Have you noticed that those in Spirit tend to reach out more during special times like Christmas Time and Holidays ?

There is not a doubt in my mind that you have already received a spiritual message from your loved one without even knowing it. Although it can be challenging this time of year, when you think about the memories spent with loved ones that have passed on, know that they have a special way of reaching out to you during the Holiday Season.

It’s true that the spirit of those you love on “The Other Side” are with you day to day, but this time of year pay careful attention because you may just receive an unexpected Christmas card from Heaven. I’m not talking about an actual Christmas card, but rather a divine sign that will bring you comfort in knowing that their presence is with you during the Holiday Season. Although signs from your loved ones may not be as in-your-face as you would like, they are the simple comforting gestures your loved ones can easily send to you to let you know they have not gone far. These signs from Heaven are like a language where they can send subtle messages and reminders for when you feel you need to know that they are there.

The way they communicate is through your energy, thoughts and daily life using signs and symbols from your surroundings. These signs can come in many ways, for example they may come to you in….

– A dream you have of them where they are happy and healthy.

– A familiar smell, such as a cologne, perfume, favorite cigar or a household smell that you smell out of nowhere and that triggers a memory of them.

– A song on the radio that is their favorite song, or one that you shared together with one another.

– A sign through nature, such as seeing their favorite bird or flower.

– Random past memories throughout the day that you haven’t thought about or haven’t remembered in years, or maybe you just feel a general warm gentle presence or feel a sense of your loved ones spirit in the room. 

They will use any form that they can, and that is allowed, to reach you. All are beautiful signs and reminders from your loved one that they will always remain with you. Normally these signs will keep repeating themselves over and over until you understand that it’s someone trying to communicate with you.

These messages they give you will normally come in a time of need, or during a life change or transition, when you need guidance, or around certain times of the holidays like now, when you may be thinking back and missing them. If you think you received a sign, but are not sure, then know that you probably did receive one. The more you accept and acknowledge the way they are communicating with you, and not write it off as coincidence, the more easily your loved one is able to reach out to you. The spiritual conversation with your loved one begins with you- open your heart and allow yourself to hear their call.

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