Looking For A Lost Item?

Have you ever lost something special and needed help finding it? The truth is, sometimes, no matter how hard you look, it’s just not good enough. You may need some divine assistance with locating that item and pointing yourself in the right direction of where to look. Whether it was something very special to you, like a loved one’s ring or a family heirloom, or something more urgent, like finding a diamond that just fell out of your ring, spirit can help lead you to finding these things.

Did you know there is a lost and found spirit?

Okay, so maybe it is not a real lost and found spirit, but there is someone in Heaven who is assigned to help us find lost or missing items, and his name is St. Anthony. You can call on him at any time, and St. Anthony will be there to help. He is a saint in Heaven with a specialty. He loves being able to give assistance to find lost items . To ask St. Anthony for help, all you need to do is recite this special prayer and divine assistance will come. You might want to print this out and keep it handy.


St. Anthony’s Prayer for Lost or Missing Items

“St. Anthony, please look around. My (ITEM) is lost and must be found.”


After you recite this prayer, here are the next steps you can take.

Relax and calm down: Losing something that is special, of high value or sentimental can make you lose your mind if you dwell on it. Relax and put your mind at ease knowing that St. Anthony is also working behind the scenes for you. Even if you are not finding the item right away, if it can be found, it will be found. Sometimes, after reciting the prayer, it helps to close your eyes and to release the stress. When you feel you are not as frantic, try searching again, even in the places you already looked. You may just find that item waiting for you.

Let intuition lead you: St. Anthony works in mysterious ways. He loves working through your intuition by guiding you to where you need to go to find that missing item. Sometimes, it might take a while to reach you, but when he does, it’s loud and clear.

I once had a friend who lost her mother’s necklace. She was in a panic frantically searching the car and house and trying to retrace her steps. She couldn’t remember where she had lost it or even what day she lost it; all she knew was that it was gone!

She called me in a panic, and I shared with her this special prayer. After a long day of stressing and searching, she said the prayer and relied on the help of St. Anthony. She went to bed that night crying over that special necklace she had lost.

As she was sleeping, she suddenly woke up out of a sound sleep at 2am. She instantly knew where the necklace was. She had lost it at the gym at work, which happened to be at a hotel. She sprang to her feet and put on her clothes. She called security at work and asked if they could let her in. As luck would have it, the overnight cleaners were there cleaning the gym!

They let her in and the necklace was sitting in the shower. It had come off after she had showered after her gym workout. She knew that minute that St. Anthony had come through for her.

Still Missing? Hand It Over to Heaven

The St. Anthony prayer unfortunately can only work if an item is missing or lost. If someone purposely steals something from you, then it is up to that person to return it. It is their karma to decide if they will be truthful or not and turn it in.

In these types of situations, all we can do is leave it in the hands of Heaven and our angels. If it’s meant to be, it will find its way back into our possession eventually.

Divine Fate

If something is meant for you, it will eventually find its way back into your life, no matter the time, place or circumstance.

I once had a friend who was an artist. As a little girl, she painted beautiful artwork. One day at the art supply store, the owner asked her to paint him a picture of his granddaughter who had died. She had never done a portrait before, but the owner believed in her work so much that she did.

She spent many months copying an old photograph of his late granddaughter. Almost a year later, the painting was done and it was beautiful! When she brought it to the store owner, he said, “How much ?” She had fallen in love with the painting and cried. She explained to him that she loved it so much, she couldn’t let it go.

The owner said to her, “I need the picture right now to feel the presence of my granddaughter. I have to keep it.” He said to her, “Don’t worry; one day, this picture will find its way back to you.” He paid her $500 for the picture, which back then was a lot of money.

She cried and left the store. She knew in her heart she would never see the painting again.

Almost 50 years later, she and her friend were visiting an old store in search of some beautiful trinkets. When she walked into the store, there was the picture she had painted years earlier sitting on the floor staring at her. She rushed over and saw her initials at the bottom almost faded away. On the top of the picture was a sticker that said: For Sale $25.00.

She paid the money and left the store. The picture had found its way back into her life, just like the man had said. She now not only has a beautiful picture, but she has a divine story to go along with it.

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