Have you ever wished there was a moment in time when you could go back and change the past?

Have you ever felt emotionally responsible for something and wish you could let go of the guilt or hurt that it has caused you?

There are moments in life where we have to call upon Heaven and our Angels for divine help & healing either during or after a challenging situation. Whether it is death, tragedy or separation you have the ability to heal within, and Heaven will help you along the way. It all begins first with yourself and looking deeper into the situation that you are seeking healing over. Although it may be hard to revisit or think about a past situation that was painful sometimes its essential to be able to let go and to allow your soul to move forward.

Healing begins with acceptance and forgiveness and letting go. I know that these may seem like hard words to chew and more importantly you probably have heard them time and time again but the secret is looking at them on a deeper level.

Instead of thinking about the traditional meaning behind the words think about how these words can help you in feeling better and allowing yourself to live a happier life. Let these words uplift you and more importantly be the change that you need…

Acceptance: The meaning is knowing and reassuring yourself that you cannot change the past but you can change the future. Acceptance reminds us that it is not healthy to dwell on a past situation but to learn from it and make appropriate changes within life. The reason why is because life is constant and ongoing we are all here to make mistakes to learn, teach and inspire others. It can help to remember that earth is the classroom and Heaven is where we retire in paradise with others who have completed their life journey.

If your are having a hard time accepting the passing of a loved one you can remember that acceptance does not mean your okay with what had happened. It just means that you will accept the passing knowing that you will meet again and that your loved one is with you just in a different way.

Forgiveness: Being able to forgive others from the past but most of all yourself. So many times you may be faced with thinking about a situation that you may hold yourself accountable for. Even if it was something that you could have prevented know that it is ok to forgive yourself. So many times the past can bring back hard memories but when a painful memory surfaces replace it by changing your thoughts around to a happy one. Having control of your thought process will help you with the forgiveness stage. it’s OK to tell yourself that you are sorry for what had happened and begin to heal. If the situation laid with someone else at fault forgive them from the bottom of your heart. Forgiveness does not mean they are right, it is a gift that you give yourself. No matter what the situation is forgiveness allows you to let go of years of hurt, pain and suffering allowing your soul to be free.

Letting Go: Allowing your soul to let go of the pain, sadness and hurt but more importantly holding on to the lessons you were taught. Letting go does not mean you forget about the person or situation, you just decide you will let go of the painful emotions around it and allow your soul to be at peace. Letting go is the biggest step because you begin to let go of the sadness and hurt and invite happiness within your life.

Here are some exercises you can do to help you Accept, Forgive and Let Go:

Write a letter expressing your thoughts and feelings over a situation. It can be a letter saying you are letting go of the situation or a letter forgiving a person that caused you pain or suffering. Write it but don’t send it. Instead, take it and hand it over to the Universe and Heaven to take care of. You can let it go to the wind, cut it up or burn it.  Know that the letter and situation is now in Heavens hands. Let your Angels take care of the past.

Take a healing walk with your Angels. Go outside and tell your Angels that you need there help with healing. Invite them in and as you are walking tell them all the things that have been bothering you in details. As you are speaking your Angels are listening to you. Ask them to help take the pain away and lead you on  path to happiness.

Create a future plan. So many times the past can hold you back from doing so many things. Take your life back in your hands by mapping out life goals and an action plan for yourself. Think of what you want most in life and create a vision board and write it down.

Believe In Yourself. Part of the healing process is believing and encouraging yourself. Heaven and your Angels believe in you and so should you! Healing is a way of life. Take a class, start exercising or find an activity to help lift you up.

Practice random acts of kindness. After you accepted that you cannot change the past, take a step forward and make someones day with positivity. Tell those around you how deeply you feel and care about them. Hold doors open and smile often. Doing positive things for others will lift you up and heal your soul.

Remember that we are all students here on Earth living life learning the lessons that God has in store for us. In the end we are all reunited with those we have ever lost in Heaven where there are no grudges, burdens, guilt or anger. Heaven is the ultimate paradise filled with love and peace. All of the heavy emotions are dropped as someone’s soul makes its way to Heaven so that they can be at peace. None of those emotions or past experiences are brought with them. That being said lets make Heaven a place on earth, you have the power to drop the heavy emotions now and embrace happiness. Heaven will help you along the way!

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