You don’t have to be a psychic medium to experience a heart-healing encounter with a loved one who has passed. In fact, you can feel their presence just about any time. But there’s one part of the day when it’s most likely to happen, and here’s why…

Souls in Heaven require a clear space in order to connect with you, energetically. That space is within YOU, and it’s not always available. Most of us are so preoccupied with work assignments, office politics, household chores, financial activities, and the dozens of small tasks and concerns that fill up an average day that there’s little room for Spirit to come through. 


Spirits Visit When You Are Most Receptive 


It’s not until after your head hits the pillow that your mind clears and an energetic space opens up in your soul. That’s when the spirit of a loved one may come and visit you in your dreams. So many people assume that when they dream of a loved one who has died, it’s not a “real” visit. Let me assure you that it is!

This is not wishful thinking or your imagination but a powerful healing experience known as dream visitations. During these dreams your loved one may come through with a message or you may just see them standing there. You can hug them, ask them a question or just soak in their presence. If you have had an experience like this, you’ve been officially visited by Spirit.


How Mediums Connect 


If you’ve never had a deceased loved one reach out to you while you slept, or if you don’t tend to remember your dreams, it may help you to understand how spiritually gifted people, like psychics and mediums, pick up messages and insights. Whatever the time of day, mediums connect with the Other Side through thoughts and feelings. 


What do those connections feel like? The closest I can come to describing the sensation is to say that it feels like a daydream. When I raise my vibration to connect with a Soul, it’s as if I’m here – yet not here. It’s like when you’re lost in your own thoughts and your mind wanders and suddenly you’re in another world. 


When I’m getting ready to do a reading, I meditate and clear my mind of all the day-to-day thoughts like the items on my to-do list, the weather, bills, appointments, and what’s on the news. Meditation is like taking a big rake or shovel and clearing thoughts away, leaving a smooth clean path for the Spirit world to come through.  


The Most Popular “Visiting Hours” Start When You’re Deeply Asleep! 


When your loved one has something to tell you, they will work to find the best way possible to connect with you. While you’re in an open state, like after meditation or while you’re asleep, your loved one will take advantage of the opportunity and slip into your thoughts.


An ideal time for this is when you are in a deep, sound sleep, usually around 3:00-4:00 in the morning, when your mind has had time to open itself up naturally, leaving your loved ones with a “clear path” so they can visit you. A spirit visitation might be as simple as your loved one showing up for you, even if they say nothing. 


Some visitation dreams are more intense. In this scenario, your loved one does more than play a passive role. They show up with a specific purpose, such as providing advice or warning you about something. These visitation dreams can happen at any time, but they may be more likely to occur during moments of grief or life transitions. While they’re happening you’ll have the sense that these interactions are real and that they contain important information. 


Setting the Stage For Spirit Visitations 


Because Souls in Heaven exist as pure energy, one way to encourage them to join you in your dreams is by putting something in or near your bed that holds their energy. Set their reading glasses on the bedside table or put their hat or tee shirt on your pillow – then before you fall asleep, think about them and send out a thought inviting them to visit you. 


What if you don’t dream? Certain medications or sleep disorders can impede your ability to dream but that doesn’t mean your loved ones aren’t there! You might not dream, but you can still feel their presence, or see signs that they’re with you. 


One Final Point…


I want you to embrace the idea that your loved ones can connect with you through dreams, but here’s one example where that isn’t the case. If you have uncomfortable dreams where your loved one is angry or confrontational, that is most likely coming from your own fear, guilt, or grief.

You might dream about your dad being disappointed because you sold the family home, or your mother being angry that you lost her wedding ring. The source of those dreams are your own thoughts. Take comfort in knowing that after they pass over, Souls in Heaven don’t care a bit about worldly things like real estate and jewelry!


Feel Closer to Your Loved Ones in Heaven


Knowing that your loved one is only a thought – or a dream – away can take the edge off of missing them, but sometimes you need a little nudge to truly feel their presence. Being around other people who are receiving messages can help you be more open to receiving your own signs and messages from Spirit.

People often tell me that when they attend one of my in-person or online events, whether they are selected to get a personal reading or not, they gain a deeper sense of their loved ones around them.

Check out my event page and give it a try! After soaking in the divine energy that occurs when Souls reunite with their loved ones through a medium, you might find that you see more signs, feel your loved ones around you more intensely, and experience vivid, healing dream visitations.