of the event within 24 hours of its conclusion. You won’t miss a moment of this extraordinary journey.

Reserve Your Spot for This Unique Journey


Whether you’re just stepping onto the spiritual path or you’re an experienced psychic medium yourself,  our Halloween Seance Experience is an evening teeming with mystery, insight, and spiritual wonder.


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Spaces are filling up quickly, so if this speaks to you, we invite you to reserve your spot today for this unparalleled spiritual expedition.