When a psychic or a medium talks about energy, they’re probably not referring to their electric bill. The energy they’re focusing on makes up every living thing, and is transferred between people, places, and objects. 

Understanding how to read energy isn’t just useful for psychics and mediums. Being sensitive and tuned-in to the vibrations around you is a skill that can be learned and developed, and it can help you make the right choices when it comes to relationships, jobs, and just about everything else! You can’t avoid energy, so it’s helpful to understand where it comes from and what it has to teach you. 


“Reading” the room.


Have you ever walked into a room and gotten a distinct emotional impression of the space? It may feel friendly and welcoming, or sad and ominous. You might sense that someone has been there recently, or that no one has entered for months. 

You don’t have to be psychic to pick up on these things. If you pay attention and listen to your intuition, tuning into the energy of a space provides you with all kinds of insights and impressions that can help you relate to the people who occupy it. If you’re spending time in a place or considering buying a new home, there are even things you can do to shift the energy and make it more comfortable to spend time in. 


Picking up the vibration of objects


When a medium or psychic holds an object, they can use their gift to tap into the energy stored within it and connect with the person or pet who used it. The insights come  in the form of images, feelings, and events from the past. Mediums can use that object as a conduit through which they can communicate with the soul of the deceased.

Once the connection is established, a medium has an open path to transmit messages from Souls in Heaven. While I don’t always use personal belongings to connect with the dead, I have gotten some amazingly vivid impressions with this technique. 

Tapping into the energy stored within an object can provide comfort when you lose someone you care about. When you’re mourning the loss of a loved one, just holding onto something that belonged to them can help you feel their presence, and it’s not just because the item reminds you of them. Part of their energy is actually stored within the physical object, making it feel as if a part of them is still with you.  


Clearing negative energy from places and things


Sometimes, objects and locations can store negative energies from emotionally charged events or troubling circumstances that happened in the past. Fortunately, that doesn’t have to cause that place or thing to be permanently tainted. They can be cleansed of these energies through energy healing, such as Reiki, or through spiritual actions or rituals.

Sometimes that cleansing can be as simple as opening the windows in a home, and letting fresh air and sunshine in. If you move into a home that feels sad and stale, the best thing to do is let in the light, fill the space with photos, invite people over, and do everything possible to let love and positivity replace the negative vibrations. 


Connecting through photographs 


Often, people will come to a mediumship event with a cherished photo of a loved one who has passed. While connecting through a photo doesn’t involve the retrieval of energy or information stored in it, it is still a helpful tool.  Some mediums will focus on the photograph in the same way they would a name. The photo helps create a link to the real soul in heaven, allowing for a three-way connection between the spirit medium, the loved one in spirit, and the recipient of the reading.

You can do this too! By placing photos of your loved ones who have passed away in your home, you invite in their energy to watch over the space and you. It even works for pets with pets that have passed on. 

Tap into your intuition for helpful insights.


Mediums don’t need objects or photographs to communicate with loved ones in spirit. Souls will come forward on their own to communicate during a reading because they orchestrated the events that brought the spirit medium and recipient together. However, the ability to read energy has many benefits – and not only for mediums and psychics. It’s not hard to do.

You can train yourself to be aware of the energy generated by places and things, and use photographs to connect with loved ones in Heaven. Set your intention to be mindful, open, and tune in to what your intuition is telling you. You’ll find reading energy can help you pick up on the feelings of the people around you, identify places where you feel safe and comfortable, and even feel the presence of souls in Heaven. 


How to find the right Psychic Medium. 


If you’re looking to connect with a loved one through a psychic medium, trust your gut, read the energy and follow your intuition to find the perfect match. It always brings me joy when people come to see me and share that they felt a divine calling to reach out. I truly believe that their departed loved ones have guided them to me in a special way.

If you’d like to connect with me for a reading, why not join me at an online reading event or catch me live on tour? When you attend an event either online or in person, it gives your loved one the opportunity to reach you with a message. You may be surprised to know who is with you and watching over you in spirit.