The Key To Living Your Best Life


When a person transitions to Heaven and goes through their life review, a lot changes. Often when I’m giving a reading, the person receiving the message is shocked by the positive transformation of their loved one.

A father who never showed emotion in life might communicate a warm, loving message. A mother who was petty and held onto grudges will suddenly come across as generous and forgiving. Someone who was always extra cautious and fearful might send a message encouraging a friend to take a chance and pursue their dreams. 

These out-of-character messages shouldn’t be a surprise! Souls leave more than their physical bodies behind when they cross over. To pass through Heaven’s gates, they must shed what I call the “heavy” emotions like anger, jealousy, resentment, insecurity, and fear. Once they’re free of those limiting feelings and beliefs, they can go through their life review and see their experiences on earth in a whole new light. This newfound ability to understand the “big picture” more easily allows them to open up, forgive, and release the painful events and traumas they suffered in life. 


Embracing a Heavenly Perspective to Heal Your Life 


A change in perspective can put everything in a new light, and you don’t have to wait until you die to get rid of what’s holding you back. Imagine if during his life review, a man is finally able to realize how he contributed to the failure of his marriage. As a pure Soul that has let go of defensiveness, anger, and jealousy, he is able to gain a full understanding of the situation, take accountability, and finally heal from the pain that he carried on Earth. 


Now imagine you’re going through a terrible divorce yourself, and you feel betrayed, angry, and scared. Those emotions go deep, and if you don’t take steps to heal, they can cast a shadow on the rest of your life. You might find yourself refusing to put yourself out there to meet new people, or if you do connect with someone, putting up walls and sabotaging your relationship before it even gets started. 


The earlier you take steps to release the burden of  trauma and pain, the more free you will be to experience success, happiness, and fulfilling relationships. These five simple steps will help you process those emotions and heal from whatever is weighing you down.


Feel your feelings. Whether it’s the deep seated trauma you’ve been pushing down since childhood, or a more recent loss that’s just too hard to face, pushing down your pain keeps you stuck. Try breaking the habit of denial and actually sit with your feelings. Allow yourself to grieve for what you experienced. Give yourself permission to be hurt or sad. Cry, talk to a friend or counselor, or journal about your feelings – whatever you have to do to let them out! By letting those blocked emotions flow, you create space for understanding and processing, and gradually loosen the grip of unresolved pain so you can move on.


 Question your narrative. I’ve met so many people who felt rejected and unlovable because of the way their parents treated them – only to have a mother or father come through in a reading to apologize and explain why they themselves had been incapable of expressing love. Challenging the story you’ve been telling yourself for years can be a game changer, allowing you to  gain new perspectives, untangle misconceptions, and ultimately reshape your understanding of your own history, opening doors to healing and growth.



Allow yourself to forgive and let go. Forgiveness is the most powerful healing tool I know. Remember, forgiving someone who did something to hurt you isn’t really about them. It doesn’t condone their wrongdoings but it does release you from the heavy weight of resentment. Granting forgiveness can open the door to compassion and healing and pave the way for emotional freedom.


Take a leap of faith. If the trauma you’re holding onto has roots in a specific event, don’t let that incident keep you from living life to the fullest. For example, maybe you nearly drowned as a child and were left with a terrible fear of water. If you avoid the water forever, you’ll never conquer your fear. Take small steps – on your own, or with help from a counselor or friend – to gradually address your feelings and prove to yourself that it’s safe to try again. 


Finally – last but not least – ask Spirit for help. Friends, counselors, spiritual advisors, and self exploration are all helpful when you’re trying to heal at a soul level. But remember, you also have a Spirit team to help you. Asking your angels, guides, and loved ones in Heaven for guidance and support can be invaluable as you go through the process. Call upon them, pray to them, write them letters in your journal – then look for the signs they send in return. They’re right there, waiting to serve you and help you on your journey of soul healing! 


As a psychic medium, I connect with Souls every single day who carry regrets for the pain they held onto in life. They want nothing more than to help the living avoid making the same mistake. Listen to their advice! By taking steps to heal your soul you can change your perspective, and improve your life. 


Connect with a Psychic Medium


If you’re looking to connect with a loved one through a psychic medium, trust your gut, read the energy and follow your intuition to find the perfect match. It always brings me joy when people come to see me and share that they felt a divine calling to reach out. I truly believe that their departed loved ones have guided them to me in a special way.

If you’d like to connect with me for a reading, why not join me at an online reading event or catch me live on tour? When you attend an event either online or in person, it gives your loved one the opportunity to reach you with a message. You may be surprised to know who is with you and watching over you in spirit.