Most dreams are not “wishful thinking” or “imagination,” but rather you connecting with the spirit world while you are fast asleep. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes our dreams are just dreams, but the ones that are so vivid, real and unique are probably filled with hidden messages from up above. As a medium, I have had hundreds of people tell me about the experiences they have had with dreams.

In my opinion, this is the most profound way that your loved ones can communicate with you.

The reason being is that when you go to sleep your mind is relaxed, at peace, and enters into an “energy space”. This space becomes like a conference room for your loved ones in Heaven to be able to come and speak to you. The reason why is because when a loved one passes on they leave their physical body behind and take on an energy form, and only when your mind is in an energy space can they reach out to you. Although they can speak to you through signs, many times you are so busy with life, and endless tasks, that you may miss some of the subtle messages they send you. This is why your loved ones will come to you in a dream.

Oftentimes, they will visit you within a year after they have passed on, usually laughing and smiling and with no sign of illness or unhappiness. This is them reaching out to let you know that they are at peace. They are reminding you that they are in Heaven, without any pain, sadness, or disappointment. Their presence in a dream can come at a time that you need comfort, support, or just need to know that their spirit is present with you.

Your loved ones can even come to you with messages to be shared with the family. For example, a loved can come to you in a dream holding a baby, to signify to you that a new baby will be born into the family. And, a loved one may also come to you in a dream during a time of sadness- to help uplift you and ease some of the pain.

As a medium, I have noticed some patterns with ‘dream visitations’. Sometimes it can take up to a year after a person passed for them to come in a dream, while others have told me that they have never received a dream from a loved one. When I asked the other side as to why some receive dreams and visits, and others do not, this is what I was told- those in spirit will only come to you in a dream if it is going to help you and uplift you. If you are deep in grief and would not be able to handle seeing them, they will wait to visit until a later time.

Your loved ones in spirit would never want to cause you more pain by seeing or feeling them again. Their message to us is simple- they want us to live our lives knowing that they are always with us, and although they may be out of sight, their soul lives on within our hearts forever and their spirit never leaves our side. That is why dreams of a loved one will come at random times, but will not happen all the time. They do not want to interfere in your life, they just want to remind you that you have support from your team in heaven when you need it. They will come to you when the time is right, and when you need to hear from them the most.Oftentimes, this will be when you least expect it to be.

So let’s talk about those random crazy dreams that you can remember so vividly in the morning but can’t figure out the meanings of. You know exactly what I’m talking about- those funny, quirky, and sometimes frightening dreams that make no sense at all.

The truth is, although they may not make sense on a surface level, many times Heaven will use our dreams as a mailbox to deliver messages. They use symbols in dreams as a ‘code’ to get you to look closely at the dream and your life to encourage you to seek out the deeper meanings. When you start to look at the details of the dream you can find out what it means.

Each symbol represents an emotion, mood, memory or fear from your unconscious. Look closely at the people, places, feelings, and even the dream setting. Even the most trivial symbol can be significant. You are the best dream detective and the only one that is 100% capable of truly figuring out the meaning of your dreams.

What you should do is take a look at the dream you experience and write it down to the best of your ability in a “Dream Journal”. From there, write down some of the things that are going on in your life at the present time that you are being faced with. Here are some examples:

  • Moving or change of residence
  • New job or career venture
  • New romantic partner, or issues with relationship
  • Stress, fear, and anxiety
  • Situations regarding family members and children
  • New health concerns, etc.

Now is the time when you play dream detective. Much like you would solve a crossword puzzle, look at your dream and see what characters and symbols play a role within your life. Here are some common examples:

Dreaming of Sand: when you dream of sand it may represent a symbol of time which could mean that you need to create more balance in your time management, or that you need more time to yourself.

Dreaming of Falling: When you dream you are falling, it could represent that you are afraid of failure, or need to work on your self-confidence. Dreams of falling could also represent losing sight of reality, or needing to learn to trust more. Falling in a dream may indicate that you need to regain control of parts of your life that you are feeling helpless about.

Dreaming of Money: Dreaming of money, or winning money, may mean success or a new beginning. If you dream of losing money, then that may mean that you are lacking faith or ambition and Heaven is reminding you to pull through or push ahead in pursuit of your dreams.

Dreaming of Love: Dreaming of love may mean a new love interest that is making their way into your life. It could also be a reminder to look deeper and restore your current relationship.

Do you see how your dreams can represent different things within the current situation you are faced with? Many times, your dreams will keep repeating the same message each night, or stay on your mind until you uncover the deep inner meaning.

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