Your loved one in Heaven wants you to know that they love and care about you. So many times, our loved ones pass unexpectedly, or we don’t get to speak to them before they passed, leaving you with the question: Are they mad at me?

The answer is no, not at all; they love you. Please know that if you have had an unresolved conflict or a disagreement with someone that had passed, they hold no grudges, just unconditional love. When our loved ones pass and go to the other side, they are all loving and non-judgmental. You see, emotions such as anger and disappointment are emotions that we experience here in the physical world but leave us as we make our transition to Heaven.

When your loved one makes their trip to that beautiful paradise in the sky, they must forgive all those whom they had disagreed with here on Earth and transition into the beautiful and all-loving paradise of Heaven. You have to remember that Earth is the classroom, and Heaven is paradise. When someone passes, they really don’t go that far. Although they are not able to communicate by phone or through letters like we do here, they send us signs all the time to let us know that they are with us. The good news is that you can speak to them whenever you choose, and they are always there to listen. Even if you did not get to say goodbye or tell them how you really felt, the time is never too late. You can speak to them now, and they will hear you.

After all, it’s never goodbye. It’s “I’ll see you later.”

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