The departed have jobs in Heaven but not quite so much like the jobs we have here on Earth. Heaven is an ultimate paradise for our loved ones, but many times those on the other side will choose to take on “tasks” by helping out those here in the physical world who are suffering or struggling within their lives. Remember, Earth is the classroom where we learn all of our life lessons before we make our transition into Heaven. Once there, many of the souls will watch over and help those in this world who are faced with similar struggles that they themselves experienced during their lives.

For example, someone who has passed because of an accidental drug overdose will often watch over those in the physical world who are going through similar situations and help them to reach out and find the help that they need. Many times those on the other side will help in hidden ways to get that person help and keep them from going down the wrong path. Coincidences just do not happen.

The departed may help open the eyes of the family whose son or daughter may be using drugs without them knowing, or signal to friends or family members to bring their loved one to the hospital right when an illness starts, so they can recover quickly. They do this in discreet ways by sending the family and friends signs, visiting in dreams, or speaking to them through their intuition. Their intention is to help us without interfering.

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