Have you ever wished things could be different in your life?

Have you ever wanted to achieve certain goals or change your life around but felt you needed help for divine assistance?

If you are thinking about an area of your life right now that you want changed I have amazing news for you. With the power of your thoughts alone you can change any area of your life whether it be changes you want to make in your personal life, with your health or career. The way it beings is that you set a strong intention on something you want by thinking about it and focusing on living your life like it has already happened.

The reason it works is because Thoughts are very powerful energy waves that you can use to manifest anything within your life. Your thoughts are like seed that you plant and eventually grows and develops. Have you ever had a bad day when one thing happens in the morning that upsets you and then nothing goes right the entire day after? That is because you probably manifested it through your thoughts without knowing it.

The Universe is not bias, the energy you put out is the energy that circles around. If you wake up and stub your toe and start the morning with negative thought and being frustrated that energy follows you throughout the day and brings about the rest of the headaches that follow.  When you begin your day with a positive thought and words of encouragement that energy will uplift you and also follow you throughout your day. It all begins with thinking more positively. You can do this, it is a simple way to change many different areas of your life by just changing some thoughts around. Below are some exercises you can do to plant a positive ‘ thought seed’ that will grow positivity within your life.

  1. HEALTH: When you are worried scared or anxious about your health it puts more stress on your body and can slow down recovery. Instead of thinking about whats wrong think healing thoughts. Imagine your body completely healed. Put white light around the organs or areas of your body that you need divine assistance with. As Heaven and your Angels to help you find the right doctors, treatments or regiment that will help you to heal. Focus on envisioning you life as though you are completely healed and feeling well.
  1. FINANCE: When your are having difficulty with money, work and finances focus on thinking about new doors that you want to open within your life. Focus on your bills being paid, debt being lifted and life being worry free. Ask Heaven and your Angels to help guide you where it is that you need to be. Focus on thinking about more money coming in and a new job opportunity opening up. Imagine yourself working in a job that is secure, that is a team effort and one that will lead you to new advances and new opportunity.
  1. HAPPINESS: When you are feeling your energy being drained and your thoughts being clouded, open your mind body and soul up to the side of positivity. Wake up daily and give yourself a complimented when you wake up and look in the mirror. If mornings are hard for you make your life easier. Set the coffee maker to start and put you a cup of coffee automatically, instead of an alarm clock wake up to music or natural daily light. Before getting our of bed you might find it better to rest for 10 mins and collect your thoughts. Remind yourself about how strong you are and how the day is going too be better than ever. The key top happiness is starting the morning off with the power of positive thinking and going to bed ending each day with a positive thought.

When you feel you are not in control of your life, start to change your thoughts around and you will feel like you are back in control. This will give you more energy and allow you to feel inspired and reenergize as you go through each day. You can even do this and send positive energy to other people. This works great if you have a friend or family member dealing with illness or someone you know who is battling depression. Send them warm positive thoughts and imagine them living a live that is happy and fulfilled.

The thing about energy is that it is everywhere and anywhere. That being said sometimes someone else energy can drain you or affect your happiness but only if you let it. That is where Psychic Protection comes in. If you feel like someone else energy is affecting you or getting into your own personal energy space its time to use psychic protection and send it away. The way you do this is to envision outward facing mirrors around your entire body.

Although it seems like nothing thoughts create reality and when you think of something it becomes real. By focusing on outward facing mirrors surrounding your body it will refit all negativity so that you remain unaffected by any negativity that is thrown at you. Do this every night and I can assure that it will help you feel renewed and you full of energy.

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