Have you ever experienced a coincidence so unique and perfectly timed that you’re convinced Spirit orchestrated the whole thing, just to send you a message?

A woman came up to me after an event wanting to share a story. She felt that as a medium I could validate her belief that she had received guidance from beyond. She had been in a difficult, emotionally abusive marriage and had reached a breaking point. “I knew it was killing me to stay, but I thought I should keep trying. I didn’t know what to do.” That evening, she checked her voicemail and heard her husband’s voice. Somehow, she was overhearing a conversation he was having. About her. “He was talking about diary entries I had written. Private things I had never shared with another person. He had read my diary and was mocking me.” Painful as it was to experience this betrayal, she listened to the whole message. “He must have had this conversation from his office phone,” she told me, “but his cell phone somehow called the house number at just the right time.” She looked at me with a pained expression. “I felt like my late grandmother had pressed talk on his cell phone, so it would call the house. As though she wanted me to hear what he said and see the kind of person he really is. That Message let me have the courage to leave. She found a way to reach me.” Tears welled in her eyes. “Am I crazy to believe that?”

To feel her grandmother’s presence, to believe she was being helped from the other side by a woman who had loved and nurtured her is not crazy. Not at all.

I have heard so many stories of perfectly timed voicemails, people who appear in our lives just when we need them, a song with just the right lyrics that help answer a difficult question. These experiences are too powerful to be mere coincidence. They are moments of synchronicity that bring comfort in times of pain and guidance in times of uncertainty. They are the signposts that help us know we are on the right path or help steer us onto a new one. We just need to open our eyes, and our hearts, to hear the message and receive the gift.

A friend once shared her own experience with learning to see and appreciate synchronicity in her own life. She started a practice of writing down three miracles a day. “When I first heard this suggestion, I thought it was crazy,” she told me. “Miracles were things that happen to saints, not to ordinary people.” She mocked the exercise at first. “I got the great parking spot right in front of Walmart,” she said. Miracle. But even that simple example helped open her eyes. In a sad moment, she saw a butterfly flit by. “It felt as though the universe were saying hello.” Miracle. Then, she had an unexpected expense followed immediately by an unexpected opportunity for extra money. Miracle. “Now, I see miracles everywhere,” she said.

Many people would dismiss these experiences as coincidence and miss the opportunity to feel the connectedness. Our loved ones are there, and they want to help us. Miracle, synchronicity, the touch of a hand from the other side. When our hearts are open, and we are willing to change our perspective, the universe conspires to help us along the journey.

If you want to work on changing your perspective, so you can start seeing coincidence as loving guidance, I encourage you to try my friend’s exercise. Write down three miracles a day and see what happens.

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