Have you been experiencing SIGNS and wondering who is sending them to you or where they are coming from?

If so, I have an exciting opportunity for you to explore & learn about the fascinating world of spirit communication alongside one of the best psychics out there, MY MOM! Together we will start by teaching you the two types of SIGNS.

The first type of signs are those sent by your loved ones who have passed away, aiming to show you that they are still around you and watching over you. These signs may manifest as familiar scents, meaningful objects, or synchronistic events that evoke memories of your departed loved ones.

The second type of signs are those sent by your spirit guides, whose purpose is to assist you on your life path and provide guidance and support. These signs may come in the form of intuitive nudges, unexpected opportunities, or repetitive patterns that offer insights and direction in your journey.

Understanding the distinction between these two types of signs can greatly enhance your ability to recognize and interpret the messages from the spirit world.

During this LIVE interactive workshop, we’ll delve deep into the secret language of signs that bridge the gap between the living and the spirit world.

Whether it’s recurring numbers, unexpected encounters, or other unique symbols, these signs are powerful messages that the spirit world is using to reach you, and speak to you.

But here’s the thing: understanding these signs and decoding their messages can be a bit tricky. That’s where my Mom and I come in!

We’ll guide you through the process of recognizing, interpreting, and receiving messages from the spirit world.


Here’s what we’ll cover:


Understanding Spirit Signs: Learn to recognize the various signs and symbols that spirits use to communicate and what sign each sign means.

Decoding Messages: Gain insights into interpreting the meanings behind these signs and the hidden message that each carries.

Receiving Signs: Discover how to open yourself to receive messages from the spirit world more clearly and how to call upon signs from your Angels, Spirit Guides and Loved Ones that have died.

Live Psychic Readings: My Mom and I will be giving LIVE readings and sharing messages directly from the spirit world.

Psychic Advice: My Mom and I will be be helping you interpret the signs you have been receiving during the LIVE Q&A


Can’t attend the live event? No worries! We’ll make sure you receive a recording within 24 hours of the webinar’s conclusion so you won’t miss out on this incredible opportunity.



Seats are limited, so don’t wait too long to secure your spot.