Nothing to Fear – So Much to Gain


It happens all the time. For years, someone will follow me on social media or write to me. They make it clear that they can’t wait to attend an event so they can meet me in person and get a reading. Then, when the time comes and I am finally in their city or state, they get cold feet and don’t show up.

Recently, a woman bought a ticket to my Las Vegas show, and at the last moment decided not to attend. I know she had someone she wanted to connect with – but something held her back.

This to me is just the saddest thing. There may have been a loved one in Spirit waiting for her and when she decided not to attend, it left no way for me to give her the message.

I decided to write this blog post for one important reason – to explain why you should never fear attending a mediumship event or getting a reading. Here are ten facts about mediumship that will put your fears to rest:


1. Your loved ones are not dead, but they have transitioned.


Many people think that their loved ones will be “different” on the other side. Although they may now be a spirit, one thing will never change – your connection to them. Your mother is still your mother, your father is still your father, and your sister is still your sister in Heaven.

The bond that you shared with them is still alive, even though they have passed on. And here’s something you’re going to like! When you’re having a reading, you might be surprised to find your loved one’s personality is just the same as when they were alive – and the memories and stories they share in a reading can reassure you they are still with you.


2. Readings give everyone in the room a little glimpse of Heaven.


With every reading that I give, something amazing happens. Even if you are not the one receiving the reading, you’ll learn about Heaven and the Afterlife.

In fact, that’s the reason I know so much about Heaven and the afterlife. With every message I share, souls give me window into their lives in Heaven – including who they are with and what they are doing. Take if from me, getting that peek into what happens when we pass is life-changing!


3. We become more aware of our own psychic connection and are better able to recognize signs from Heaven.


During readings, souls will often tell me the signs they use to reach their loved ones in this world, like dreams, animals, repeating numbers and songs on the radio. They also help us recognize and understand our own psychic connection. You’ll realize that you are more psychic than you might think, and can feel their presence even when there’s not a medium in the room!


4. Souls only come through when you are ready to hear a message.


When it comes to connecting with loved ones in Heaven, it’s best not to overthink things. If you are being drawn to a mediumship event, but question if you’re “ready” to hear a message, my advice it to “let go.” Show up at the event and let heaven decide.

Remember that even with private readings, there is no guarantee that you’ll get a particular type of message or that a certain soul will come through. This is why I encourage everyone to attend an event, because it gives your loved one the opportunity to reach you if the time is right and you are ready.

For example, it you attend an event and are not emotionally ready to hear a message, your loved one will wait until you’ve had a chance to heal, because they only want to deliver messages that will be helpful to you.


5. There may be unfinished business to resolve.


Some people won’t attend an event because there is someone they don’t want to hear from. They might be afraid that the message will be negative, judgmental, or in some way difficult to hear. Don’t worry! When a loved one chooses to come through, they do so with love.

I have seen many relationships heal after death because of a particular reading. Keep an open mind! Sometimes it’s the souls that you don’t want to hear from that come through and bring the most healing.


6. Will I hear bad things?


Remember that your loved ones in Heaven are there to love, watch over, and protect you. The readings I bring through prove that fact again and again. Sometimes the information might not be what you want to hear, but at the end of the day, it will help you to heal and confirm that your love are watching over you


7. Attending a mediumship event opens the door to Heaven.


Remember that attending an event doesn’t just give you the opportunity to reach a loved one in spirit, it also gives your loved one a way to reach out to you.

It always amazes me that before every event there are a bunch of “early-bird” spirits that show up way before the show. They have usually been trying to reach you, but you may not have felt them. When you make plans to attend an event,  they know it’s their chance to deliver you a message – loud and clear.


8. It’s not a sad experience!


The other night after my Arizona show, a woman came up to me and said she had no idea an event could be so “fun”! It’s true there are sad moments when we talk about death and dying, however many of the souls that come through are quite funny and full of personality.

During the night, so many souls come through, share stories, and act like their old selves. I love when their personality comes through because it reminds us of who that person was before they were sick


9. Readings give us hope.


When I first met Alexa, she was petrified of the thought of death and dying. Today, that’s no longer that fear. When we talk to souls that have crossed over and they share what Heaven is like, it demystifies the afterlife and helps us to feel closer to those we love. That’s such a healing, life-changing thing!


10. You will sense the presence of those you love.


If “letting go” of someone you love after they pass doesn’t feel right to you, I am here to tell you that you don’t have to. Spirits are with you each day. My readings show people that although we may lose someone physically, we never lose them spiritually.

When you attend a reading, you will learn to sense and feel their spiritual presence with you as you walk through life.


Take a leap of faith!


So now that I have told you all the reasons why you shouldn’t be afraid to attend a mediumship event, are you ready to take the leap of faith?

If you’re not ready, take your time. I’m not trying to push you, but I am hoping this blog post will reach that one person who NEEDS to attend an event but is hesitant to fill the trigger.

Maybe that person is you…

If you would like to attend a reading there are two ways to do so, either online, or in person. Either way, you can check out your options by visiting my events page. Go ahead, there’s nothing to be afraid of – and a whole lot of love, comfort and healing to gain!