Is there someone in Heaven that you would like to hear a message from? 


So many people reach out to ask me how they can get a reading with me, and I am so honored! While my schedule no longer allows me to do private readings, I can absolutely help you feel connected to the person you’ve been missing, and give you the chance to receive a healing, life-changing message from them. 

I am so grateful for my gift. When I deliver a message from Heaven, it not only brings happiness and healing to the recipient, but it provides me with a sense of fulfillment at the deepest level. Chances are, you know a lot of people who have lost a loved one and would give anything for one more conversation with them. That is why I am so thankful your loved ones reach out to me from Heaven as their voice to connect with you. It’s my mission to reach as many people as I can with messages from their loved ones. 


Gathering Souls from Both Sides Together


I realized that hosting LIVE Online Group readings was the perfect way for me to reach more people. I started booking events, and so many people came online to join me! At first, I worried that my audience members would be disappointed because everyone wouldn’t get a reading. However, I do my best to connect with as many souls and do as many readings as possible! I’m proud to say I have been able to deliver over 1,000 readings during the Online Group Readings, and i’ve been able to not only reach and read for those in the United States, but Canada, the UK, Ireland, Australia, and so many more places around the world! 

With that, I realized there’s more to feeling a Spirit connection than just getting a message. Seeing someone else get the closure they were looking for and feeling the incredible energy that comes when souls from both sides of the veil come together is life-changing! That is where these LIVE Online Group Readings


Three Facts About Group Readings That May Surprise You


Attending a group reading event either online or in-person brings your loved ones closer. The souls who gather when there’s a medium around can be very determined about getting their message out – either during the event, or afterwards through signs and signals! Here are some things to keep in mind when you attend one of my events:


1. No matter who I’m speaking to, if a message resonates with you, take it! Sometimes when I’m doing a reading, people in the audience will sit up and frantically try to get my attention. They might identify with the description of the soul, the circumstances of their death, or the message itself. They often worry that someone else has “stolen” their message – but the truth is more complicated than that. Sometimes a message applies to more than one person in the room. Souls in Heaven are all connected, and often one message can piggyback on another. You’ll sense it if this is happening – so don’t doubt yourself, and don’t worry! Just accept it and give your loved one in Heaven the chance to get their message across. 


2. Don’t tune out when someone else is getting a reading. Souls have SO much wisdom to share, and this is your chance to learn from them. I’ve had so many people get closure from other people’s messages – the mother who lost their child to an overdose or suicide may hear from another Soul who passed the same way, and gain an understanding that helps them deal with their grief and release their guilt. A parent on the other side may beg their children to stop fighting over their inheritance, and reconnect with one another – and that message hits home with others in the audience. Spirit works in mysterious ways, so keep your ears open for insights that can change your life. 


3. The healing energy is felt by everyone in the room. You’ve heard me say this before, but when Souls gather and the living focus their energy on connecting with them, you can feel it in the air. A mediumship event is the perfect place to embrace that feeling. Trust that the energetic frequency will remain when you leave the event, helping you feel close to your loved ones. Keep an eye out for signs and signals from them – now that you’re on the same wavelength,  if they can’t reach you at the event, they’ll keep on trying.   


Souls are Not Limited By Time and Space


I know that when I talk about Souls in Heaven, It sounds as if they’re no different than you or I. While they come through to me very much as they did when they were alive, they have one big difference. They’ve left their physical body behind, and they are pure energy. Here’s what that means when it comes to mediumship… You can get just as accurate a reading on Zoom as you can when you attend a live event! Think about it!

The Soul is all the way in Heaven, so having you in Minneapolis while I’m in my office in Rhode Island is no problem! In fact, I’ve noticed that readings at my online events come a little easier, because there are fewer distractions. You get all the positive energy, healing, wisdom and joy that comes from attending a mediumship event, from the comfort of home without the hassle of travel and traffic. 


Schedule Some Healing in the New Year! 


If your New Year’s resolution is to gain closure and heal from the loss of a loved one, I encourage you to join me at one of my upcoming events, In-person or online. I hope I’ve opened your eyes to all of the benefits, and maybe put some concerns to rest. Happy New Year! I look forward to meeting you and your loved ones in Spirit, in 2024.