The best part about Heaven is that there is no cemetery and everyone in Heaven lives forever without illness. It is so amazing to see those who were so sick when they were alive transition into Heaven where they have been healed. It is always amazing to see the comfort that families received when they find out that their Dad who had passed away and could not walk is now running around and shaking his legs. Or a little boy who had autism when he was here in this world and could not speak, but can finally speak now that he is in Heaven and is relaying message after message of all the beautiful things that his family had done for him when he was here in this world.

One of the most inspiring stories about the miracles that Heaven brings was at one of my Live Events. I had saw a young boy standing behind a woman no older than 30 years old. I walked over to tell her a young boy was standing behind her and asked if this was her son. Starting to cry, she shook her head. Fast visions followed of the traumatic illness he faced here in this world. He showed me him being in a wheelchair and having to be fed by a feeding tube and not being able to speak. He showed me that immediately upon entering Heaven, he was now cured.

He wanted his mom to know not to hold onto the pain of feeling like she did not do enough for him. He remembered the times that his mom had brought over other children to play with him, quit her day job to take care of him, and had devoted her life to making sure that all of his needs were met and that he had lived a “normal” life. He wanted her to know that he knew she felt that he was robbed, or that he did not have a very good quality of life here in this world, because of his illness, but wanted her to know that because of her he never knew that he was sick or ill.

He remembered sharing a last birthday before he had his transition into Heaven, and wanted his mom to know that he was now fine and just like all of the other kids. He kept telling her, “If only you could see me now, you would see that I have no more pain. I am free.” This is the same with all of our loved ones. Pain, suffering and illness are all things that only living beings on Earth are faced with. Once we transition to the other side, all is left behind and we start our new life in paradise.

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