Whether I’m standing on stage or live on Zoom, when I share messages from Heaven the Souls who show up have one thing in common. They come from a place of love, forgiveness and healing. 


It’s not the same with the living. Life on earth can be difficult, and as you go about your day, you’re bound to encounter some people whose energy is NOT so positive. From that grumpy neighbor who keeps your kids’ soccer ball when it bounces into his yard, to the overly aggressive driver in the pickup truck who cuts you off in traffic, to the super-competitive coworker who does her best to make you look bad in front of the boss, there are plenty of negative, rude, even toxic people in the world. So why don’t I get nasty messages from Heaven? There’s a simple reason for that. That kind of behavior doesn’t exist on the other side. 


A LOT of people who attend my readings worry that someone they care about may not have made it to Heaven, but often, the behavior those individuals demonstrated on Earth wasn’t entirely their fault. A person may have suffered from depression, struggled with addiction, or died by suicide. They might have had a terrible upbringing and never learned to love, or might have been in so much physical or emotional pain that it affected the way they lived their lives. Their loved ones often pray for their souls to be at peace, and I love having the chance to prove to them that not only is their loved one in Heaven, but they have transformed into a better version of themselves.


Leave Your Baggage at the Gates.


When damaged people make their way to heaven’s gates, something amazing happens. They go through a Life Review, where they revisit every aspect of their life on earth – the good, the bad, and the ugly. 


No one is perfect. We’re human, and we all show up in Heaven with baggage. But since Heaven is a place of peace and love, before we enter we must leave our negative baggage at the door! For most Souls, the life review takes care of that. During this review, souls see their life with absolute clarity, including their good and bad deeds, the opportunities they missed, and the effect that they had on others. They’re no longer in their human form, so they’re not seeing these experiences through the filter of anger, or addiction, or mental illness. Now that they no longer struggle with Earthly limitations, they are able to own up to the mistakes they’ve made, and they usually are remorseful and  motivated to make amends. 


I remember a reading I did a few months ago. The woman in the audience was surprised when her father came through, because she didn’t think he was in Heaven. He had been a self-centered alcoholic who abandoned his family and never looked back – until he died. When he went through his life review, the cloud of alcoholism was no longer in the way, and he was so sorry for how he had treated his family. He couldn’t wait to own up to his mistakes and apologize to his daughter. The reading was healing for both of them, and the woman left the event looking so much lighter and happier. 


Not Everyone Makes it to Heaven


Most people who pass over are admitted into Heaven, but there are a small group of people who are truly evil. Even during their life review, when those people are presented with the terrible things they’ve done and the people they hurt, they have no empathy, and no remorse. The few souls that fall into this category are unable to pass over, and must stay behind as earthbound spirits. These are the spirits who haunt the earth and can potentially do us harm. But in my years as a medium, I’ve only encountered a couple of malignant souls, and when I did, they had no power over me. 


There are ways to avoid being negatively affected by earthbound spirits. 


  • Don’t look for trouble! These malignant souls won’t appear unless you go looking for them. There’s a reason why I don’t mess around with Ouiji boards, and why I urge others to leave them alone too. Also, even though I get lots of calls from people wanting me to visit haunted houses or go “ghost hunting” I always say no. 


  • Know that evil spirits want to be alone. They will crawl to the deepest darkest places and hide. Even if you were to move into a haunted house, opening the doors and windows, filling the house with love and light, and putting family photos around would encourage dark spirits to move on. 


  • Use psychic protection. Before every reading event, I take a moment in private to pray to my angels and guides. I set my intention and invite only those loving souls to appear who want the best for the members of the audience. You can protect yourself too, by simply imagining yourself bathed in pure, white light. 


If you’re worried that someone you love didn’t make it to Heaven, or are afraid of crossing paths with an earthbound spirit, let me leave you with this thought. For over ten years, I’ve been actively connecting with Spirit just about every day and I can count on one hand the number of truly evil souls I’ve encountered. Most people aren’t perfect, and they might struggle during their life, but at a soul level, they’re good. If they are capable of showing remorse when their life review reveals the people they’ve hurt, they have the chance to make amends and spend eternity in Heaven. 

If you’ve been avoiding getting a reading because you’re afraid someone you love might not be in Heaven, I hope I’ve given you something to think about. To experience the Spirit connection for yourself, join me at an in-person or online event – I just added some new ones to my website, so there’s sure to be something that works for you!