What’s your sign? There’s more than one answer to that. Whether you occasionally check out your horoscope online or are familiar with every aspect of your astrological chart, about half the people in the USA and other western nations believe the stars have an affect on their personality, their love life – even their destiny.  If you’re one of those people, you’re probably also aware of the Chinese Zodiac. This fascinating form of astrology is over 2000 years old and based on the cycles of the moon. 


How are the Western Zodiac and the Chinese Zodiac Different? 


The Western Zodiac is a yearly cycle based upon how the stars are positioned at the time and place of your birth. It works its way through the signs one month at a time, starting with Aries during the Spring Equinox and ending with Pisces. The Chinese Zodiac is a little different. It also has 12 signs, but the influence of each one lasts a full year, and the entire cycle is repeated every 12 years.  


In the Chinese zodiac, each year is associated with a specific animal: the Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig. Like in the western zodiac, every sign has its own unique attributes and characteristics. Chinese New Year, in February 2024 marked the beginning of the Year of the Dragon – which is considered very special! 


The dragon brings power, strength, and good fortune to those born in that year, but they aren’t the only lucky ones! The Year of the Dragon can be a time of growth, abundance, and positive change – for all of us. 


Unleash Your Inner Dragon in 2024


Whether you’re starting out on a new career path, taking the next step with your soulmate, or packing up and moving to your dream home, this is the right time to be bold and go after what you want. 


Here are just a few things you can look forward to this year: 


Success and Prosperity – The Year of the Dragon is associated with abundance. As a symbol of good fortune and wealth, the dragon can open the door to financial success for you, which means that 2024 is a good time to launch a new business venture, make a smart investment, or ask for that promotion at work. The environment is right to take the leap and reap the rewards of your hard work. 


Breaking Patterns and Making Changes – Have you been feeling stuck, stagnant, and afraid to move forward? Ask yourself, what would the dragon do! The dragon brings with it wisdom and authority, so keep that in mind when you consider moving to a new home, untangling yourself from a toxic relationship, even breaking a destructive habit. Life is short, and there’s no time like the present to breathe some fire of your own and step into your power.


Pursuing Matters of the Heart – The Dragon isn’t all about power, wealth, and wisdom. There’s a romantic side to this sign. This is a time for relationships to deepen and commitments to strengthen. If you’re considering taking the next step with your soul mate, you can be confident about beginning a relationship, getting married, or starting a family knowing that whatever you do will be blessed with good fortune! 


Unleash Your Inner Dragon! 


Even the most powerful dragon can’t help you if you don’t meet it halfway. Here are five techniques to help make the most of this time of transformation: 


  1. Commit to your goals and stay confident and positive. You’ll be amazed what you can accomplish if you believe you can’t fail. 
  2. Visualize success. Imagine yourself channeling bold dragon energy and when you prepare for that presentation at work or ask your boss for a raise. 
  3. Stay inspired with a visual reminder of the dragon – put a small brass dragon on your desk, or pin a fiery friend to your jacket.
  4. Surround yourself with dragon energy when you meditate. Lucky colors for dragon energy are blue and yellow, so imagine yourself surrounded by those colors as you set your intention for success.
  5. Get focused and banish stress with this Dragon Breathing technique: 
  • First, find a comfortable position, making sure your body is supported and your spine is straight.
  • Take a deep breath in through your nose, allowing your belly to expand. Feel the breath filling your lungs and imagine it reaching all the way down to your belly. Exhale slowly through your mouth, releasing any tension or stress.
  • Visualize the dragon. As you continue your deep breathing, visualize a powerful and majestic dragon. Picture its vibrant colors, graceful movements, and its strength. Imagine yourself taking on these qualities.
  • Exhale with force. As you exhale, let out  a powerful burst of air, just like a dragon exhaling fire. Feel the release of tension and negative emotions as you exhale forcefully.
  • Try this technique anytime you need to be your best, most confident self. 


Are you ready to make a big move in your life? With the dragon on your side, 2024 can be the year when big, positive changes happen. The dragon is bold, brave, and powerful – and so are you!  Use these tips to tap into that energy for an extra boost as you go after the success, love, and positive change you’re looking for.