Did you know that there are times when people become psychic through means other than heredity? Near death experiences, birth events and sudden life events can suddenly unleash psychic ability. 


Near Death Experiences 


Most often, it occurs after a near-death experience. I had a client who was involved in a car accident and nearly died. She was on a respirator, and all hope was nearly lost. Her chances of recovery were slim to none.


Right before the family was faced with the decision to take her off life support, she miraculously woke up. When she was released from the hospital and came home to recover, she started seeing strange people in the house. She didn’t realize they weren’t really there. Her family thought she was having hallucinations, but it turned out her brush with death had opened up a connection to the other side.


Near-death experiences have been known to give people psychic ability, and it makes sense to me. After all, they were halfway to heaven, so it’s possible for them to retain that connection even after they recover.


Psychic At Birth 


Sometimes an event that happens at birth can cause someone to be psychic. For example, I’ve heard of babies who were born with the umbilical cord wrapped around their neck and grew up to have psychic abilities.


There are rare instances where psychic ability is totally random. There’s no reason; no one else in the family is a psychic or a medium. For no obvious reason, someone is just born with the gift.


One Last Thing…


There are many people who discover they are psychic at a young age and they push it away. But it never really goes away. They can always get the ability back by opening themselves up to it again.


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