What Heaven Says About Finding Your Soulmate


If you ask a hundred people to share what they believe is the most important ingredient for a happy life, you’ll get a lot of different answers. If you were to ask a Soul in Heaven the same question, they’d all focus on one important thing – LOVE. 


When I’m bringing through messages from Heaven, you can be sure that the Souls are not preoccupied with work, money, or the physical things they left behind. When you pass over you let go of those worldly things, and what remains for eternity is the love you shared with family, friends, pets and, most importantly, your soulmate. 


The Right Person at The Right Time


People often ask me for advice about finding their soulmate. I’m definitely not the “love doctor,” and I don’t have all the answers, but I’ve learned a lot about the subject from my conversations with the Spirit world. 


I was fortunate to find my soulmate relatively early in life, but I can’t take all the credit for that! Looking back, I’m convinced Spirit was behind Alexa and I getting together. My Guides made sure that our paths crossed at the perfect time –  when we were both ready to have a serious relationship. 


When I think back over the people I dated when I was younger, I wish them all the best! I realize that those relationships were all leading up to my meeting Alexa. The times I shared with those past girlfriends and the lessons I learned were important, because they helped me evolve into someone who was capable of sharing his heart completely when the right person came along. 


Insights From Heaven About Finding Your Soulmate 


I’ve picked up so many helpful insights about finding love and meeting your soulmate, and now, with Valentine’s Day around the corner, it’s the perfect time to share them with you. I’m just beginning my love journey, but this information comes from Souls who have lived, loved, passed over, and now have access to Universal Wisdom. 


Here’s what Heaven wants you to know about finding your soulmate:


  1. To find the right person you have to be the right person.Put your energy behind being the best you can be at work, at home and in every aspect of your life. That way, when the right person comes along, you’ll be ready.
  1. Be present for the person you’re with,not just when you’re on a date but all the time. If you’re always running around, distracted and focused on your to-do list and what you’re doing next, you might miss a chance encounter with someone who could change your life. This is good advice for living your best life in general, but it’s particularly important when it comes to love. Remember – your Guides and Angels will put your soulmate in your path, but it’s up to you to recognize the opportunity when it happens.
  1. Spend as much time as possible doing things you love.Dating apps are kind of like social media. Everyone on there is creating an image they want the world to see. Is it who they really are? Who knows! But if you’re hiking, traveling, volunteering, or participating in an activity you love, it allows the “real you” to shine through – and the same goes for the people you meet.
  1. Create a vision board,where you put together pictures, words, phrases, etc. that reflect the person and the relationship you’d aspire to have. Be creative and let your intuition guide you. Have you ever heard my story of how I met Alexa? If so, you’ll remember that I created a vision board shortly before we met, and when I looked back at it, I saw that I’d included a picture of a girl who looked very much like her.
  1. Love yourself (and others).The most basic piece of advice that you’ll hear when it comes to finding a soulmate is to first learn to love yourself. That goes without saying, but I want to add something to that. The more love you can send out to the world the more love you’re going to attract. We receive from life what we put into it, so shower, your friends, family, pets, and the people you meet with love, kindness and compassion. You’ll find yourself with an abundance of love in your life and that includes meeting a soulmate.
  1. Have an image in your headof the person you’re looking for. I can’t stress this enough – this is personal. It might be fun looking at the hottest actor or supermodel on Instagram, but would you really want to be married to that person or in a relationship with them? Your soulmate is someone you connect with her much deeper level beyond the physical – so know the qualities that are important to you, and be picky about what actually matters!
  1. Tear down the walls. How many times have you heard people say they’re afraid to get in a relationship because they’ve been hurt before. Those walls can protect you, but they also keep you from experiencing the joy that comes from finding your special someone. The secret to getting past this? Do some soul-searching and look for the lesson in that past relationship, forgive, send love, and move on!
  1. Trust your gut. If you meet someone and you feel a special spark, don’t ignore it. Maybe the person isn’t your usual type, but your intuition is telling you to give them a chance. Your intuition is the voice of your Guides and Angels, so pay attention!
  1. Finally, when you find the right person, don’t blow it! So many souls have regrets about this when they pass over and realize they let their soulmate slip away. They met, spent time with, and maybe even married their soulmate. But even if you’re with the right person, there’s no guarantee that you’ll stay together forever. Your Guides can only take you so far, and then it’s up to you to treat your soulmate well and keep the flame alive.


I hope these tips will help you find your twin flame – the soulmate that will enrich your life and remain connected with you through eternity. If you’ve lost someone, and long to hear from them again, I’d love to help! Check out my website to join me for an online reading event, or catch me live. I’ll be touring the United States and Canada this year, and would love to see you.