Breaking Down the Planes of Existence


Sometimes people are surprised when they get to know me. On one hand, I have this otherworldly gift that allows me to communicate with Souls in Heaven, while at the same time, I’m a perfectly normal guy who loves to play with his baby and drive through Dunkin Donuts for coffee and a cruller. During a typical day, I might work on a blog or write a few pages of my book in the morning, chat with my agent about an upcoming tour in the afternoon, and host an event in the evening where I connect Souls in Heaven with their loved ones in the audience. I might cap the day off with a trip to the Cheesecake Factory! 


How can I jump between my creative self, my mediumistic self, and my very human, coffee drinking, cheesecake eating self? The answer is that throughout the day I experience different planes of existence, some of them simultaneously. And guess what? So do you! 


 Why are there different planes of existence? 


No matter how spiritual you are, every human being has their physical needs for food, water, shelter – and whatever it takes to keep your body alive. But you also have needs that go beyond the physical, like the desire to express yourself creatively, to love and be loved, and to find a higher meaning and purpose in your life. And that’s where the planes of existence come into play. Oh, and because you’re a soul as well as a body, your journey through the planes of existence doesn’t stop when you die. Your soul continues on, leaving behind the physical and becoming part of the universal oneness. 


One way to understand this concept is to look at it from a perspective of your soul’s journey. As you evolve and grow spiritually, you are able to access higher planes of existence and tap into your unique gifts and wisdom. 


Breaking down the different levels. 


There are multiple levels of reality beyond the physical world. Each of these planes has its own unique characteristics, inhabitants, and energy frequencies.


The Physical Plane: The physical plane is the world you inhabit while you are alive on Earth, and it’s all about the things you experience with your five senses. Even if you’re the most holy, spiritual person alive, as long as you’re living and breathing, you have to spend a good portion of your time here. 


The Astral Plane: The astral plane is the first level of the spirit world and is the realm of emotions and desires. This is where you go right after you die if you are still attached to earthly desires and pleasures. It’s also the plane where you may encounter spirits who are stuck in the astral realm and haven’t moved on to higher planes.


The Mental Plane: The mental plane is the realm of thoughts and ideas. It’s a place where you can explore the power of your mind and connect with other beings who are focused on intellectual pursuits.


The Causal Plane: The causal plane is the realm of spiritual causation, where the power of intention and manifestation is at its strongest. When you’re here, you are connected with your higher self, and can explore your soul’s purpose.


The Spiritual Plane: The spiritual plane is the highest level of the spirit world and is said to be the realm of pure consciousness and oneness. It’s a place where you can experience the divine directly and connect with other enlightened beings.


Some spiritual traditions may describe additional planes, such as the etheric plane, the buddhic plane, the atmic plane, or the monadic plane. These different planes can be thought of as different frequencies or dimensions of energy, each with its own characteristics and inhabitants.


What plane are you on? 


Even though these planes exist as separate realms, they are all interconnected and influence each other. Your experiences in one plane can shape your experiences in another, and your consciousness can move between different planes – maybe a few, maybe all of them – depending on your level of spiritual development and awareness.


If you’re wondering how you can grow and expand spiritually and still take care of your day to day business, don’t worry! We are all made up of energy, and because of that, can exist in more than one plane at once. So go ahead, live your best life, and embrace your creative side, your spiritual side, your mindful, meditative side, and your physical side. There are so many sides of yourself, and the universe, to explore!


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