Are You Thinking About Giving a Relationship a Second Chance ?

There have been many times when I have been asked to use my psychic ability for help with relationships. Many times, someone will call me after reconnecting with a boyfriend or significant other after a breakup. If you’re like me, you believe that with love, there is always a way. If you truly love and care for someone, I believe there are ways to make it work and to repair things. Many times, you may be afraid of entering into a relationship again after being hurt the first time by that person. I believe in second chances, and I personally have seen many relationships fall apart only to come together stronger. If you are thinking about giving your significant other a second chance, here are some things you need to know that will help guide you on the right path.

Know your worth.

Before we get into anything, it’s important for you to remember that you are the most important person in this world. If you are being abused emotionally, physically or mentally, this relationship is not for you. Nothing good can come from abuse. You have a duty to create your own happiness and to open yourself up to someone who will love and care for you. It’s important to remember that you want someone who will truly make you feel special every day and lift you up. Through all of this, you need to think about you and make a promise to yourself to save your heart for someone who deserves it. Think about your future. Ask yourself, will I be happy with this person? Will this person make a good husband, wife or partner?

Listen to your heart, not to other people.

I truly believe that sometimes, the best advice comes from within. It’s hard to make a good decision when you are letting other people influence you. Only you know how you feel and what goes on behind closed doors. Sometimes, asking the advice from others can only make you more confused and stressed. It’s best to take some time to yourself to really think things through without the thoughts of others. If you do feel you need to talk to someone, try to limit it to just one close friend or family member whom you trust. It’s also important to respect your significant other’s privacy too.

Give yourself a second chance.

If you are rekindling a relationship, remember that a relationship is only successful when two people work at it. Just as you are giving a second chance to that person, you need to give yourself a second chance as well. Let go of expectations and focus on truly enjoying and reconnecting with that person. Don’t treat it as a test. Some people say, “I’m not going to call him. Let’s see if he calls me,” or, “ I’m not doing anything anymore. If she wants the relationship, let her prove herself to me.” In the end, that just sets yourself up for failure. In order for things to work, you both need to try to make it work and support and love one another. It’s not a test; it’s a second chance.

Let go of what went wrong.

Letting go of what went wrong is one of the hardest things you can do, but it’s the most important step. If you dwell on the past, you will never be able to live the future. Sometimes, this is hard because you did nothing wrong. Try to work through it with your significant other by talking about it. Let them know you are hurting, let them apologize and together, let it go so you can come back into the relationship stronger as you start anew. A second chance is a gift you give with no strings attached because you truly love the person more than any past mistakes or hurt.

Focus on making things better.

The best thing you can do when reentering a relationship is to have fun with that person. Nobody wants to go back to boring. You want to enjoy that person’s company. Go for coffee and a walk downtown or attend an event together. These are moments to bond and connect with the person in a more meaningful way. The simple things in life, like going for ice cream or cooking at home and trying a new bottle of wine, can lead to beautiful memories.

Take the opportunity to talk.

Believe it or not, the most powerful way to bond with someone isn’t in the bedroom. It starts with feeling each other on an emotional level. Meaningful conversations with one another will bring you closer together. Physical attraction comes and goes, but the conversations and emotional bond is what truly is everlasting and strong. Ask questions. Show the person you are with that you truly care about them and about what is going on in their life. When you ask them questions, you learn more about them and allow them to open up to you in a more meaningful way.

Open your heart to trust.

Trust is the key to reconnecting with someone you love. If you are snooping through drawers or checking their phone for messages while they are in the bathroom, you will never be able to open up your heart fully. Trust can be scary, but it is the chance you take when you truly love and care for someone. Trust begins with you and with having strong confidence in yourself. If you can’t trust a person in the beginning of a relationship, how will you later on in life? Trust is the greatest gift you can give a person. It is a building block that strengthens your relationship and builds a foundation for years to come. If you want to rebuild things, don’t be afraid to put your heart out there. If you truly love this person, it will be worth it in the end.

I want remind you that love takes time. It’s an emotional journey you go through with someone you care for. If you can’t stop thinking about someone special, give them a second chance and try again. The worst thing that can happen is things don’t work out. Sometimes, you might have to give it one more shot to be able to find the closure you need to move on to the next chapter with someone else. Other times, it is the second time that makes things work and fall together as they should.

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