Have you ever heard your name being called, but when you went to answer, nobody was there ?

It doesn’t surprise me. It’s actually those in spirit testing the psychic connection with you. Many times, they will call your name using a familiar voice. Sometimes, it’s a loved one’s voice who is living, and other times, you may even hear your name being called by your loved one who has passed on. Sometimes, the voice comes through so clearly, you could swear the person was just in the next room or standing behind you. You are not crazy, and yes, it is real. You might notice that when this happens, you are not alarmed but instead, a soothing and sudden calmness comes over you. You might even wonder, who is calling my name, and why? Here is the reason why this is happening to you.

You are sensitive to those in spirit.

Those in spirit know whom they can communicate with and whom they can’t. If you are sensing and feeling those in spirit around you, it means you have a higher level of intuition than most people, allowing you to hear things that normal people wouldn’t. Those with high levels of intuition, or those who are highly sensitive, are the best people for spirit to reach. They are able to pick up and feel things on a different level with little to no effort. Spirit can tell who is more in tune than others, and those are the people they will reach out to. It just means you are an open channel and not closed off to these kinds of communications.

Those you love are reminding you they are close by.

These gentle reminders, like hearing your name being called, normally come at a time when you least expect it, but most often, it is when you need to feel your loved one’s presence. When you are going through major life changes that are causing you grief or if you are in a health, financial or relationship struggle, those in spirit want to remind you they are close by. They don’t want to alarm you, but they want to reassure you they are divinely helping you from above.

Spirit is learning how best to communicate with you.

Even though you may not realize it, those in spirit are trying to get your attention. So many times, I will give readings to people about a loved one who has passed on and the person will say to me, “I never feel my dad or loved one around me in spirit.”

The typical answer from that person who has passed on normally goes something like this:

“I’m trying to reach my daughter, but she doesn’t recognize it’s me; instead, she thinks her house is haunted!”

When a loved one in spirit can’t seem to get your attention, they will try again and again. They will use signs, symbols, dreams and other ways to remind you they are close by. Calling your name is just another way to get your attention and validate their nearness. Acknowledge it either out loud or in your heart. Let your loved one in spirit know that you know they are close by.

There may be an urgent message that Spirit needs to deliver.

Normally, the only reason a loved one would stop by and visit is if there is a message they need to deliver, or if a special date or anniversary is coming up. Think about it: why would you call someone on the phone if you didn’t have anything to talk about ? They want to remind you they are cheering you through every milestone you go through. When there is a birthday, anniversary or celebration, they are there. When you hear them call your name, it means more messages will follow. Pay close attention to the signs and the dreams they are sending you. They will use these channels to deliver the message a little bit better.

Someone may have recently passed away.

Another reason why your loved one might be calling your name is if that person you are hearing recently died. After a loved one passes, the first thing they do is try to let you know they are ok. Although sometimes it can take up to a year for them to come through, you may hear them call your name to let you know they have made it home to Heaven so you do not need to worry.

How to strengthen your psychic connection.

If you are sensitive to those in spirit, I would encourage you to learn more about your connection. You can start by joining my Signs from Heaven online video class by clicking here. Talk to your loved ones in spirit daily and let them know you are open to receiving messages from them. Let them know it is ok to send you signs and dreams . It helps to keep a journal to record all the messages you hear and feel from them. Heaven gives us all a cellphone to call our loved ones who have passed on. They are only a thought away. It’s up to us to believe in that connection and to use it to stay in touch with those we love and miss so deeply.

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