When a Pet Crosses Over


Alexa and I both love animals and are blessed to share our home with two beautiful bengal cats. We love this breed because they’re very not only exotically beautiful, but extremely loving and affectionate. But those wonderful qualities are almost bittersweet. Pets come into our homes and steal our hearts, but the sad truth is that most pass away far too soon. Over the last couple of years we’ve lost two cats to cancer. While it was heartbreaking to say “goodbye”, it also reminded me how important it is to cherish the time we do have with the pets – and people – that we love.


Many people ask about what pets experiences when they pass over. The truth is, it’s not that different than when people pass. Animals have souls too, and like the rest of us, they go through a life review, reunite with loved ones in Heaven, and watch over those they left behind.

Let me give you the details of exactly what happens:


Pets Go Through a Life Review


Like humans, your pets go through a life review where they can see the effect they had on the people around them and all the things you did for them. It’s comforting to know that during this time, they gain a deeper understanding of things that happened while they were alive. For example, they see everything that you did to care for them. They’ll understand how you sacrificed your bank account for an operation. They’ll know why you had to give them medication and how you struggled with keeping them alive. They revisit the moments before, during, and after their death – and if you had to put them down, they understand why they decision was painful and necessary.

So many people struggle with guilt if they have to put a sick pet to sleep, but I can tell you that every time an animal comes through to me in a reading, it’s obvious that they understand how difficult and painful it was for their owner to make that decision.



Pets Send Signs to Reach You


Much like people, pets often use signs to reach you. Their signs might be a little different – seeing other animals that remind you of them is a common sign. They might send you paw prints, or bring your attention to a stuffed animal that reminds you of them. I once had a friend who was a flight attendant. Every so often while she was flying she would notice cloud formations in the shape of her beloved toy poodle that passed away. But that’s not the only ways that your pets come through. Dreams are an easy way for your pets in spirit to come visit you while you are fast asleep. Just seeing your pet in a dream is a sign that there were visiting you from Heaven.



They Visit Your Other Pets on Earth


Pets will often come back and visit you here on earth and will also check in on the other pets in the household they may have left behind. This is a very big comfort to your pets at home who are unsettled after losing their friend – so if you see your dog or cat staring at something that you can’t see, remember that can sense spirit too!



They Send Other Pets in Your Life


I’ve had people come through in readings and tell their spouse that they had something to do with a new friend or partner coming into their lives. If that seems odd, remember that souls in Heaven don’t feel jealousy – they just want you to be happy. It’s the same with pets. Your pets know the love and selflessness you showed them here in this world and they are happy you chose them to be part of your family. They want that same love to be experienced between you and another pet. They often will send pets that need love into your life. This might come as a stray cat, a rescue or a foster animal that soon becomes a beloved member of the family



They Wait for You, Along with Your Loved Ones in Spirit.


Of course, you miss seeing them and being with them in the physical sense but remember, your pets are not far away. The bond between pets and humans if so strong that they almost always show themselves when I am giving readings. When you adopt an animal, you officially adopt them into the family, and they will watch over you from Heaven, waiting patiently with loved ones who have passed – both four legged and two legged -until the day you are reunited


Pets Come Through During Readings

One of the things I absolutely love when giving a reading is when pets come through as well! It is so common! Many times while giving readings I will see the souls of pets watching over their owners here in this world. Sometimes they will even come through and ask me to deliver a message. It might seem strange, but when the spirits of our pets reach the other side they too can communicate with mediums just like the souls of infant babies.

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