Angels do exist, and they walk right beside you every day, helping to protect you and guide you as you walk through your journey here on Earth. Think of your guardian angel as your silent protector who is by your side and always there to listen. Your angels are like long, lost friends that you can always turn to for help and comfort, and they are always present to listen.

Everyone has angels that are with them and not just one, but many who surround you with their presence. Have you ever felt sad or lonely and were crying over a situation or circumstance and then felt immediate comfort? That was probably your angels surrounding you with their presence and helping to calm you down. Angels are known for their beautiful, loving nature and their comforting presence that helps to heal even the toughest of situations.

We all have guardian angels that are around us. They appear to us many times in our lives and come in many forms. They send us signals through our intuition to let us know that they are with us in times when we need them. You can talk with them at any time when you feel afraid or sad, and you will immediately feel their warm, loving energy come in and help to put you at ease.  Angels are like the search and rescue team of Heaven. They are always there when tragedy strikes to help and comfort others.

Many times, when there is a tragedy or mass casualty incident, angels rush in to carry the souls of those who are effected directly to the other side so that they will not feel any pain or suffering, only immediate relief. Your angels are there for you at all times. When you hear that little voice in your head that tells you to stay away from something or to use caution while driving or in a situation, that’s your angels warning you.

When you are sad or plagued with worrisome thoughts, call your angels in for some assistance from Heaven. Here’s how: With just a quick and simple meditation, your angels can take away your worrisome thoughts, fears and stress, leaving you to feel renewed, empowered and, most of all, loved and comforted.

Start by sitting or lying (whatever is most comfortable) in a nice, quiet place. This also works well while in bed at the end of the day right before you go to sleep. Think of all the things that have been bothering you that you would like to release from your body. Think of all the stress, fears and anxiety that you would like your angels to sweep away. Now, in your head or out loud, ask your angels for help. Close your eyes and envision beautiful angels, much like the one in the picture above (or however you prefer), flying toward you with empty baskets.

As each angel flies toward you, picture each stressful thought as a word or an envelope and place each painful thought, word or situation in one of the baskets that the angels are carrying. Watch as one by one, each angel flies toward you and takes away each negative thought, situation and fear and leaves you to feel the refreshing feeling they leave you with as they take all your worries up to Heaven, leaving you feeling loved and comforted. Once all of your thoughts have been given to your angels, you can open your eyes and feel at peace, knowing that all of your problems are now in their hands.

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