Okay, so I just realized something. As a medium, I’m accustomed to hearing people talk about how they wish they could see their loved one in spirit, or give them a hug, or do any of a million activities you’d normally engage in with a friend or family member. But they can’t, because the person has passed.

That’s why I love what I do!

It’s so gratifying to be able to help someone feel a little closer and more connected with their loved ones in Heaven. Not only do I bring through messages that provide healing and closure, but I also reassure the person that when they leave my event or hang up from our FaceTime session, their departed loved one will still be with them. They might not be able to have a cup of coffee and share a piece of cake, but they can still reach out and “feel” them. They just have to keep an open mind, and find different ways to connect.

Many people who have been in semi-isolation during Covid have been forced to find new ways to stay in touch with their living friends, extended family, and co-workers.

It took a while to get used to. At first the idea of having Thanksgiving in separate places and saying grace together over Zoom seemed insane! However, it worked! Families still laughed, shared holiday recipes, and told stories. Grandparents could FaceTime their grandchildren and send them gifts over Amazon.

Was video chatting with your loved ones exactly the same as being in the same room with them?

Not really. But the important part – the love and the memories that came through loud and clear. As the pandemic went on, longer than most of us expected, we got better and better at staying connected without actually being together. We got creative! There were Zoom book clubs, and FaceTime happy hours. At work there were virtual conferences and online office parties. People played chess, and watched movies together, virtually. A friend of mine just had an online baby shower, and she loved it!

Now back to connecting to the dead.

I’ve always said that souls in Heaven are energy, and I can connect to that energy and relay a message regardless of where everyone is. People have been loving my Live Online Group Reading Events just as much as they loved my in-person events. The audience still feels the same closeness with spirit, and everyone gets just as excited and emotional when a reading hits home with the person receiving it.

I guess all this has taught us that love endures.

And as powerful as my online events are, when you attend one, you leave with a lasting benefit. My events open the door to a spirit connection you can carry with you every day – no medium needed.

All that’s required is that you be open to a different kind of connection than you had when your loved one was alive.


So, if you’re missing a friend or family member who has passed and would give anything to feel close to them again, here are some suggestions:


  • Actively invite signs from heaven. You can start the day by having a silent conversation to your loved one and ask them to send you a sign. Don’t be afraid to get specific and ask for something that’s meaningful to both of you. Then pay attention and see what happens!


  • Find something you enjoyed together, and invite the soul to join you. It doesn’t have to be anything too complicated. Watch a television show, listen to music, or take a walk. As you engage in the activity, keep your loved one in mind. Start a dialogue with them in your head, and be mindful of the thoughts and answers that come through.


  • Set up a small space dedicated to your loved one. Maybe a section of your bookshelf, or a spot on your bedside table. Include a picture of the person, a piece of jewelry, or anything that makes you think of them. Whenever you glance at it, mentally say “hi!” This simple shrine will keep their memory alive, and help you feel close and connected.


  • Talk about your loved ones with other people. Sharing stories and memories makes you feel close and is a healing way of staying connected.


  • Allow yourself some quiet time when you can remember the loved ones who are no longer with you. You might want to say a little prayer or write about them in your journal. Doing so will let them know how grateful you are that they were a part of your life.


Now that we’ve all gotten used to connecting with our living friends and relatives in new ways, it might be easier to feel the presence of loved ones in Heaven. The love you share for the person who has passed is still there, just in a different form.

If you’d like proof that love endures, I hope you’ll join me for one of my Live Online Group Events.  Seeing how souls come through regardless of time and space might be just what you need to feel connected with your loved ones, every single day!


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