Have you ever heard people talk about reincarnation or remembering things from a past life?

Reincarnation is the belief that after death, one’s spirit can be reborn into a new body. It has been around for thousands of years and it is still practiced today by people all over the world.

Reincarnation can be studied through past lives, psychic readings, or through young children who recall life before birth.

Here are some of the things I have been told by spirit…


1: Reincarnation happens when you do not fulfill your role here on earth.


To understand this, you must know that each soul has a specific purpose for coming on earth. Reincarnation occurs when the person dies before they are able to fulfill their role here on earth and it is believed that in order for them to learn the lessons of love, forgiveness, courage etc., they will be granted another chance at life.

Reincarnation is not a punishment, but instead part of the natural order of the Universe.


2: Not every soul will reincarnate.


This is a very interesting aspect of reincarnation. Reincarnation does not always occur, but when it does happen there are specific guidelines and conditions that have to be met before the soul will be granted another chance at life on earth.

It happens only when a soul dies too soon or lives a selfish life causing them to lose their path.

For example, I once did a reading where a woman had a miscarriage. That same soul that was lost was reborn when she became pregnant for a second time.

Reincarnation can also happen if someone’s death was so violent or painful, it caused them to lose focus and slip from their path of learning what they were supposed to while here on earth.

For example, a person who passed by suicide may reincarnate because of the many regrets they have for taking their life.


3: Some souls will reincarnate as pets.


Reincarnation can happen in any form, not just human. Reincarnating as an animal is a specific job that some souls will take on.

For example, I once did a reading where a seeing eye dog was actually a soul that was reincarnated. This dog was carrying out a mission to help its owner move past their mental disabilities and become an independent person.

It turns out the soul that came back as the seeing eye dog once lived a life here on Earth with disabilities of their own. They chose to come back and lead a life of service by helping someone.


4: Children will sometimes remember past lives.


Many times children will remember life before they were born and know things that are far beyond their years. This can be very frightening for them and they will often speak out about it.

I once did a reading where a young child was remembering dying as a solider on a battle field many years ago. These remembrances often come back as sudden and vivid psychic visions or daydreams.

Sometimes children will even remember specific details like what their name was, where they were living, or what talents they once had. Sometimes, these same talents are brought with them into their current life.

For example, if a child was an auto-mechanic in a past life, you may notice that they have a love of cars here in this world.

Even though it is common for children to have memories of past lives, parents should not be alarmed by this. Reincarnation has a huge part in the spirit world and it isn’t something that you can control or stop from happening.


5: Some Souls Reincarnate Back To Family


A woman I met recently reached out to me and was a little freaked out. Her daughter would tell her that she once took care of her and fed her as a baby. At first, the mom didn’t think too much of it.

However, her daughter kept talking about this past life and would tell her mother detailed things about how she used to take care of her as a baby girl around the age of two years old back in 1941. The child was only four at that time!

When her Mom started questioning her, it turns out she found a direct connection to what her daughter was describing her great great grandmother. Her Mom never mentioned this grandmother and didn’t have pictures of her in her house. However, the little girl described what she looked like in perfect detail down to the color clothes she wore!


6: Reincarnation can happen Many times.


I have been told by spirit that some souls can be reincarnated hundreds or even thousands of times. Spirit tells me that some souls choose to reincarnate over and over again to learn everything the universe has to offer or to assist the living here on Earth.

Reincarnating teaches us about value of hard work because we must put time into learning from mistakes made during past lives before progressing to the next stage of reincarnation.

Spirit also tells me that there are certain cases where the soul will come back as different genders or races.

Some eventually reach their highest form and no longer need or want to come back.


7: Reincarnation is a personal choice


Not all souls have to reincarnate, but it’s their free will to do so!

Reincarnation isn’t something that always happens by default or because you weren’t living your life correctly . Reincarnating might be a way for some spirits to better understand the human world and therefore make them more able as spiritual guides when they return back home.

I have been told by spirit there are even those who move from one body into another in order to experience different lives all together. In other words: same person, just with a new body each time!

For example, a doctor may choose to reincarnate to return to Earth with a cure to a disease or illness.

A soul that once passed tragically may choose to return to earth as a Good Samaritan to save someone from living their same fate.

A scientist might reincarnate to return to Earth to continue their life’s work and research that he was not able to do while he was alive.

Lastly, Reincarnation is a life lesson in learning patience and understanding that everything in life is a lesson, including when things don’t go our way.


Learning Through Spirit Readings


Everything that I have learned about reincarnation has been through the many readings I have given. Each time I am giving a reading, I learn something new about Heaven and the ways that spirit communicates with us. If you have been curious to learn more about the afterlife or if you would like to hear a message from a loved one, I hope you will join me for a LIVE online reading event by Clicking Here.