Send Your Troubles to the Angels 


Life on this planet is not always easy. As a psychic medium, I am told by spirit that we are all here to learn lessons and grow at a soul level, and it’s the darkest times that teach us the most.

That being said, when you’re having a bad day – or a bad year – it’s not easy to be grateful to the universe for everything it’s teaching you! Fortunately, Heaven always has your back, making sure you don’t have to navigate life’s challenges alone.


Send me an Angel


When it comes to being connected with their Angels, people seem to fall into two groups. There are those who are in contact with their Angels all the time. They talk to them and ask for advice on everything from finding their soulmate to locating their car keys. The others might love to have the support of their Angels, but they have a hard time feeling connected to something they can’t physically see.

These two groups do have one thing in common. They both have Angels around them. Every living person does. In fact, there are Angels sitting by your side right now. Why are they there? Well, that depends on your needs. There are different types of Angels. There are guardian angels that watch over and protect you. There are Archangels – who occupy the highest spot in the angel hierarchy. There are also Angels with divine jobs that appear in your life for a specific purpose. 

To feel closer to them, you just have to invite them into your life. It’s like a lot of things. Just because you can’t see them, doesn’t mean they’re not there. If you have faith and open yourself up to your Angels, you will start to feel their positive impact. 


Light conquers darkness


So let’s get back to the hard times you might be facing. Plenty of people are struggling with health issues, career and financial setbacks, relationship problems, or are grieving the loss of a loved one. Any one or a combination of these things can put you in a pretty dark place – and that’s where your Angels can help. As a medium, every time I see spirit, they always have a bright white light behind them.

That light is the purest, most potent form of energy and it has the power to erase all negativity. Darkness cannot live in light, and if you send your worry, anxiety, and fearful thoughts to your Angels, they will absorb them like a sponge. Enlisting the help of your Angels to clear your own energy is easier than you think. 

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night with a nagging feeling of anxiety? Next time that happens, imagine yourself packaging up all those fears and handing them over to your Angels. Imagine placing all the emotions you want to release in a box, and sealing it up. Then visualize your angels receiving your box of energy, and purifying it in a flood of white light. I bet you’ll feel lighter and more positive immediately!


Try this exercise to clear your energy with help from your Angels. 


Sit quietly and take a few deep, slow breaths, Now, invite your Angels to draw closer. Imagine a white light emanating from them as they surround you. Now picture yourself bathed in the same beautiful white light. Slowly imagine it flowing from the top of your head to your toes, and as it travels through your body, see it surrounding and engulfing any darkness until all that remains is pure light.

Look around and see how the light connects you to your Angel team. Take your time! The slower you go, the more powerfully the light will cleanse and clear your energy. 

Just like regularly cleaning your house keeps everything neat and in order, you can keep your mind, soul, and life free of darkness and negativity by practicing this technique regularly. I like to do this before I go to bed, and I find it keeps me in a positive, happy mindset. It won’t guarantee that nothing bad will ever happen, but it will allow the Angels to do their work, and keep your spiritual house as pure and light filled as possible! 


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