Why Souls Don’t Celebrate Their Birthdays in Heaven


Have you ever tried to figure out how old your loved one is in Heaven? You might think, “Hmm, let’s see, Grandma died when she was 89, and that was 20 years ago. Does that mean she’s 109 now?” Absolutely not. She’s not 109, and she’s not 89 either. In fact, your age is one of the things you don’t take with you when you pass over. Your body houses your soul during your time on earth, but when you die, your soul transitions and you leave your body behind. Souls in Heaven get to  “travel light” without clothes,  jewelry, or any earthly possessions. And they definitely don’t need any clocks or watches – because they’re in Heaven for eternity, time is irrelevant! 


Leaving Time Behind


I’m excited to share insights about Heaven that I’ve learned over the course of many readings. We all want to know what the afterlife is really like, and it’s really interesting to understand time (or the absence of it) from a Soul’s perspective. Let’s start with when you’re alive. During your physical lifetime, every year matters. Each birthday marks another milestone passed on your life’s journey.  You are on this planet to use this time to face challenges, learn lessons, create memories, share love, and fulfill your destiny. 


As humans, we see our “lifetime” as all the time we have. But it’s different in Heaven.


Your age marks the amount of time you’ve been alive on Earth; when you pass over time just stops. The important connections you made on Earth stay with you in the afterlife, but Heaven is eternal, so there are no hours, days, weeks, or years.


That’s why your loved ones don’t celebrate their own birthdays, anniversaries, or any other milestone date after they pass over. However, they will be there in Spirit when you enjoy your own special days, and they especially enjoy watching you make progress on your life’s journey. 


When someone dies, the people left behind may feel their absence even more on the birthday or anniversary of their death. Souls don’t want you to be sad on that particular day. In fact, they don’t want you to be sad at all, because they’re doing just fine, and they are always around you! But they do enjoy their memories of you, and want you to remember the happy times you shared with them.


Thanks for the Memories!


Here’s another crazy thing. As you go through your life, it’s impossible to remember everything. A few early memories may stand out, but for the most part, you don’t remember your first steps, your first birthday party (or your second or third), and many other events you experienced when you were young. As we get older, our brains can only hold so much. If you’re anything like me, you’re probably thinking,”Right, Matt, I can barely remember what I had for breakfast!” That’s okay, you don’t need to remember everything while you’re alive.


But those memories are not lost forever. Even if someone was suffering from Alzheimers, dementia, or were distracted and not paying attention when they were alive, when a soul transitions, all the things they experienced in their life, significant and insignificant, come rushing back. 


That’s why, if you get a reading, you might notice that your loved one will share all kinds of memories of you. They’ll jump from something that happened when you were very young, to your wedding. They will even have memories that happened to you after they died. 


That’s right. Time isn’t important in Heaven, but memories are treasured.


When it Comes to Memories, The Line Between Heaven and Earth is Blurred.


I just did an online reading for a woman whose mother died when she (the daughter) was just six years old. The woman wasn’t sure if she could get a good reading, because her mom had passed so early in her life – but as the reading went on, she was shocked to learn that her mom had memories from when they were together, and also up to the present day! In the reading, it was clear that her mom was still watching over her daughter, and the grandchildren she had never met in life, and had the loving memories to prove it.  


Here’s another interesting fact about the memories Souls retain in Heaven. When they go through their life review they  recall EVERYTHING with total clarity and understanding! Every step they took, every person they interacted with. They not only see the people they met, but also fully understand why their path crossed with them. 


Your loved ones watch over you with pure love. They want to see you make the connections and have the experiences you need to grow. Sometimes they will send you a sign to let you know they’re around, or give you a nudge to keep you on course. They want to see you make the most out of your life, and to be happy. 


Next time you attend a live mediumship event, in-person or online, and are selected for a reading, know that you will be connecting with the soul, the essence, of your loved one. No matter how old they were or what state they were in when they passed, you can be confident that from their place in Heaven, they will have perfect, loving recall of their time with you.