Your Loved Ones in Heaven Are Looking Out For You!


Today’s cars are equipped with cameras and sensors that let you know if you’re about to merge into someone else’s lane or are getting too close to the car in front of you. It wasn’t always like that. When I was first starting to drive, I had an older, no-frills vehicle, but despite the lack of high-tech safety features, there were several times when I was about to change lanes and something stopped me.

It was more than just my driver’s training instruction kicking in, reminding me to take another look over my shoulder. On more than one occasion I had the distinct feeling that someone had “taken over” my hands and my head, and was guiding me.

When I looked over, sure enough, there was a car right there, and that out-of-nowhere signal to pause had saved me from a collision! When I think back on these experiences I can still remember that odd sensation and my impulse to say “thank you” to the helpful spirit who had kept me safe.


Your Spirit Team Had Your Back


Has something like this ever happened to you? I’ll bet it has! I’ve had lots of conversations with people who shared experiences where a mysterious energy or presence stepped in to help them avoid a catastrophe. Of course, since Spirit Guides, Angels, and Souls from Heaven are in my wheelhouse, they wanted to know what I thought. Was it their own self preservation instinct or divine intervention that sounded the alarm or helped them out of a dangerous situation?

I’ll bet you can guess what I told them!

If you’re even a little bit sensitive and are tuned into your intuition, you can probably recognize when Spirit is present. You might second guess yourself, but your gut knows the difference between a coincidence and help from Beyond. Whether you realize it or not, your Spirit team, including your Angels, Spirit Guides, and loved ones in Heaven, are always there, supporting you in ways that go beyond automotive safety!


Your “heavenly helpers” are happy to step in anytime to help you….


Dream up creative solutions to difficult problems.


Here’s a tip to try. When you’re consumed with a decision or a dilemma and you can’t come up with a solution, don’t force it! Instead, set your problem aside for a while, relax, and ask Heaven to work on coming up with a solution. It won’t take long for something to happen – keep your eyes open for a flash of insight or inspiration, or a sign that leads you in the right direction!


Avoid being taken advantage of.


You know that little voice that lets you know when someone isn’t trustworthy, or that the story someone is telling doesn’t ring true? Your Guides, Angels and deceased loved ones have great instincts, and they see situations for what they are, with no bias or wishful thinking. Don’t ignore the signs they send. When a doubtful thought pops into your head or you sense a red flag, pay attention. Your Spirit team might be trying to tell you something.


Locate lost objects.


If you’ve misplaced your car keys or your wedding ring, or you’ve been searching through your desk for an important document, help is available. All you have to do is ask your Spirit team. It might seem trivial, but I’ve called on my grandmother dozens of times when I’m going crazy searching for something, and she always comes through. Just breathe, stay calm, picture the item you’re looking for, and see where Spirit guides you.


Help you heal mentally and physically.


It might sound funny to jump from finding lost car keys to keeping you healthy, but it just goes to show that your guides, angels, and loved ones are 100% there to help you with anything! They might nudge you to see a doctor when you don’t even know you’re sick, or send you wake up calls if you’re on an unhealthy path. You might even get a little push to improve your emotional state of mind by forgiving someone or showing gratitude.


Stay safe at home and on the road.


I started this blog talking about how Souls watching from Heaven kept me safe on the road, but that’s just one of the ways they help us. The best way to benefit from their guidance is to be aware of the signs and signals they send – which means slowing down and tuning into your own intuition. They’ll channel their guidance and wisdom through you, so make sure you’re listening.


Keep an Eye Open for Miracles and Guidance From Beyond


If I had a dime for everyone who shared an example of Heaven looking out for them, and wrapped their story up by saying, “I don’t know Matt, it was probably just a coincidence,” I’d be a rich man! There’s nothing unbelievable about the fact that your loved one is looking out for you from Heaven, just like they did when they were alive.

They do this out of love and because they understand that earthly life can be hard. They use their universal knowledge and their own life experience, to warn, guide, and support you – and they’re happy to do it. Don’t be afraid to check in with them, ask their advice, and let them be of service. And don’t forget to send them love and a big thank you for everything they do!


Connecting with the Spirit World


Looking to connect with someone in Heaven ? If you would like to hear from a loved one in spirit, try attending an Online Reading or attending a LIVE event when I am in your area. You can Click Here to find all upcoming Online Readings and events.