People expect me to be really into Halloween. They figure because I’m a medium, I’m into ghosts and hauntings and stuff like that. That’s not really the case. There’s nothing spooky about the work I do – it’s really the opposite. Most people will do anything to feel connected with their loved ones in Heaven, so I guess you could say they’re running toward those spirits, not away from them.

That doesn’t mean I don’t like Halloween. I think it’s fun!

Alexa and I love celebrating Halloween in the same way most people do. We get all dressed up every year and our families do too. I love the creativity that goes into the Halloween costumes and decorations, and it’s fun to see the kids running from door to door trick-or-treating.

Since I get so many questions on this topic, I thought I’d share some thoughts about Halloween and the days that immediately follow it.

My Halloween History.

When I was a kid, my father hated Halloween. He felt that when you celebrated it, you invited negativity and evil souls into the house. He still let us dress up and trick-or-treat, but he wasn’t happy about it.

I thought my dad’s attitude was unusual until other people started saying similar things and asking me questions. They wondered if celebrating Halloween, watching scary movies, or practicing mediumship invited ghosts into to your house. The truth is no.

Why not? Well, it helps to understand the difference between a spirit and a ghost.

Spirits are deceased family members and friends that you loved, knew and cared for here in this world.  They are familiar to you because you once shared a bond and connection with them.

A ghost is someone that you don’t know that has died. That’s what makes them a little bit scary. They too are spirits, just ones that you are not familiar with because you never knew them here in this world or had a bond with them.

Growing Up Psychic.

When I was a kid that’s the reason why I was so afraid of ghosts. When my family members in spirit used to visit me, it was fine. I loved connecting with my grandmother and other relatives in spirit. It brought me comfort and I never even realized when I was young that they died. The moment that strangers started to appear in spirit it would freak me out!

The more I pushed them away or tried to ignore them, the more persistent they got. My mom explained that they recognized my gift, and just wanted to get a message through to their own loved ones. They didn’t mean any harm.

Remember that just like your loved ones in spirit, ghosts used to be someone’s family as well. Even though you didn’t know them in life, it’s possible to sense their presence under certain circumstances.

For example, years ago my neighbor died. She had loved her house, but after she passed away her family had to sell it. The new family told me they could still feel her presence there. It wasn’t spooky, but they knew that as long as that house was standing, she’d be watching over it, and the people who lived there. As strange as it was, they felt comforted by it.

 Are There Evil Spirits?  

There is a darkside to psychic ability, and there are such things as negative souls just like there are negative people. My Mom always taught me , “Don’t go looking for trouble.” You won’t find them unless you seek them out. Negative souls like to spend time alone. Participating in Halloween or going to a reputable medium doesn’t open up a portal of invite spirits into the house.

Have I ever sensed a malignant spirit? Yes, but they’re extremely rare. I’ve had thousands of connections with loving, well-meaning souls for every one that was even slightly negative.

I don’t spend a lot of time dwelling on negative spirits and I certainly don’t go looking for trouble. I’d never dream of touching a Ouija board, and I don’t make it a habit to seek out haunted places. Remember that negativity of any kind can ony affect you if you invite it into your life.

Choose to do all things with your heart.  If you don’t focus on darkness, you’ll be fine. Watch your intentions, keep your energy light, and to play it safe, don’t mess around with spells, the occult, or Ouija boards they are not needed. The love in your heart is the strongest connection between you and your loved ones.

All Saints Day and the Day of the Dead.

While I don’t feel a special attachment to Halloween just because I’m a medium, I do feel very connected with the two days after Halloween when Mexican families honor their departed loved ones.

While we are getting dressed up and having fun being scared, in Mexico families are getting ready to honor those they love who are now in spirit.  Their celebration starts late on October 31st and goes through November 2nd.  November 1st is “el Dia de los innnocentes” or the day of the children and All Saints Day.  November 2nd is All Souls Day or the Day of the Dead.

In the Mexican culture, this is a special time that’s all about celebrating the lives of those who have passed over. Families visit the cemeteries where their ancestors and loved ones are buried, bring gifts, food, and pictures and spend the night with them thinking of the joyful times.

While this is not part of my culture, this celebration resonates with me and I deeply appreciate it. During this time, I like to remember my own lost loved ones in a very special way and send them prayers.

What is Heaven Like?

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