Do Pets Have Souls? 


Sometimes when my cats look at me, I’m certain they can read my thoughts. When I’m feeling stressed or worried, I can count on one or both of them to show up almost immediately and jump in my lap or rub up against me. Their comforting presence puts everything into perspective and after a few minutes I feel calmer and better equipped to find the answer to whatever I’m struggling with. 

Research shows that owning a pet decreases levels of cortisol (a stress-related hormone) and lowers blood pressure. In general, pet owners have fewer health issues and actually live longer. That’s one reason so many  people will tell you that their rescue dog or cat actually rescued them! And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. As a medium,  I’m convinced that animals serve a profound, spiritual purpose in our lives.  

There’s no doubt in my mind that animals have souls. I’ve communicated with many pets and people who have been joyfully reunited in Heaven. But even before they pass over, animals have a strong connection to Spirit, and like furry or feathery earth angels, they guide, protect, and influence the humans they care about. 


Symbols and Signs From Heaven


It’s not only pets who are there for you spiritually. Animals in the wild can also provide guidance in the form of symbolic messages and signs that help you navigate through the events in your life. For instance, the dove is a universal symbol of peace. When you see an actual dove, an image of a dove, or even the word dove, it is a reminder to slow down, breathe, and be at peace with whatever is causing you concern or worry. 

Often, your loved ones in spirit cause birds, animals, and insects to seek you out in order to send you a message. Some of the more common messengers are cardinals or blue jays, deer, racoons, doves, hawks, dragonflies and butterflies. You can look up what it means when you see a particular animal – or you can use your intuition to determine if a creature is trying to tell you something, who sent them to you, and what they’re trying to tell you.    


Animal Messengers


I remember my friend Jacquie telling me about a cardinal who started appearing and tapping at her window shortly after her mother passed away. She realized that the bird was showing up at nine o’clock every morning, which was exactly the time she had been in the habit of calling her mom and checking in. Jacquie was absolutely convinced that the bird was her beloved mother, reincarnated. Based on my conversations with souls in Heaven, I believe that birds, animals, and even insects are one of the ways departed loved ones check in on the people they left behind. While I don’t believe the soul actually comes back in a new form, I am convinced that they are responsible for the visit. It’s the soul’s way of saying, “Hi, I’m still here, looking out for you and sending you love!”


Talking to the Animals


Do you ever wish that you could communicate with your pet? You can, if you use your intuition. Your pet can’t talk to you, but they can clearly express their thoughts, emotions, likes, and dislikes through body language and vocalizations, as well as intuitively. You don’t have to be a psychic or even an animal communicator to connect with your pet at a soul level by sharing thoughts and visions telepathically. 

Try this experiment on your own pet. When they’re sitting quietly, paint a picture in your mind of the two of you spending time together, and imagine yourself transmitting the image to them, as if you’re sending them a psychic text message or fax. They will get your message, feel the love you have for them, and send it right back to you. The more you practice this, the more connected you will become to your pet. By regularly tuning into them, you’ll be able to sense their energy and tell when they are happy, frightened, or sick. 


Animals live their lives connected to Spirit


Like very young children, animals are pure souls and are deeply connected to Spirit. But unlike most humans, they never lose that connection. While babies grow up to be adults and become preoccupied with earthly concerns, animals never change. They don’t care about status, or money, or appearances, and exist in a natural state of love. 


Alexa and I have mourned the loss of several pets who passed over far too soon, but I can still feel their presence in our home, and I know that our other cats can feel them too. Even though we miss their physical presence, it comforts us both to know that our pets, and all animals are connected to each other and their human families by a powerful bond of love and loyalty which endures long after they leave this earth. 


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