Once in a while I’ll receive a message that comes through so strong that I know without a doubt it belongs to someone in the audience – but no one raises their hand to claim it. Then eventually someone stands up and says something like, “That sounds just like my grandmother/ father/ aunt but it can’t be! They had Alzheimer’s when they passed, and I don’t think they would remember me.”

I guarantee, they remember you now, and those memories are more clear and vivid than you can imagine.

In fact, one big reason souls go to great lengths to come through to mediums is to let their loved ones know how much they treasure the good times and memories they shared with them, no matter what state they were in when they passed. If you’ve listened to my readings on YouTube or attended an event you know that even if someone suffered from dementia, Alzheimer’s, or were in any way incapacitated when they passed over, they are back to their old selves in Heaven.


Memories Last Forever in Heaven


Souls tell me that when they leave this world their most prized possessions are not things, but memories. You can’t take money, houses, or cars with you when you die – but you always have your memories. You also can’t take resentment, jealousness, and bitterness with you either, which is why people are sometimes surprised at the love and compassion that comes through from a relative who might have been a little salty when they were alive.

There are a lot of people who are surprised when I give them a message from someone who passed decades earlier. “How do they remember that?” They can’t believe that Grandma is in Heaven revisiting changing their diapers or taking them to the park 40 years ago.


It’s important to know that even when our loved ones pass away, they never forget about us no matter how much time has gone by. They are pure energy without all the earthly distractions, so the important things – like love and connection – just keep getting stronger.

I remember a reading I did where a woman had lost her son when he was just a few months old. It had happened many years before – she had been twenty when her son passed and when I met her, she was 60.  When her son came through, he was with his grandmother, who was her Mom. She had been hoping to hear from her mother but was so shocked and happy to have her son come through too! After all the years, the son had never forgotten Mom and the deep love she had for him.


Your Loved Ones are Cheering You On.


You might wonder how souls in Heaven spend their time. They do a lot of things to help and guide the living, and they love to see the people who they care about learning and growing and enjoying their lives. Now that they have finished their own lives here on Earth, they have a front row seat to watch you live your life.

This may sound funny, but the souls describe it to me like a big race. We all begin at the starting line when we are born, and we cross the finish line when we die. But it’s like when finish a 5K when other people you care about are running too. You probably wouldn’t just get in your car and leave the race. You would stay in the stands and watch your friends and family members finish and cheer them on. That is exactly what your loved ones in Heaven are doing.


Your Pets Remember You Too!


It’s not just the people you love who are watching and remembering you, it’s also pets. I recently did a reading where I connected a woman with her parents. During the reading I kept sensing a Cocker Spaniel who was watching over her. The woman had no idea why I was seeing the dog, until finally I heard the name Trixie.

Come to find out, Trixie had been her childhood dog that she had forgotten all about. She thought that because the dog died somany years ago, that her soul would have moved on in Heaven, however Trixie was still there, watching over the person she had loved.


That Message Might be For You After All.


So, let me leave you with this. If you think your loved one has forgotten all about the times you shared because it was so long ago, or because they had memory impairment before they passed, rest assured that they are very much around, and following what you are doing. All they want is for you to live your best life, knowing that you have their support and love always!

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