One of the reasons I love doing group reading events is that everyone in the audience leaves the room with an insight or piece of information that they didn’t have when they arrived. Now don’t misunderstand me! This wisdom doesn’t come from me, at least not directly. I’m just doing my job as a medium –  channeling the things Souls in Heaven want you to know. 


Those Souls have a lot to say, and it’s important to listen closely, even when the message isn’t directed at you. Here’s why…


Once your dearly departed has spent some time in Heaven, they gain a whole new perspective on the life they left behind. When they come through with a message, the information they share doesn’t just benefit the one person who it’s intended for. It can help, heal, and guide multiple people in the room – including the medium! 


It might seem strange to think that your Uncle Walter or Aunt Emily, who were perfectly normal people when they were alive, can be the source of such profound  wisdom once they’ve passed over. But they can be, and here are a few of the reasons why: 


  • They have revisited their entire existence during their life review, and have seen the effects of their words and actions – not just on themselves, but on the people around them. They have a unique perspective on the aspects of their life that truly mattered most, and the ones that seemed important at the time, but didn’t make a bit of difference in the long run. 


  • They have all the wisdom in the Universe at their disposal, and are able to share their knowledge with their loved ones on Earth through me. Because their vision is so clear, the messages are valuable for everyone who hears them. 


  • Because they have left their worldly “baggage” like fear, resentment, and pain behind when they crossed over, their perspective on life is crystal clear. They have nothing to hide, and are not trying to impress me, their loved ones, or anyone else.


  • Their goal is to help the living to live their best lives, and they’re in a perfect position to do so because they know firsthand how precious and short life can be.


Sometimes, it’s the little things that matter most. 


Of course, I hear some of the same themes over and over, and they’re about pretty serious stuff. For instance, your loved ones in Heaven know just how important family is. The last thing they want to see is their beloved children fighting over their inheritance, or being at odds with each other for any reason. 


They know that while work is important, money isn’t something that you can take with you when you pass. They often urge their loved ones to have the confidence to take a chance, and pursue their passion instead of playing it safe.


But in addition to the big messages like family, forgiveness, and having the courage to follow your dreams, the dead know that sometimes, the little things in life, the small pleasures they left behind, matter a lot.  


Even though they’re able to watch over you, they’d give anything to share the everyday stuff – going to a ballgame, playing cards, or having a cup of coffee and a donut together. Now, when they see people taking small blessings for granted, they do their best (through me) to send out a wake-up call: 


  • They want you to look up from your phone and really listen when your spouse or the kids are telling you about their day. 
  • They hope you soak up the beauty that’s all around you, from pink sunrises and golden sunsets to the stars in the night sky. 
  • They know that you can brighten someone’s day with a smile or an act of kindness, and they want you to take every opportunity to do so. 
  • They see that some of the purest, most unconditional love comes from your pets, and that they don’t live nearly long enough – so take that long walk with your dog, or give kitty a few extra neck rubs. 
  • They realize that so many things we worry so much about, like money, and gaining weight, or keeping up with the neighbors, doesn’t matter for long. 


I consider myself lucky to be able to learn from the Souls who share their wisdom with me. By passing them on to you, I hope it can remind you of those things that make our time here special and meaningful. Next time you attend one of my reading events, either at a theater or on Zoom, I hope you’ll listen closely to every message, and take what you can to benefit your own life!