The separation between Heaven and Earth isn’t a wall or a gate. It’s more like an invisible curtain which can be crossed freely. As a medium, I reach across that veil to connect with the Spirit realm, but it goes both ways. Souls, Guides, and Angels pass through just as frequently to visit the living.

A Family Reunion in Heaven.


Did you know that we all begin our life journey from the same place? Everyone starts out as a soul in Heaven. Before you are born you gather with those who passed before you – including your grandparents, great great grandparents and even ancestors who died centuries earlier.

At the same time that you meet your extended family in the spirit world, you’re assigned a spirit guide and guardian Angel. They’re excited to join you on the journey that lies ahead!

When a baby is born, they don’t consciously remember the time they spent with loved ones in Heaven, but that’s not important. What is important is that the loved ones remember. Some will remain with the child throughout their life. They will be there to provide support, guidance, and love.

It might seem strange, but it’s no different from the way living family members rush to see a new baby born into the family. Once you accept that you’re part of a soul family that exists in Heaven and is watching over you with the same love as your Earth family, it makes perfect sense. But that doesn’t mean people don’t sometimes get surprised by spirit visitors!

Recently on my Facebook page I got a message from a mother and father who were experiencing that exact situation.

The couple posted footage from their baby monitor on my Facebook page. At 3:00 am they were awoken by the sound of their baby laughing and giggling in his crib. When they checked the baby monitor, they saw bright orbs flying around the baby’s head, and the child was having a great time interacting with them. It’s not unusual for a camera pick up orbs, which often appear as small floating circles. The camera is actually picking up on the energy of spirit. I recognized that this footage was a spirit visitation, and as I watched, it was obvious there was nothing to fear.


The poor parents didn’t see it that way! They were afraid the orbs represented something negative- maybe a force that was trying to possess or harm their child – when in fact, it was totally the opposite. They were seeing the spirits of Angels and loved ones stopping by to visit the baby. I was able to reassure them that their baby was in no danger. I know they believed me, but I have a feeling they slept with one eye on the baby monitor for a while.


Your Spirit guides and Angels are always there, even if you get older and don’t feel them as strongly.

Heavenly visitations are the reason some children see and interact with imaginary friends. Many children will see great grandparents, angels, and even people who have recently passed away.

As they age, most people become less aware of their connection with Spirit. It doesn’t mean their loved ones aren’t there, only that most adults are less open to seeing the signs and feeling the energy of Spirit visitors. They might see things like orbs in photographs, but often pass it off as a glitch with the camera or a trick of the light.

The best way for an adult to open to Spirit visitors is to make a conscious effort to tune in. Talk to your guides and angels, keep your eyes open for signs from Heaven, and use your intuition to sense when Spirit might be near. If you want to take your Spirit awareness to the next level, I offer courses on my website, to provide tips and guidance. You can view all my courses by Clicking Here.

From before you are born till the day you die – and beyond – remember that you are not alone. When you see a sign, or spot an orb in a photo, take it as a reminder to us that Heaven does exist and that our loved ones are always with us