What Are Psychic Insights And Where Do They Come From?


Have you had a gut feeling about someone that turned out to be 100% accurate, or predicted an event before it happened? If so, you might have asked yourself, “Am I psychic, or is there a more rational explanation?”


How can you tell when you’re having a true psychic “flash”?


Well, first, there’s nothing irrational about trusting your intuition. You don’t need to be a professional psychic or medium to benefit from psychic insights. Everyone is born psychic to one degree or another. I call it Psychic Intuition. 

Psychic Intuition taps into the universal energy that every one of us has access to if we open ourselves up to it. Psychic insight is different than regular thoughts in that it comes to you as a feeling. Thoughts originate from your brain, but psychic feelings are more of a sense – a knowing deep in your soul that you can’t explain.

Have you ever wondered how mediums and psychics know things?

What makes them different from everyone else?

It’s important to realize that while people like me are blessed with a strong sixth sense – just like some people have extra sharp vision or a keener than average sense of smell – we also work at it every day.

If you focused on your psychic gifts as much as I do, they’d get stronger, and you’d be much more aware of them. Also, when a psychic or medium is reading you, they’re not pulling those insights out of thin air – they’re receiving information from a spirit who is with YOU. Those souls are around you and you can learn from them directly with no medium or psychic required.


What is intuition and why is it so important?


People wonder about the difference between intuition and psychic ability. The fact is, they’re very closely related. Intuition is the building block of all psychic ability. Professional psychics have a heightened, more developed awareness of their natural intuition.

Awareness is important when you’re developing your intuition. Have you ever been so focused on what you’re doing that you don’t notice what’s going on around you – but then suddenly you notice your surroundings, and realize you were tuning things out? You might be so focused on the everyday activities in your life that you’re tuning out important intuitive messages that could help you.

But whether you notice it or not, your intuition is always working in the background. It’s a sixth sense and although it is an invisible sense, it’s just as important as the other five senses – maybe more so!


Your Psychic Intuition at work.


Psychic Intuition can take many different forms. It can warn you of something that will happen to you, a loved one, or a total stranger. It can prepare you for great moments in life like having a baby or meeting your soul mate.

Here are some common examples of your psychic intuition tapping you on the shoulder:

  • You sense or feel that your pet is sick, and you know what hurts, even though the animal can’t tell you what’s wrong.
  • You can tell that your significant other is hiding something like an illness or is worried about something.
  • You can tell that your son or daughter’s new partner is not good for them
  • You attend a wedding, and you KNOW that the marriage will last, or that it won’t.
  • You can tell when someone is holding something back or lying to you.


Asking for guidance.


Often, mediums receive psychic insights from the soul they’re communicating with. I can ask them questions too. I’ll say, “who are you coming to see” of “How did you die” or I’ll ask them for a detail that will prove to the person receiving the reading that this is truly their loved one in Heaven.

But you don’t really need a medium. You can learn how to tune directly into those messages. When you’re around spirit you can feel and sense their presence, no medium required. Remember, your loved ones in heaven, guides, and guardian angels are always looking out for you, and they’ll send you thoughts and guidance to keep you safe and help you on your journey through life. And it’s not a one-way street! You can send messages to them and ask them questions

It all comes down to trusting your gut!


A psychic receives insights that help them predict things before they happen. Lots of people have psychic insights, and they don’t even know it. They find all kinds of other explanations for what they’re sensing. Being psychic has all kinds of benefits – but to take advantage of them, you first have to trust what your intuition is telling you.

Being psychic is a very practical skill. It can help you make better decisions about everything; job offers, partners, even the route you take on a trip. So, it’s worth paying attention to your intuition, and learning to trust it.

Sometimes your intuition may conflict with science, or what your accountant says. But you should always at least consider what it’s telling you! I like to think of psychic intuition as an x-ray machine, because it sees things differently than they might appear on the surface.

Bottom line, if you find yourself asking, “Am I psychic or is this a coincidence, wishful thinking, or something else?” give intuition the benefit of the doubt. Your psychic intuition can help you, protect you, and give you an edge in all areas in your life. Trust it. Work to develop it. And thank your guides, angels, and loved ones in Heaven for giving you those flashes of psychic insight.


Learn more about your psychic abilities


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