I was invited to be a guest on the Kelly Clarkson show to talk about my new book, When Heaven Calls and do a few readings. I’m a big fan of Kelly Clarkson, so of course it was a huge thrill to meet her in person. She was just as friendly and down to earth as I expected her to be! 

I sat down and we chatted for a minute, but I was quickly distracted by a soul who needed my attention. It was a mother standing behind her daughter, frantically signaling me that she had a message. 

I stepped off the stage into the audience.  As I approached the daughter I could feel her mother’s presence, and my heart started to flutter. I immediately felt like I couldn’t breathe. It was as if I was drowning. 

As you’ll see in the video  below the woman confirmed that her mom’s final days were spent on a respirator due to a heart attack.


Delivering The Message.

She wanted her daughter to know that she was watching over her and appreciated everything she had done to comfort her when she was in the hospital. She showed me a vision of her daughter sitting by her mother’s bedside all night so she wouldn’t be alone. The woman in the audience was stunned by these details, and I could tell that the reading really moved her.  

That’s exactly why I want to use my gift. It’s my mission to prove to people that those we love truly are never lost. They are by your side every single day. 

When I came back on stage, I could tell that Kelly was blown away by the reading – and also a little freaked out by the whole thing. 

Kelly  said, “I am so glad I can’t see dead people! Dead people, if you’re in the room – I can’t handle it!” 

Messages of Love and Support.

I totally get that people feel that way, and my goal is to make everyone understand that there’s nothing freaky or scary about mediumship. It’s really the opposite – someone reaching out from heaven to send you a message is coming from a place of love, and it’s meant to be comforting and healing. 

Still, it’s not something most people are familiar with! 

There is not a day that goes by that I’m not asked what it’s like to see dead people. Not surprisingly, people have a million questions. 

“How do you do what you do ?” 

“What is it like being psychic?” 

“How do you spirits communicate with you?”

“Do you actually see ghosts?” 

The truth is that there are many ways spirit communicates with me. 

It’s not exactly like having a conversation with a living person. I see them, hear them, sense them, and feel them – then I have to put the message together, kind of like assembling pieces of a puzzle.

For example, when I look out into the audience I will see the departed person sitting behind an audience member. It happens in a flash, and normally I see a fast apparition and know that the audience member has lost a Mom, Dad, best friend, or child. 

Spirit will lead me to where I need to go and who I need to talk to. The moment I make a connection with that person, lighting fast psychic sensations follow. 

Spirits will use my body to communicate what they felt and experienced before they died. For example, if someone died of a heart attack I feel my heart start to flutter, if they pass of a brain aneurysm I will feel a slight head pressure. 

I will also see fast visions much like dreaming. That’s spirit’s way of communicating  important memories. 

It doesn’t matter what language the person used to speak. Heaven’s language is universal. Souls communicate with me in signs and symbols that I will understand to get through the message. 

Recognizing Signs from Heaven.

While I’m fortunate to have the gift of connecting with souls on the other side, anyone can feel connected to loved ones who have passed. Your loved ones often send messages and signs from Heaven. When you are open and able to recognize these signs, you might be surprised at how often they occur. 

Whether you are at the store, taking a walk by yourself, or in the audience of a Kelly Clarkson show, your loved ones are always right there with you, communicating with you using signs and symbols.

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