I am so sorry to hear that you have not received a sign yet from your loved one. There are many reasons why it may take a little longer for them to reach out to you with a sign from Heaven. The first is timing. Sometimes it can take up to a year after a person passes to receive signs from them. The reason for this is that your loved one on “The Other Side” must first be able to build up enough energy to come through. When someone first passes there is a “Transition time’ in Heaven.

During this time, your loved one is re-introduced to all family members who had passed on long before they died and is taking time to get used to the spirit world. Your loved one who had passed on will only give you a sign or a symbol from Heaven if it is going to lift you up and be beneficial to you. If you are in deep emotional grief, or unable to let go of the extreme emotional burdens around their passing, it may take a little bit longer for your loved one to reach you.

You have to remember that a sign from your loved one is just their way of saying hello or sending you a message from heaven. They do not want you to search for more answers about their passing or to keep holding onto them. They want you to know that they love you and are by your side encouraging YOU to live your life to the fullest- just like they did when they were here. Rest assured one day you will receive a message from Heaven from them, when you least expect it and when you are ready.

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