Have you ever wondered where the signs from spirits come from or who is sending them to you?

The truth is that you have a team in Heaven watching over you and communicating with you on a daily basis. Angels, Spirit Guides, and loved ones are there, sending you messages from the other side to help you navigate through life.


Spirit Guide Signs:


Your spirit guide is assigned to you at birth and helps you through all of life’s milestones and setbacks. Your spirit guides send you messages that will help you to learn and grow. They send you signs to help you land your dream job, find your soulmate, make life decisions, and even guide you to the people in life that are going to be influential. Their signs always have a life lesson attached.


Guardian Angel Signs:


Your angels are sending you signs that help you navigate the emotional journey in your life. This includes when you are feeling sad, depressed, or overwhelmed. Your angels will send you signs to lift you up out of the darkness and help you to meet people that will love and support you on your journey. Many times your angels will even send special pets into your life to be by your side. They are like your personal friends in heaven that take the time to listen and understand your emotions.


Signs from Loved Ones Who Crossed Over:


Signs from loved ones in Heaven are like postcards that they send you to remind you that they are still with you even though they are in a different world. The signs they send are little reminders of their presence. Repeating numbers, dreams, songs, smells, and signs in nature are all used. These signs usually reflect their personality and are like a hug from heaven during a stressful time or an important moment in your life when you are missing them.


Navigating Life with Divine  Guidance:


Your team in heaven works together to help you through life for one reason. Life is hard and challenging, and nobody is perfect. However, when you are stressed, anxious, or nervous, remember that heaven can see tomorrow so much more clearly than we can see yesterday.

So when you are navigating a complex situation in life, call upon either your angels, spirit guide or loved ones. They are there to listen and work silently in the background on your life getting you to where you need to be. As stressful as some situations might be remember to enjoy the journey. Heaven has an amazing plan for you and you team in Heaven is by your side!

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