Your loved ones in Heaven always want the best for you. They are constantly speaking to you through your intuition to keep you calm when you’re stressed and to provide comfort. We are all hit with roadblocks at one time or another, but one of the things that you have to remember is that each challenge is a life lesson that we learn. Our loved ones in Heaven and angels see tomorrow so much more clearly than we see today.

When you are stressed or feeling as though a situation is overwhelming, ask your loved ones on the other side for help. Just a simple thought of them in your head allows your loved ones in Heaven to surround you and help calm you down so that you can see a solution to the situation more clearly. If you are really stressed or anxious, repeat these positive affirmations in your head.

This too shall pass.
Challenges bring about a new opportunity.
I am strong enough to handle anything that comes my way.

Positive affirmations are an amazing way to remind yourself that you have the power to overcome any situation and that nothing is permanent. You have the power to change anything.

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