Have you every felt your intuition working but was not sure how to test it or strengthen it? Here is an exercise you can try over the weekend to help you strengthen your Intuition and awareness…

Intuition is that inner voice or feeling deep inside of you that is present anytime you have to make a decision or need guidance. Have you ever felt it? That voice or feeling is your intuition, and without you even recognizing it at times, it is there, helping you in many different ways. For example, have you ever had someone you haven’t spoken with in forever just pop into your head and that same week randomly bumped into them or heard about them? What about just the opposite? Have you ever had the feeling to call someone on the phone and then find out that they really needed to hear from you and were in need of guidance? These are all examples of your intuition. It’s that voice that is inside of you that yells, “Slow down!” when you are in the car to warn you before someone swerves out in front of you or reminds you to use caution when danger is near. Intuition is an ability that you were born with that is an innate sense. For example, we all have the five senses where you see, touch, hear, smell and taste, but your intuition is the sixth sense that is also there. It uses all of these signals combined to send messages through your body and alert you when you need a message. The more you listen to your intuition, the stronger it becomes.

In this exercise you will be testing your intuition by learning to trust the feelings and emotions that you will be sensing. What you will need for this exercise is a magazine filled with interviews of people such as celebrities. A gossip magazine would be ideal since you will be picking up on the people inside.

To start, pick up the magazine, hold it in your hands, but do not open it. Later we will turn to page 16 to see who is on that page, but for now just hold the closed magazine in your hands.

Now think about the 16th page and get a feeling of who could be on it. You are not looking for specific names or details. I just want you to feel.

Ask yourself these questions:


  1. Do you feel that it is a male or a female on the page?


  1. What color hair does this person have?


  1. What type of career are they in; Are they an actor, business per- son, or singer?


  1. Do you feel that it is an advertisement or a column talking about an actual person?


  1. What type of energy do you pick up? Is that person fun, out- going, and spontaneous? Or, do you feel that they are serious, laid back and calm?


Now, open to page 16. What did you find? Was your intuition right?

If you don’t get it the first time keep trying! You are just beginning, and you can try this with almost any magazine!

Don’t worry if you do not get it right at first. Intuition is an ability that strengthens the more that you use it. With time and practice it will grow much much stronger.

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