Have you ever watched a television show or movie with a complicated plot and wondered how things would turn out? If the show is well written, you can be pretty sure everything will get explained and resolved before the final credits roll.

Our time on Earth can be a lot like that, we’re filled with questions, and we hope that by the time we pass, we’ll have all the answers! Life can be hard, and it doesn’t always seem to make sense while you’re going through it. You might wonder:

“Why do I have to struggle through all these challenges?”


“Where the heck are my guardian angels when I need them?”


“What is my purpose on Earth, and am I fulfilling it?”


I don’t want to spoil the ending, but I do have some insight on what happens when the “credits roll” on our earthy existence. If you’re the type of person who has a lot of questions, I think you’ll want to know about what to expect when you take that final journey to Heaven.

I’ve been told by Spirit that the moment we transition into Heaven, these things happen:

  1. You meet your spirit guides, angels and loved ones, and, even if you had days where you wondered where they were, you’ll be able to clearly see all the ways they helped and guided you in life.

  1. You learn about your God given gifts. Souls in Heaven have told me that everyone is born with certain gifts that they will use on Earth. It’s funny to think that you can go through life not realizing all the things that make you special – but it happens! That doesn’t mean the gifts aren’t there, and that you’re not using them. When you pass, you see how special you really were, and how your gifts affected you and the people whose lives you touched.

  1. You discover why you failed and struggled. Challenges help you to learn and grow. They seem bad now, but later in life you’ll understand how they affected your future and what they taught you.

  1. You’ll understand your soul connections. You may have been married more than once, and fallen in love countless times, but in Heaven your true soul mate will be revealed. You’ll also learn why certain people came into your life – Some were there to show you love, others to teach us hard lessons.

  1. You’ll gain clarity on your life’s purpose. Although you might think you have a good understanding of your life purpose (and you probably do), the true meaning of our life is not fully revealed to any of us until we pass on.

  1. You’ll realize the impact you made. Trust me, you’re here for a reason, and made a difference in this world whether you realize it or not. Don’t believe me? Just wait. In Heaven you will be shown exactly how you made a difference

  1. You’ll tap into vast, universal knowledge. When you pass, you will add what you’ve learned and experienced to the huge, universal “database” that contains all knowledge, and is shared by all Souls in Heaven.

Life can make you question everything, and it’s good to start seeking the answers while you’re alive – so pray, meditate, set your intention to understand yourself and the world around you as best you can. Just know that when you pass over, you’ll gain the ultimate insights and wisdom that will make everything clear.