Have you ever wished you had the opportunity to say ‘goodbye” ?


When you lose someone close to you it hurts, no matter what the circumstances. But when someone dies late in life or after a long illness, you at least have the chance to tie up loose ends and resolve unfinished business. Most importantly, you have time to share your deepest feelings and say goodbye.

The saddest thing is when you don’t get to say goodbye to a loved one. When someone passes over unexpectedly, friends and family are left regretting all the things left unsaid. If this has happened to you, you would probably give anything for just a few more minutes with that person.

When I do a reading, I’m basically giving someone those precious few minutes they have longed for. It’s so gratifying to be able to ease someone’s mind by giving them a chance to say goodbye and letting them know their loved one is safe and at peace on the other side.

“Nobody is going to die.”

I once did a reading at an event for a couple who had lost their young son to cancer. The little boy came through with a beautiful message for his parents. After the event, the father told me something that really touched my heart.

“A few weeks before he died, my son came up to me and said, Dad, no one in this family is going to die. It seemed like an odd thing for him to say at the time, but today it makes sense. I realize that my son never really left us – he is still right here.”

If you are dealing with guilt, sadness, and frustration because you didn’t get to say goodbye before your loved one passed, take comfort in the fact that it’s never too late. They’re not really gone – they are still watching over you, and they hear and see everything!

Here are five ways to say goodbye to a loved one in Heaven – even if you think you missed your chance:
  • Talk to them! Let them know everything you didn’t get the chance to tell them while they were alive. Tell them what they meant to you, what you learned from them. Thank them for being in your life. And you don’t have to walk around muttering to yourself- your loved ones hear you whether you talk to them out loud or in your head .


  • Write a letter. Some people love writing their thoughts down. If that’s you, don’t hesitate to put pen to paper any time you want to connect with your dearly departed. You can keep your letter, burn it in the fireplace, put it in a bottle and toss it in the ocean! It doesn’t matter how you “send” it – your loved one will get the message!


  • Honor them with a special ritual. Funerals are a way for the living to honor the person who has passed, but it might be hard for you to say goodbye when the grief is so fresh and there are so many people around. It might help to create a special ritual to say goodbye. Write a message on a balloon or release a paper lantern up into the heavens. You can even write your loved one a message on a sandy beach, and let the waves wash it away.


  • Remember them with a song. If there’s a song that reminds you of the person you’re missing, make it a point to think of them whenever you hear it. A friend of mine feels the presence of her grandfather every December when she hears “The Little Drummer Boy,” That was Grandpa’s favorite song, and she says a silent “Merry Christmas” to him every time it plays.


  • Be aware of the signs. Your loved one is always with you, and they’ll send you signs if you’re open to receive them. To encourage them, ask them to send a penny, a butterfly, or a bird to let you know they’re around. You’ll be surprised at how quickly they will come through!


Losing a friend or family member is hard. There is no easy way to say goodbye to someone you love and no perfect time to let go, but it helps to realize that souls never really die, and they are still around, sending you love. I hope you will make it to one of my group reading. Each is a special experience where I will be helping you connect with your loved ones that have passed on. Click Here, to find upcoming group readings near you.