I can’t believe how many of my friends are still working from home after Covid. They’re still as productive and busy as ever – it’s just that their companies now realize it’s not necessary for employees to physically come into the office every day. Employers have a choice and can decide if people are better off working from home, coming into the office, or doing a hybrid of both.


It’s the same for me! I’ve chosen the “hybrid option.”


I’m happy to be back on the road again, but can’t imagine ever giving up my Online Group Readings on Zoom. I love the fact that people can join me from anywhere, anytime, even if they’re unable to travel or have some other restriction (like, for instance, the fact that gas is $6.00 a gallon).


And even after all this time, I’m surprised by how many people still ask me questions like “How can you give a psychic reading on the phone or by Zoom. Don’t you need the person to be in the room with you?”


I guess the simplest answer is that I don’t need anyone to be in the room with me – not the person getting the reading, and not the soul in heaven. The connection happens at a much higher level – it transcends the physical.


Your Own Energy is the “Link” to Your Loved One in Heaven


When people question how I can connect to spirit remotely, it doesn’t upset me. In fact, I like having the chance to demonstrate how Heaven works and that spirit is EVERYWHERE and more importantly, to show how souls will do just about anything to connect to the ones they love most -YOU!


To this day, I’m still amazed that when I enter a theater to do a live show, not a soul is there. My footsteps echo in a big empty room. However, the moment people start to enter, they bring their loved ones in spirit with them and next thing you know the room is filled with both the living and the dead.


That EXACT same thing happens during my online group readings on Zoom. I sign in a few minutes early to meditate and get in the zone, and the event starts off quietly. But the moment people start to sign on I begin to hear voices and get impressions of their loved ones.


The same way as when I’m onstage, I can sense a son looking to connect with his mother, a husband who wants me to communicate with his wife, a sister looking to share a message with her brother, and on and on. I can tell which souls are especially determined to wrap up unfinished business, which ones are shy about coming through, and I feel all the different emotions.


A Conference Call with the Other Side


How is this possible? How can your loved ones be with you, but also talking with me? Think of it like a 3-way telephone conference. You call me up on the phone or connect with me on Zoom and your loved one is there – as if they’re attending the event or added to the call.


If you think about it, they’re never physically in the room with us – even if we’re together. We share an energetic connection, and if they can join us from Heaven, you can certainly connect from New York City, Idaho, Germany, or wherever you happen to be!


Who is My Loved One With?


I had a woman write to me who was so confused. She woke up from an incredibly vivid dream of her Father that had died years earlier. Excited to share the news with her sister, she ran and grabbed the phone, only to find out that her sister had the exact same dream at the exact same time she did!


She was puzzled, was her dad visiting her or her sister? The answer is both.


Heaven is a place where your loved ones can be in multiple places at once. They just think of who they want to visit or see, and instantly there are there. Its kind of like television. From our homes we can be in many places. Just by changing the channel we watch the news, see stories, sporting events and conferences LIVE from anywhere around the world.


Your loved ones do just that, they use a special ‘channel’ to be able to tune into us and connect with us no matter where you are. For them its just like changing the channel on the TV remote.


The Bottom Line – Spirit is Everywhere, All The Time


There’s something exciting and fun about attending a live event, and you know I love being on stage and connecting with people on person. But you don’t have to get on a plane or in your car and travel to receive a strong, accurate reading.


Still not convinced? I promise, it will just take a few minutes during a group reading event for you to see for yourself. Think of it this way, if I can receive messages from souls on the other side, I can easily connect with a living person anywhere on Earth.


When you realize how the love connection you share with that special Soul isn’t dependent on being together physically, you’ll realize something else…


Spirit is energy, and that energy is with you everywhere you go. I love being able to bring you messages and healing from friends and family in Heaven and I’m blessed to be able to do that. I like to think that when I bring you that message, I’m giving you an even greater gift – the realization that your loved one ALWAYS THERE and you can feel them at any time, if you just open your heart.